Honor Killing Video – Du’a Khalil Aswad Stoned to Death in Iraq

Honor Killing Video - Young Girl Stoned to Death in Kurdistan, Iraq

The stoning of Du’a Khalil Aswad, teenage girl from Kurdistan, Iraq took place on April 7, 2007. People who stoned Du’a Khalil Aswad to death refer to such stoning as honor killing. As you can see in the video, the most shocking part of honor killing is how ecstatic everyone is about killing the girl. The video was recorded with a cell phone camera so the footage is not the greatest, however you can see the police standing around and doing absolutely nothing while a defenseless 17-year-old girl is being stoned. The onlookers smile like it’s the RC helicopter demo they’re watching. But most of all – the executioners themselves cheer as life of Du’a Khalil Aswad is ended with heavy stones dropped on her head. It’s like this honor killing was the highlight of their year. They all got together to watch the spectacle, everyone seems to enjoy it, and not one moves a finger to try to stop this gruesome ritual.

Du’a Khalil Aswad was stoned to death because she fell in love with a boy of a different religion. Her family as well as local religious leaders felt shamed by her behavior and executed this honor killing – to literally do her a favor by ending her life for stumbling off the right path. Some reports say that the reason behind the stoning of Du’a Khalil Aswad was her conversion to Islam from Yazidi faith. However according to locals, her Sunni Muslim boyfriend confirmed that she had never converted to Islam, rather she was stoned because she failed to return home one night.

The stoning took place in the town square of Bashika, in Ninawa Governorate, Iraq. Thousands of attackers reportedly gathered round for the stoning. Du’a Khalil Aswad was being stoned for approximately 30 minutes, during which she was taunted by the crowd. As can be seen in the video, attackers are kicking her while she’s lying in the dirt, while several people try to get their best cell phone shots of her. With her face full of blood, she attempts to sit up and call for help, but countless kicks keep coming from every direction and large chunks of stone are being thrown at her head. Then a big concrete block is dropped on her head and Du’a Khalil Aswad no longer moves. When the block is dropped the second time, her skull gets obviously crushed as can be guessed by large amount of blood that starts gushing from her head.

One would think the honor killing would end at this moment, but this wasn’t the end for Du’a Khalil Aswad. After she was stoned to death, her body was tied to a car and dragged through the streets of Bashika. She was the allegedly buries along with the dead dog to show that she was worthless. Medico-Legal Institute in Mosul exhumed her body at a later date to test whether Du’a Khalil Aswad was still a virgin. Autopsy performed revealed that Du’a Khalil Aswad in fact died a virgin. The worst part for me is the fact that people who stoned her to death probably think to this day that this honor killing was the right thing that helped save her soul.

Honor killing video depicting stoning and death of Du’a Khalil Aswad is below. Warning – video is graphic and upsetting. Some may find it offensive as it shows death of a 17 year old girl being killed by a large block of concrete being dropped on her head. Don’t watch if you are easily offended (volume warning):

This video is a report on the stoning (known throughout the Middle East as Sangsar):

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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151 thoughts on “Honor Killing Video – Du’a Khalil Aswad Stoned to Death in Iraq”

  1. More people have been killed in the name of God than anything else, and most of those people have been killed because they believe in the wrong God. Religion can be therapeutic, but once it’s on an extremism level, it becomes dangerous.

      1. That’s because they have NOT the Spirit of Christ within them! They are carnal, wicked, full of dead man’s bones! They have NOT the life that Christ came to give because they have sought another way. Jesus records in His Word, VENGANCE is MINE, I will repay, saith the Lord! Jesus promoted peace, not war!

        1. And your brand of nonsense and lies differ from this only in time. You “Peaceful Christian” types have been torturing and murdering for millennia; only cell phones with cameras were not around to catch the evidence of your crimes. So stop pretending that you have all the answers – you don’t. Stop acting like you and you religion makes you better or righteous – it doesn’t and you are not.

