Man Commits Suicide by Electrocution in Dominica

Man Commits Suicide by Electrocution in Dominica

The aftermath of this suicide is pretty disturbing. At the 4:20 minutes mark, after a long standoff, just as the cameraman got an epileptic seizure, the man on an electric pole touches the live wires overhead and crashes to the ground through a tree. Skin on his upper body looks fried and is peeling off after just a fraction of a second of contact with high voltage wires, but it’s blood oozing from his nose the Budd Dwyer style that gives the video the creep factor.

He seems to move every now and again after the impact, but I think the suicide attempt was successful. Both electrified and battered by the fall, this man’s brain is certainly “fried” (pun intended). He must have cracked his skull when he landed on the concrete. There are several holes in his head with blood leaking through and the amount of it is pretty significant, judging by the pool that collects next to him in no time. The twitches he’s experiencing made the suicide method choice rather awful. His brain probably took in quite a bit of pain and desperation as the man lay there half dead. Video is from Dominica in the Caribbean. BTW – yeah, the spark does take place at 4:20 minute mark of the video – could not have happened at a more “smoking” time:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. ATTENTION! i wish to issue a public apology to @gem/lascerated and anyone else i may have offended with my posts on the cab driver who ran over the dude in canada. i went off the deep end that day. having been the victim of several violent assaults during my cab driving days i took that particular article to heart and related to it strongly. @gem posted that she had been assaulted as well and in my eagerness to advise her i misspoke and blamed her for her own assault. i was wrong. having had time to think about it i realize she is as much a victim as i was. no one deserves to be assaulted. it is only thru luck and divine providence that i survived those encounters. i hope @gem accepts this apology as it is sincere and from my heart. i hang my head in shame. @gem you have every right to go to the store whenever you want. unfortunately the world is full of assholes who will attack you for their own purposes. i just hope that you are more careful and have better luck in the future. men are very evil and as females you just gotta watch out. i have a 25yr old daughter myself and would not want anything to happen to her so i gave her the same advice. just don’t go out at night by herself. there are too many scumbags out there. again, i apologize to @gem. i meant no harm or disrespect.

      1. I was wondering where the fuck you were.
        Your humility is appricated by ALL that know You, and I’m sure she’ll understand.
        If Gem isn’t the opitomy of a down to earth chick, then one surely does not exist.

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        2. @mouse…thank you for that apology. I know certain instances can bring up some raw emotions. That post did it for you,as did your response to lascerated for me also. I hope she sees this too.

          1. yes. when i’m wrong i must fess up. my brakes failed my finger tip mouth that day. the devil made me do it. i spoke out of concern and shock that she had been assaulted only going to the store.

          1. @Mouse

            I’v been away for a few days and while reading all the posts to catch up I didn’t see you. I did’nt think you were banned but I did think that you took time out to contemplate.

            Good to see you and thank fuck your back.

            We all have meltdowns for different reasons and your intentions at the time were born out of experience and concern.

            I too am always keen to apolagise when I’m in the wrong or go over board.

            Kudos to you.

            Remember Kids…….. Situational Awareness is vital these days.

            Call it paranoia or whatever you like……… Stay safe.

            Rant over.

            Welcome back again Mouse.

          2. thx to all for the welcome back. this is my favorite site on the net not only for all the wtf moments it gives me but especially for the communitty that has developed over time of like minded individuals who also have wtf moments when viewing the articles. you really have to ask yourself “how did that happen?”, even if you know how it’s still a wtf moment.

          3. HEY @mouse, good to hear you again, I believe I had said on that post that sometimes we need to get shit off our chest, (even if it sometimes comes out wrong), and what better place than to do it ,but here amongst friends/family (one and the same). I’m sure all will be forgiven! good to hear your little rat bastard finger tip again!

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          6. Nice to see you again, mouse. If one day you need to insult someone remember we all have Jesus for that. But if he is disconnected you can insult me since I’m becoming into the alternative.

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      2. Now I feel really bad for the reply I wrote to your rant. I took it the wrong way and now I feel the need to apologize for being rude to you in a reply I wrote 2 years later to your comment… I think this is a topic that is sensitive for a lot of people, and I got mad when I should’ve just let it go. Now I feel ashamed of what I wrote, and even though I’m a little late to this discussion, I WAS around back then, just lurking in the shadows till I finally stopped procrastinating and made an account. No I’m starting over from the last page to the first, reading all the comments again… and replying sometimes when I shouldn’t. Fr any reply of mine that is rude or out of line or just none of my damn business, I wholeheartedly apologize.

