Photo of Teenager Killed by Remote Controlled Helicopter in Brooklyn

Photo of Teenager Killed by Remote Controlled Helicopter in Brooklyn

Photo of Teenager Killed by Remote Controlled Helicopter in Brooklyn

Nineteen year old Roman Pirozek of Queens, New York was flying a gas powered remote controlled helicopter in a park near Bay 44th Street and Shore Parkway in Gravesend Brooklyn when its two feet long turbine blades struck him in the head and killed him.

The teenager was an avid flier of remote control helicopters and was reportedly very good at it.

As the photo shows, RC Helis can chop a head up much like machetes.

ConduciveMammal tipped us on the video of the teen flying one of those beasts. It’s easy to see how it could chop a head up like that from the video:

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138 thoughts on “Photo of Teenager Killed by Remote Controlled Helicopter in Brooklyn”

  1. Wow.
    I remember reading this story a couple weeks ago and thinking how insane it was.
    He’s only the 2nd death ever by “hobby-copter” in the U.S.
    Also, his father was the president of this particular flying club.

      1. Really. And if those things can do that much damage, you’d figure there’d be a rule against flying them in public places. I’m surprised a little kid hasn’t been clothes hanged off the top of the monkey bars yet

        1. Exactly my dudes! I really do feel bad for the dad in this one cause you know how most parents are (well the good ones), blaming themselves in some way etc.
          And yeah @Burning, I’m surprised also that #1) These types of toys are sold to minors w/o needing any supervision and #2) that there haven’t been more fatal accidents. Thought I Android curious to see the statistics for non-fatal injuries. I’d venture to guess that it’s high but who knows. I’m just going by how dumb I would’ve been had I purchased one as a teen :/

    1. sent to the grave after an encounter with chopper. The noumena of this situation has my neurons shivering in orgasm. why should I even trust my senses? See feel hear taste smell touch? just the middle man of “reality” and your conscious.

  2. This was a pretty big story on the news here in NY. I remember thinkin’ to myself it would be cool to see a picture of that. Lo and behold best gore pulled through for me (us). Somebody musta read my mind!

  3. That fucking sucks! Can’t even have a hobby anymore! Lol. Well- -THEY do say that walking out your front door in the morning that you have a greater chance of being killed then actually being up in the air! Guess he proved that statistic to be right! Niccce pic though!!

    1. What’s up cute stuff, looking sexy! Speed kills, in a car, a plane, a train, anytime we are going faster than we can run, our bodies are not designed to withstand that, or anything moving faster than that can chop your nogan off.

        1. I always believed those stats too until I realized of course you’re more likely to be killed walking outta your house then in a plane crash! You walk outta your house a million times more than you’re on a plane! 馃榾

    1. You could install some whisper rotor blades for stealth ops like on the bigger counterparts, but I麓d suggest to euip yourself rather with an rpg or at least with a fly flap, cause goverments are already implementing this idea against us in the urban areas. 馃槈

  4. Actually this is Bensonhurst Brooklyn not Gravesend. I live on Shore Pkwy next block from where it happened. Saw the ambulance & police but could not get close enough because the area was roped off. Sad(

      1. Dyker Park is between Bayridge & Bensonhurst. 13th ave is the line that divides them. After Bensonhurst is SheepsHead/ GravesEnd. I’m on Shore Pkwy near the Verrazano Bridge

    1. Meet me in Nathans parking lot on 86th street. I’ll sell you one real cheap.Just needs some proppler work.If ya get me some cheesese fries I’ll even throw in a pair of sunglasses which also needs some work.

  5. It’s amazing you got pictures. I read a couple articles about this and one article said he was completely decapitated. It goes to show how stupid the lame stream media is about accuracy.

    1. media is not so much stupid as corrupt. decapitation compared to those severe lacerations is a minor detail in the grand scheme of things: so if it sounds (or reads) good and bloody nasty, they’ll put it out there with or without confirmation all for the short term goal of ratings, hits and profit. after all, media is a business at the end of the day

  6. well at least it would have been quick…..

    chheck out his ear….that puppy was sliced in half and it looks like the top half is still attached to the noggin …weird..