    1. What kills me (no pun intended)is the fact that murder is the worst sin of all . ” from the Bible””for he who has not sinned , cast the first stone ! I guess they were all pure and free of sin

      1. dua khalil was a very beautiful girl,for men to kick her like a dog i can assure you there is something terribly wrong with the men in her society,even gay men would not consider hitting a woman with that much conviction as this men have.damn this people are sick.she very beautiful that girl deserved to live a happy life.she deserve all the things that are beautiful in this world,to those people who killed dua,i hope they will burn iin hell together with there sick doctrines and there sic god.

    2. you are absolutely right my friend.religion has actually divided men and nations over the centuries,it has created wars,injustice,discrimination,murders,all in the name of a ” being that does not exist”..a god.people should not kill other people just because they do not share the same belief,the world would be better-off without this extremist,screaming alluha akbar,or any religious denomination for that matter.let us all respect one another and live in peace with one another without the chain of religion.

      1. If the King James Version and the Words of Jesus Christ were truly lived out in every name of a professing Christian, we would have nothing like this. These ones who follow false Gods in the name of religion have been deceived by their country!!!! They THINK they serve the TRUE GOD when in reality they serve themselves and their ugly flesh. This is NEVER how JESUS would have HIS people live. The wicked shall perish and these people who do this will have their day in the lake of fire.

        1. Jesus isn’t real. The King James bible isn’t real.
          The King James bible wasn’t written by King James. It was Written by some old cock who suffered hallucinatory visions of King James writing the bible who then claimed it was interpreted by King James. Who wasn’t even alive to know that King James wrote his own bible.

          Not to mention it was written in the renaissance period. Originally written in Spanish, which was then interpreted by priests to be written in English.

          Plus there are no records of Jesus ever existing. Going back to ancestry, Jesus has no ancestors. No skull and bones of Jesus were found. Other religions have a Jesus. Its just not the same Jesus as your Jesus. Other religions Jesuses have no records of Jesus ever existing.

          So get back at me if I’m wrong. But please don’t tell me to have faith. I don’t have the patience for that.

    1. Jesus is NOT religion…. Jesus came that we might have life, all who turn to HIM! Many are NOT turning to HIM, they turn to false Gods and come up with their own religion so to speak. Jesus is the way, He only promotes peace and love and forgiveness! He who is without sin, cast the 1st stone. How many of these wicked people threw a stone and was FREE of SIN??? God of HEAVEN will judge the unrighteous, the unregenerated, the unconverted etc…. and they will face eternity where no one wants to go. We ALL have a choice to make in life concerning our salvation and it’s up to us to seek the Lord now while HE may be found!

    1. fuck you lol

      If you actually believe in this bullshit religion perhaps the people who killed this girl were actually saving her soul by not letting her commit all these “sins” for years to come. Religion is for retards who cannot cope with the reality of their own existence, and it is the problem.

      1. When you meet a REAL Christian, you will change your mind!! Please don’t be deceived by Satan and believe this behavior has anything to do with Jesus… He warns us in His Word that MANY will follow FALSE GODS.. This is an example of it right here. It’s not God who is destroying the world, we destroy ourselves by going our own direction in life with no authority over us. Yes, religion is an ugly thing and when you profess it with no real change of life behind it, it looks very ugly. ALL who do these things will stand before GOD. I encourage you to seek the LIVING GOD in the King James Version. Yes, maybe some areas are hard to understand, but that is where the HOLY SPIRIT gives utterance and He will help us to learn. We are in the end times and the bible is clear that these things will happen. Lets not be surprised, but pray for them!

  2. Religion is a load of bs, do u really think there is a god if stuff like this is happening? How about the fact that nothing happens to the people who stoned the girl? I have seen too much shit to believe in a holy god.

    1. God certainly doesn’t sit back enjoying it, He is grieved! Just as Jesus took on the world’s sin as He hung on the cross, God had to turn His face from HIM, because of His holiness. He can not have no part of sin. Man is destroying themselves by the carnality and earthly desires they possess. He is grieved as much as we are and in the end, when this life is over, He will be the judge of all of us and how we lived our lives here.

  3. ciapatusy jebane, od dzis macie w pizdeczke a u mnie na dzielnicy mieszka was troszke ooooo jutro kurwa zacznei sie kakretna przekopka.

    1. Yes, we can be angry, but sin not. Revenge is NOT the answer. God says, He will repay. They will NOT get away with what they do. They are now, but dooms day is about to close in…. They need prayer that God will open their eyes to truth…..

