Rider on BMX Faceplants Square Into a Wall

Rider on BMX Faceplants Square Into a Wall

This genius had the bright idea of riding up a ramp that leads directly to a wall. I don’t know what he was expecting, since it didn’t look like he was going very fast to begin with. By the way that he got up and walked away, I got the impression that he wanted to go and cry in his dear mummy’s arms and whine about how the wall bullied him.

Of course, like attracts like. The cameraman, likely the cyclist’s friend, gave away another friend’s phone number right at the end of the video and didn’t have the sense to cut it out of the video before uploading it. I bet their friend, Joe, has received quite a few interesting calls…

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  1. Aw… It’s so cute when children use the naughty words when their parents aren’t around. I bet the cameraman(boy) was so happy that his friend dry humped the wall just so he could blabber without having to worry about Mommy washing his mouth out with soap.

  2. This was the experimental time travel bike. He was supposed to have built up enough speed and travel back to the future before he got to the wall. Well now we all why they dumped the bike and went to the De Lorean.

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