Man with Multiple Lacerations from Boat Propeller

Man with Multiple Lacerations from Boat Propeller

Man with Multiple Lacerations from Boat Propeller

I know he doesn’t look it, but this guy is a very lucky man.

He is going to live when it could have easily turned out a lot worse for him. As an added bonus, it appears nothing has been chopped off which is a novelty for this site.

Those gashes are the result of coming into contact with a spinning boat propeller. My guess is he couldn’t swim or dive fast enough to avoid the rapid approach of a motor boat. The distance between cuts tells me the boat must have passed over him quickly, otherwise I’m sure he would have ended up with much of his insides on the outside.

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  1. Pies saved this man’s life so the next time some thin Lizzy tells you that obesity is bad for your health proudly state in a loud and affirming manner that even though you may not have seen your cock and balls in years due to your protruding midsection you will at least live far longer than his coffin dodging skinny ways.

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    1. Ah nah mate, far from it. It is closely related to Spanish, but you can clearly tell they’re different languages once you hear them side by side. It developed from the Gaelic, which combined Roman and Celtic origins, but its considered still a Romance language.

      Portuguese is similar to Spanish and Italian.

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  3. I have lived around bodies of water my entire life and I have learned that when there are boats on it, it is better to stay on the shore. In my experience, a lot of people drink when they’re out on the water. Which can be just as deadly as drinking and driving while behind the wheel of a car. It’s either that, or wild irresponsible teenagers being stupid in a boat their parents let them take out. Accidents do happen, of course. I won’t blame everything on boaters.

    1. Can’t see bone there and I think the medics would have immobilized him if he had suffered a spine injury. So I think his spine must be between that big cut and the other one to the right of it. Really lucky fellow.

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