  4. I know that these kind of cultures raise people to believe that this is justice, but how can human nature not intervene, and tug at these people’s souls when they see this poor girl, whose only crime was falling in love, being battered around? What goes through their head when they lean in with phone-cameras with a smile on their face?
    The only answer could be is that they are all legally, criminally insane. But surely a whole society can’t be so mentally damaged, can they?

    If this is all upbringing, then there is no such thing as insanity. Just different morals and beliefs.
    …or maybe we’re all insane.

    1. Have to agree with you. People with a well developed social and moral conscience would find this horrific no matter their religion or sex. But a) mob mentality takes over and b) these guys are muslim men with an already over inflated sense of superiority over women.
      Anyone who didn’t like it wouldn’t watch so these guys are probably right into it.

  5. religion IS the problem. what else has ever caused people to act like this? only believing in a malevolent god. no atheist has ever done something like this for the sake of no god. atheism is the true “religion”.

  6. honor? i cant even watch this whole video the bunch of savages. this girl didnt do anything, and, its a girl the cowards. those backwards fucks wouldnt have lasted ten minutes with me fuck thier stones.

  7. To the person that said it isn’t the religion “you idiot”. How can people abuse something that you claim is not there? You contradicted yourself in a single sentence, so you’re a moron. It’s not the fact that religion is dumb, it’s the fact that they take it to extremes such as stoning or beheading people because of what they suspect is right. I, myself am an atheist, and I don’t believe in ANY of this. The people who do believe in this should, and I don’t oppose them in any way, but they shouldn’t let it get to this kind of escalation.

  8. that’s right…religion is not the problem. it’s only been in the last half century (when oil was first discovered there) that everyone has been fighting for control of the middle east. for almost 4000 years 2-3 religions have been fighting over a rocky plateau of 35 acres surround by useless terrain in all directions and religion is somehow not to blame but rather a few misguided souls who are fucking up world peace for the rest of us. i wonder who mislead these people…could it have been, NO, you don’t think…not religion??? let’s just keep practicing this religion thing and we’re bound to get it right sooner or later.

  9. This video actually made me shed a tear. The enthusiasm for merciless violence shown here made me sick to my stomache. I had to stop the clip half way. And my god… the cellphones… These people are trash. They all deserve the same as what they did to this poor fucking teenage girl. I’m gunna go smoke a cigarette and try to forget ever seeing this -.-

  10. this is fucking sick. that poor young girl only 17 with all those fucking cowards kicking her to death. What the fuck is wrong with those societys? This shit has to stop and it cant be allowed to happen anywhere in the world.

  11. People have to remember that that girl is a real human being only fucking 17 years old. She has a mother and family who love her just as much as anyone else anywhere else in the world loves their familys.

  12. I’m not sure about her family, Super Nova. It’s her family that killed her. They loved her so much they stoned her to death because she dishonored the family.

  13. Atheism has caused the most death of any belief system. In the 20th century, look at the number of deaths just between Stalin and Mao, like 50 million? You’re highly misinformed. Atheism is even worse regarding human life, because it deems no sanctity or divinity of the human soul. You’re clueless. Islam is the second worse, but was corrupted in part by Communist(read atheist) infiltration.

  14. Noel, I don’t see the Atheists here stoning people to death. I don’t see Atheists here beheading someone for disregarding a specific religion. The reason for Atheism is to not be a part of a religion. Calling me clueless over something that is right there is kind of dumb. Show me ONE video on this website that has a beheading caused by an Atheist, and then I’ll shut up, until then, you need to learn your facts. Everyone killed here was killed because of a religion. If an individual is killed because of an Atheist, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been killed for breaking something in the religion, it just means the murderer is even more of a fucking idiot.

  15. Angie, I didnt fucking see any women in that crowd kicking that young girl, so like I said she has a “MOTHER” and family who love her.

    In London they have m uslims out in the streets protesting that this type of shit should happen there, I am furious, those fucking cunts make me sick!!

  16. IS THIS 4 REAL????????I dont believe that human beings can be so stupid to kill helpless 17 years old girl because she fell in love 2 somebody…thats just 2 crazy 4 me!I guess it is good that those US retards invaded Iraq!I hope they killed alot of fuctards like those on video!!