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  1. Ya know what happened, he had to fill out job applications to stay on welfare, then one of the jobs called him and told him he was hired, so he had no choice but to go out and kill himself. You know how those nigs just don’t wanna work and EARN their keep!

    1. He seen a loose wire, and thought he would do the city a favor and fix it for them to show he was a skilled worker and just an all around stand-up guy…

      Don’t believe a word I say…I’m full of shit.

        1. @Razor, I watched the movie ‘Buried’ (Ryan Reynolds) other day, it’s set in Iraq, the whole movie is filmed in a coffin, buried under ground. He’s got a half charged cell phone and a Zippo lighter. Truly was hard to watch at first (just like some video’s on sites like this!) you sort of feel his claustrophobia, but worth it just to hear him talking (on phone) to the ‘terrorist’ that buried him, “American, breathe no breathe?” I think other members might like this movie, it’s sort of ‘stayed’ with me for days!

      1. good question, pretty much going on the assumption that when my chin hair is burned by fire, the “stench” is right in my nostral holes in a hardcore way……just add in some sweat for flavor, and that’s my take on it.

  2. I admit that I watch too many hospital shows, but they say the brain doesn’t experience pain, which is why they operate on it without anesthesia and the patient fully awake. Just sayin’.

    1. That and it’s nice to know that You’ve (the Dr.) fucked something up when You’re still in there….”
      I can’t smell anything”
      “My eyes are pointing in oppisite dirrections like a pug”

    2. Yes, it is true that the brain does not have pain receptors for itself so your brain will not feel any pain when something (like a bullet) enters it. I think MedEx could explain it better than I could as far as all the technical stuff though.

    3. Indeed. Local anesthetic is applied to the scalp area to be deflected (if that is necessary, the least amount of physiological compromise is the name of the game), and (such as some odd cases that necessitate working into the brain via nasal cavity) to any tissues that must be manipulated to procure brain access. Technically brain matter lacks sensory material, but the intricate network of blood vessels supplying it do. (That’s why aneurysms hurt like a bitch.)

      The reason it’s preferable to have a patient cogent during brain surgery is thus;
      to some degree, the development of and the structures of the brain are heavily influenced by the personal experiences shaping it.

      For example, someone born blind will not exercise and develop the sight-related areas of their occipital lobes, so the corresponding area will be smaller, leaving the brain free to allocate more space to the remaining sensory areas. A child growing up in a bilingual home will expand Wernickes area for the use of language. A youth with regular piano practice will actively focus their auditory cortex, and so forth….

      Basically, much like personal computers, we all may start out with the same basic hardware (brain), but to what we put into use, add-to/build-upon, etc, is personal and unique. A roadmap to the brain can’t be employed as a one-size-fits-all guide. Every brain is unique, and as such, an approach must be as minimally invasive as possible and employing the patient as a control.

      Patients aren’t just awake; they are actively participating in the process as they continually answer questions, demonstrate ability (Mr.Johnson, can you move your big toe for me?), and are capable of immediately notifying the surgeon if they experience a sudden change. Prompt action generally spells reduced risk. The unconscious patient would have one less safeguard.

    1. After world war 3 i guess. That is if we survived that shit if it ever happens. They say battles after that would be with weapons of sticks and stones and probably with swords and shields so yeah, gladiator matches ensues as the extreme entertainment..and someone like He-Man Dolph Lundgren-like would get all the prized pussies for trophy after the match, as well as the like of Ash of Army of Darkness. hahaha
      But…for the meantime, let’s enjoy ourselves watching sexy chicks in mud wrestling

  3. love the fact of fast-forwarding without it starting over.
    how can you do anything but laugh your ass off at people like this,loved the part where the heart was pumping the blood out of his nose and mouth,

      1. It appears that “skull-crackin'” may have been a mercy. The trail of brain matter scattered to the right, combined with the spurts of blood through the nasal cavity (the sheer volume of fluid with each pulse is congruent with an abnormal allocation of intracranial space) suggest the rupture expressed a significant amount of brain tissue through the posterior portion of the top of his head. If his parietal lobes were ejected/heavily compromised in function, he will have no sense of touch and pain.

        It’s highly unlikely that one-two punch left him alive in even the most rudimentary sense. Brain death is synonymous with death, period! I think people get misled by the anatomy specific prefix. Brain death =/= localized death of other body areas like extremities, patches of skin, nerves, etc.. You do NOT come back from brain death–EVER.

        Manual or machinal assistance to suspend heart and respitory failure may keep the body “meat” viable for a while yet, but everything that is a persons consciousness and identity is *irretreivably* gone. It is incompatible with life; no one “lives with” brain death.


