Russian Boxer Roman Simakov Dies in the Ring

Russian Boxer Roman Simakov Dies in the Ring

27 year old Roman Simakov was an accomplished Russian boxer, former holder of the title of the WBC Champion of Asia with 19 victories (9 with knockouts), two losses and one draw. On December 5, 2011 he fought against his countryman Sergei Kovalev for the WBC champion title in the weight category below 79.38 kg. During the fight, Roman Simakov sustained brain injuries that left him in a coma from which he never woke up. Sergei Kovalev was declared winner by TKO.

After his collapse in the 7th round, Roman Simakov was taken to hospital in Ekaterinburg but in spite of the efforts of surgeons to revive him, he soon died. He was buried in his hometown of Kemerovo.

It looks kind of like the death of this Indonesian boxer. At first, you would think that the body shot after which Sergei Kovalev collapsed did him in, but it wasn’t so hard and barely did any damage. By that time, the boxer was already near death, but still trying to overcome losses of consciousness and instinctively continued to fight. Neither his opponent nor the referee saw he was in trouble cause he really didn’t show it and then… it was too late.

Horrible tragedy, but I suppose for a boxer at heart, it is better to die in the ring than slowly wither away as the tooth of time irreversibly erodes your former strength and vigor.

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34 thoughts on “Russian Boxer Roman Simakov Dies in the Ring”

  1. I’ve always wondered why Apollo Creed died in the ring because of the powerful shots of Drago and yet Rocky Balboa got beaten a lot worst and still won, leaving on his feet, despite the fact that he always blocked with his face.

    1. I think he died in the ring. He was already in a coma, nothing they could do. So technically he was already dead.
      But I guess literally he died at the hospital.
      Either way he died doing what he loved. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Must be nice…

      1. Friend of mine is a farmer. His father and 16yr old younger brother were cutting down trees… one fell right on dad while the 16yr old saw it happen.
        They say he was killed instantly, splattered and broken up pretty bad.
        They’re just happy he died on the farm.

        1. Sad and nice. ramm if I had real land I worked and bled for I would want it like that. Maybe just without the parts about getting splattered in front of my kids.

          Adrien.: be nice hun.

          Abattoir, chesse and The Walking Dead huh? Lol
          I think I would like die from having and aneurysm while in the throws of some damn good loving’!
          Yep, that is the best!

    1. I think the damage was done over time. I’m guessing he was probably in trouble before the fight even started, but had no idea. It looked like he was already starting to go down before that last love tap even landed.

  2. As he is circling, just before the going against the ropes and taking the body shot, he seemed to be tripping over his own 2 feet. You see him stumble and you can hear the slips of the feet. Like someone said, he must’ve had it already. Tough to watch.

  3. any fighter would of.killed him in the.shape.he was In, hell a woman could of.done him In..he had in.that ring unless business was suicide and if that was the case business was booming that day

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