      1. well….i think so…but what do i know – maybe im talking out my ass again…
        but with such a huge slice to the brain there i would assume it would be quick…doesnt look like alot of blood

      2. @broke
        I was thinking butterfly bandages myself :-)

        There’s little blood because he more than likely bled out. That’s why minor head injuries bleed like crazy. Lots of veins in the head region. So my guess, yea this kid went quick.

      1. Howdy! :). It would be awesome to meet you one day since we apparently live in the same borough. Y no te preocupes, unless you’re a Justin Timberlake, Josh Hartnett, Zac Efron, or Robert Pattinson look alike then you have nothing to worry about me stalking you. 馃槈

        1. I get mistaken for all 4 of those names you mentioned almost daily, but if you think you can control yourself, I’d love to meet up for a drink sometime. Maybe afterwards we can have some real fun and carve matching BestGore fansigns into each others foreheads with a rusty razor blade@citygirl.

          1. Sounds good! Where in Queens do you usually hang out in? I’m around my neighborhood or in Manhattan. I like gore but not when I’m involved but I’m drunk enough, I’ll probably join in haha.

          2. Wow, we’re super duper close to each other, we probably have seen each other without noticing! Yes, I do but I haven’t used it in years.

          3. I’m hardly on it either, but since we can’t pm each other on here, you can hit me up there. My handle is amnyc75@yahoo, hope to hear from you @citygirl.

  7. For one it wasn’t a turbine helicopter it was electric, for two its blades are not 2″ feet long, and for three these are not toys for kids… The guy was very good at what he did and was a sponsored pilot… The helicopter was a

    Align Trex 700E
    Length – 53″
    Blade Length – 30″
    Main Blade Span “Tip to Tip” – 62″

    It just goes to show you that no matter how good the pilot or equipment there is always a chance of a malfunction and I can tell you know that his equipment was the best money could buy.. I’ve got around $2100.00 in my Trex 600N so I would imagine his total investment for the electric version to be around $3500.00 or more total RTF… The last I herd they think it was radio interference but when dealing with electric helicopters you have many things that can malfunction, gyro malfunction, servo glitch, ESC failure, receiver failure, radio glitch, battery problem. The accident could have been caused by one of the many factors above or something as simple as the sun getting in your eyes for that split second to cause you to loose visual because you cant control what you cant see… R.I.P my friend….

  8. I have only just started flying a trex 450 clone, and I’m a little frightened by its 315mm (~1′) blades rotating at 2500rpm+ (in ‘training’ mode).
    To see what carbon fibre blades with a disk diameter of ~160cm can do at ~2300rpm is pretty full on.

    1. Splat, just because its a 450 sized bird don’t let your guard down cause it will bite you and its gonna hurt!!!!!! always keep in mind its not a toy…..

  9. For the record the kid was flying this upside down and on its side which led to the unpredictability of its flight path, causing him to lose control of the chopper and lose his life. This was on ABC news a week or so ago. They showed a video of this kid sitting at a table with his friend as he unflinchingly brings the chopper in for a landing on the table he was sitting at, bringing the blades uncomfortably close to his face. He pulled that maneuver off…this maneuver…not so much.

    1. That maneuver is called a Hurricane… With the momentum it gains it can reach up to as fast as 120mph… One major factor that contributed to his death was he wasn’t afraid of the heli and liked to fly close in and it bit him…. These aren’t toys if treated with respect and flown like they are supposed to be one can have a very relaxing time flying around….

    1. Yes!! Metalcoalypse, i used to love that show. Remember, death is an every day part of the workplace. So when you see a dead body don’t freak out, just ring your death bell!

    1. Considering that the rotor blades are carbon fibre, and can be broken by hand easily, it’s still impressive that they cut their way that far into his skull and brain. But anyway…

  10. It would be the perfect murder to hack someones hobby helicopter signal and just fly it into them. I wouldn’t be surprised if a video turned up and evil laughter could be heard in the bushes.

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