        The twitching (which quickly dissipates) is from residual electricity locally contracting body muscles, including the heart (which may be responsible for the brief, pulse-like rhythm of the nasal hemmhorraging), not from his brain issuing any internal commands.

        Long story short–he (most likely) did not suffer, despite the suicide method. It was by a perfect storm of elements, though, and the potential suffering (had he not cracked his skull open) could have been epic. A baffling choice of suicide method indeed… More testament to the fact that suicide is usually an impulsive–rather than pre-planned–phenomena. (Which may also explain why suicide potential increases exponentially in homes with firearms either unsecured, or “locked down” by the suicider.)

        //ramble. Promise. ;3

  4. why the fuck would you choose suicide by electrocution? damn, i guess there are more “comfortable” ways to go. shoot yourself or throw yourself in front of a train, if you can’t afford a gun, but this shit?
    better him than me though!
    and why manages the idiot who’s recording to hold his cam steady for about 4 minutes and then goes all shaky?
    damn, i hate this, gotta give those niglets some tripods.

  5. I reckon we have A challenge. Until we get a’s new update . We all battle via our wits and fingertip weapons. I’m far past due for a flame war. Plus I’ve got a bunch of painkillers and alcohol in me. I’m looking for trouble. Sorry for any spelling errors

      1. When in doubt, copy/paste to an e-mail format with spell check, like hotmail…..then just copy/pste back to the commnet box.
        Not only takes care of the spelling mistakes, but if you save it to draft, you can re-post it if the gnomes kill off your comment

  6. IMO, the good thing Blacks contribute is killing lots of white people. That’s always good. I hate whites.

    Dominica speaks French, so far I know. So I doubt this is it. It’s probably the Dominican Republicm, instead. Never been there, but it’s one of our typical Caribbean crapholes where people die left and right every fucking day.

  7. Ugh, these fucking retarded camera men always make me miss the good shit! Stop getting impatient….I don’t want to see the sign on the other side of the street when I’m trying to see a nig get toasted.

    1. Good question and a valid one. Persons died from electrocution or from burning seems almost the same in external appearance , It’s interesting however if the brain or internal organs in electrocution do manifest being burned as compared to burning which may vary depending on the degree of burning. It really is an interesting question you have there.

        1. Part of the reason why electrocution is fatal (in those instances) is the electricty that controls heartbeat and oter basic body function is interupted, and many times, stopped all together.
          As far as the dammage, depends on the source of power. 230 3phase HI AMPREGE tends to blow you away from what you are touching to complete the circut. LOW AMPREGE tends to make you freeze up and stick there, frying to death.

          The more you know…..

          1. I returned it the next day, along with the rope.

            Still had the receipts in my wallet, so they could be used to track my steps….under the circumstances if you know what i mean

  8. I think nigger-savage is DOA on impact (heart not pumping but that is our friend gravity doing the job).

    Too bad it is not younger. It is best the nigger dies young before it can breed. There will probably be 20+ little nignogs that end up on somebody’s welfare roles (assuming they are not already which most likely they are).

    1. @Loveherlongtime

      If this is the scariest shit your peepers have ever spied then you are missing the best parts of this site.

      When I first found this site (and before I joined) I spent months looking and reading and there are still some videos that I just can’t finish watching.

      Go back to the beginning, start again and take your time because you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    1. and if only EVERY SINGLE VIDEO FROM THE MIDDLE EAST disn’t experience the same staggering levels of unsteady-camera-hand-shit-rivetry….but alas, they all seem to be withdrawing from crack when filming

      1. @Miss, you do know humans share approx. 98% of our genes with chimpanzees & gorillas. you have to admit blacks look more like apes than other races? nothing to be ashamed about, matey.
        what upsets me is when black people EAT these animals, its nearly cannibalism!

      2. Monkeys are much more lovable creatures than Niggers and you should be at least happy about it as he referred Niggers as Monkeys.
        And since we’re talking ’bout Monkeys…
        The zoo is the best place for niggers now that technology and socio-economic has rendered them useless as anything but violent parasites.
        We still have nigger zoos. We just call it “Prison”. That’s where they belong and since we currently don’t have enough Zoo’s to house all niggers, the nigger clowns and ones with Circus potential will be put there and the rest will be deported back to Africa,Haiti, Somalia and well..Nigeria. Maybe a babboon would be fitting how’s that. Oh Yeah!!!

        1. A little FYI….
          The North American Ground Ape is in fact a very real monkey species.

          Do you take the black college professer as YOUR example of black “people” or, like us, do you take the OTHER 98%-99% of them as your example?

          Clue in in buddy-boy, what do YOU think of when watching this video that (I very relunctly went and located) from You Tube?