  17. How stupid and ignorant some of you. The girl was killed by her own people for dating a MUSLIM boy, and accoding to them the girl had converted to Islam. It was not the Muslims that killed him but her own ethnic group with a dirrent religion. In your typical ignorance of what Islam is and in your prjudices against the religion of Islam, you all exposed your stupidity to the world.

  18. Thanks Daniel for your comment. At last someone who actually bothered to read the description and understood it. I thought I was the only one and felt rather awkward to say anything.

    For those who still don?t understand ? that?s why they call it an ?honor killing? ? because her family was ?restoring her honor? by doing her a service of killing her. It was supposed to be aid for her and the family to redeem her sin of dating someone from a different religion. That?s what honor killing is. It?s done by the family and it?s supposed to save the victim.

  19. Suicidal Zombie, Do you listen to your self? U are condemning these people for killing one of their own whom they believed had shamed their clan, and yet u are praising the U.S who dropped tons na dtons of bombs on innocent Iraqi, killing hundreds and thousands of them. How do you explain your logic?

  20. Daniel i agree with the clan part but the bomb part hasnt happend really you dont hear eny big nuclear missles going off over there too risky kill everyone.

  21. Religion is the way people in power control socity! You can do anything you want to people! And the best part of all you cant be blamed cause god said this shall be!. (oh no you you cant blame me HEE HEE HEE). And I dont care what religious belief yer talkin about they all do it and none more than the USA well kill people by the millions (In God We Trust Inc). I mean look at those people livin in the damm dirt with 2 shirts (2nd ones fer going ta bible study so you can get ur head filled with somebodys bullshit Of course that would be in the name of allah!) and a pair of pants livin in the bakin heat fryin yer brains. I live like a king and so do you compared to those people. All they got is to get them by is religion and someones just gotta tell`em like it is provided that they keep most of what little money u have! So little sis just had to go out and fall in love! Oh the pride! the shame! such dishoner! You SHALL pay litle 1 tell the mind fucks to come get this out to the street and teach her a lesson it`ll givem a way to relive a little tension and blame someone for there lot in life!

    1. I believe in God but not organised religion. I grew up Catholic and our parish priest apparently died from AIDS. He’d go back to Ireland every few years to visit his family – via thailand where I guess it was boys or men. He even tried to feel me when I was 12 but my mum didn’t believe me.
      Anyway, religion is based on books written by men to control society. I notice there are quite a few sexist guys here but really, women are great and I’m glad their rights are now equal to ours because they have a lot to offer. Each gender has it’s own pro’s and cons and the sooner the middle eastern women gain equality and power, the better off their societies will be.

  22. she was killed over a stupid religion fuck which one it was fuck these idiotic fuck fuck thier religion, and fuck all religion, more sensless bloodshed over stupid religion over a god that may or may not exist, retards

  23. what did that poor girl do? …guess what…nothing, whats wrong with our world, i hope someone blows us all up so we can restart our planet in a new dimension without any WARS, FIGHTS, NO RELIGION, what starts war(s)? heres a hint…RELIGION…RELIGION is what has our world so fucked up…

  24. One would think the honor killing would end at this moment, but this wasn?t the end for Du?a Khalil Aswad. After she was stoned to death, her body was tied to a car and dragged through the streets of Bashika. She was the allegedly buries along with the dead dog to show that she was worthless. …she also died a virgin wtf??

    god bastards….she didnt even do anything wtf

  25. My only consolation is that her executioners will roast in their own hell for this. It is proof positive that Islam is hundreds of years behind the rest of civilisation.It is like Christianity in the dark ages. The early Christians did not have the benefit of a more advanced civilisation to learn from. Muslims do not have the same excuse!!!

  26. why the fuck are we allowing those fucking muslims monkeys to breath our air… we need to nuke the fucking middle east off the face of the earth and we need to do it right fucking now

    1. fuck you, read it and think before you make a fucking comment, that girl murdered by her people, the Yazidi tribe, because she in love with a Muslim boy,There are not even one Muslim take part in that stoning you fucking prick, son of bitches

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