Young Skater Breaks His Arm

Young Skater Breaks His Arm

Young Skater Breaks His Arm

You might expect this guy to be screaming in pain since he looks to be a pretty young kid, but he takes a broken arm like it’s nothing. Of course, if he wasn’t a young ‘un he might have realised that hitting the skate park is a surefire way to get yourself a broken arm, dislocated ankle, or some other beautiful injury.

Actually, the best thing about this vid is by far the goofy jaws music accompanying the mini-compilation of successful attempts he pulls at the same trick. But at his thirteenth attempt (feeling superstitious, anyone?) his luck runs out and he overbalances. Instant snapped arm ensues.

Kid actually seems to enjoy breaking his arm, or at least the chance to show off how much of a hardcore badass skater he thinks he is. “Yeah, call mommy, while I chill here with a broken arm. It doesn’t even hurt.” It’s just a shame we don’t see the tears that inevitably followed when the endorphins wore off. But hey, if we get lucky we’ll see him back on Best Gore when the other inevitable thing happens – this dude getting a broken neck to match his arm.

Props to Best Gore member leelord337 for the video and Roamer for the description.

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57 thoughts on “Young Skater Breaks His Arm”

    1. It could be that he has weak bones indeed, however it seems that he fell from quite a height, also most of his torso weight was sustained by the left arm in the moment of the impact, resulting in breaking of both radius and ulna (as it seems in the video).
      I might be wrong the.

    1. Well, coming from some who skates, it’s probably because he wasn’t doing his ” line” right. He was trying to 50-50 the rail and kick flip out. Majority of the time he hit the rail he only 50-50’d, some of which were fine but they kept filming because he didn’t kick-flip off the railing. Fortunately in my 8 or so years of skating, I’ve never injured my arms. Rolled both of my ankles plenty of times with no breaks, but my ankles swelled up to the size of softballs lol. Also, a tad off-topic but about 2 years ago, me and a bunch of people were skating. Long story short, buddy of mine credit carded himself( when the board lands on either tip and sticks straight up, smashing itself between your asshole and balls aka gooch) and ended up breaking his urethra…Was complaining his gooch hurt, put his hand down there, and pulled it back up covered with blood. He wasn’t able to skate for like 8 months.

    1. I think it’s very touching to see a man whose able to cry. It’s sad that so many men were raised with the notion that a boy or man is a “pussy” or “wimp” if they show such emotion and I say there is nothing wrong with a man who can show his human side instead of being forced to be stoic all the time.

      1. Very touching it is indeed, but it shows weakness, and a man can’t show weakness because people take advantage of it. Guys can be kind, and some may take kindness for weakness too but that’s when you prove a point. I do cry, when important people die, and when anger takes that strange corner.

      2. Disagree, I would rather not see a man cry. Unless of course it is like ThaDrip said,”when important people cry.” I do t think a man is a “pussy” or “wimp”. maybe i am the one that has issues because i am not a normal “chic”, I am not an emotional creature and dont cry often. I was with a man that cried more than I did and i flu d it very frustrating, it even pissed me off. In regards to “anger takes that strange corner” I think almost all of us have been there and there is nothing we can do about that.

        1. Damn! Thanks for that. I thought maybe it would be kind of nice, like being stoned out of your skull. But especially not being able to see, doesn’t sound good. Do you die when you remain in shock? Anyway, you got out of it, that’s good.

        2. I remember when i went into shock when i got hit in the face by a cricket bat once, everything just went numb for me really like i felt slightly cold but i did lose a fair bit of blood i think but that sorta explained the shaking for me

  1. Why the hell does he ask for his mom. I understand that he is somewhat young however when I was a kid and hurt myself doing something stupid the last people I would want to know would be my parents because they would have sent me to hospital with a few more injuries for being such an arsehole.

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  3. I know some of you skate, but if my kid ever mentions skateboards or arm-wrestling I’ll lock them in a closet for a few years, or at least long enough to forget the idea of ever getting on a skateboard or rollerblades.

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