          1. link didn’t show up….how fucking gay.
            Anyway, I did the search “nigger monkey” and a bunch of rap came up……go fiure. And MisskingdomofHeaven, feel free to do Your own searches on the subject.

            Now I do understand Your argument, than blacks are just people like us.

            Well, the wild, senseless behavior and the willingness to burn down their OWN neighborhoods and businesses when something pisses them off, in stead of somebody ELSES’ neigborhood and businesses, is one small example of why they are looked at as very dumb, unpredictable, and dangerious due to the inability to reason and plan.

            How do YOU back what YOU say?

          2. Oh! Gods Must Be Crazy! Niggers are the ones who are the real racists M.K.O.H.
            Niggas hates white people. This black “racism” is an effect, a defense mechanism developed by Niggers to combat the true white racism. Hell-to-the-yeah!

          3. Hey guys, go to youtube and look up “hood life volume 3” it will show everybody what niggers are really abount.. I say this video represents about 80 percent of who and what these savage assholes are really about. (and that percentage is probably being nice), and I want the black people to watch it, and then come back here and ask why we call them niggers and savages, that is, if you even need to do that after watching this video. It’s sickening.

        1. Second the qquestion, and if You say WHITE, then I ALSO second my ‘pre-programmed’ comment from waaaaay the fuck up there.

          Just because niggers and gangsters are popular, does NOT mean that they are not INCREDABLY FUCKING STUPID and to be loathed by the rest of us….like the Jews.

          1. 15:20
            Brass-knuckles, flip-flops, cracked-out-ghetto white bitches and 40’s….yup. this vid does a pretty througho job in surmizing what we all mean by…..

            NIGGERS….why is it still illeagle to shoot them?

          2. Because the best things of life may be classified in one of these categories: they are sins, or they are bad for your health or they are illegal!

    1. BURN!(er)
      Sucks that we can’t erase some of life experience. As he said, he was 15 and pussy presented itself.
      If we only know now what we didn’t know then, oh boy how diffrent most of our lives would be now.

    2. The Appeal of Pussy makes the male Fleshy Virus break any barrier, achieve any feat of heroism, savagery, even intelectual prowess just to obtain it. An after the Demon Seed is expelled inside that warm, welcoming bossom, dark toughts overrun his brain and he needs to smoke a cig.

        1. @Tulio, well considering my kids father is Irish/Italian (Sicilian) I would have thought the term would be ‘lucky’, but alas he turned out to be too figgin’ bossy! Lovely looking man, but turned violent when losing an argument! Also the Italian ‘gene’ is usually very prominent in children but 2 out of 3 are blonde/blue eyed like me!!

          1. And knowing your ability to argue, he would get angry quite fucking often.

            Watch out for the decent looking ones, they have more issues than most.

          2. Why men always loose when they argue against a woman?
            Because the man who argues against a woman is an stupid!

          3. @tiger: nice that you tell us about your eyes colour, but you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. We’re still waiting for it!!!

  9. There are some really silly cunts on this page. Like chatting to each other like they’re at some old ladies church convention…then breaking into some puerile racist crap about ‘niggers’ etc. Fucking moronic in the extreme. By the way, I hate fuckers who come to these pages via death metal or any of that crap music. That really is for sad little creeps

  10. Mr. Normal doe not understand how this “race” war started here, but Mr Normal believes all Races are shit including Whites, From Colonialism, 2 World Wars, Nazies, the majority of whites being pedos, CIA shit etc,

    Mr. Normal Normally would like to see the world end in a Nuke Blast or a Zombie virus, who knows, Humanity = shit, if Mr. Normal had time machine he would have skull bashed all early humans with his baseball bat, and shot em 🙂 FUCK YOU ALL VOVE YOU NOT 😛

    1. I agree whole-heartedly with you as much as I have ever agreed with anybody on anything before in my life.

      The FLESHY VIRUS is just that, a virus. Nbody likes this strain of HERPIES and not that strain.

      ALL the F.V. is in dier ned of a full-scale-eliminating event, I don’t fucking care what it is that brings it, it just needs to have happen LONG AGO.

  11. @tiger….i got an email saying you directed a comment to me…..for the life of me i cant find it anywhere hahahaha,,,,,but thanks for telling me about that movie buried….ive never seen it but ill definitely check it out over the weekend sometime xxx

    1. @Razor, I hope you enjoy it, it’s funny how some people like a movie and some don’t! it’s a Spanish movie about an American so don’t worry it’s in English,( the director is Spanish, I watched the bonus features, otherwise I wouldn’t know!) Also ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ (movie critic site) and other critic sites gave it very high score, ha ha listen to me blabbing on about it, sorry, mate! 🙂

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