Amsterdam AirBnB Host Pushes Guest Head First Down Flight of Stairs

Amsterdam AirBnB Host Pushes Guest Head First Down Flight of Stair

At a house of an AirBnB host in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a guest apparently overstayed her allowance and whereas the host had other obligations, he needed her out but she was taking her sweet ass time. Eventually, she pushed him until he saw no other way around but to throw her out of his house.

Whereas the guest kept mouthing him off, the host lost his nerve and shoved her down a flight of stairs. The woman slid down head first in the most glorious fashion, but apparently hurt herself well enough to get knocked out. Or close to it.

The property owner was reportedly arrested. The guest’s friend should be arrested too for her relentless “oh my gawd on my gawd, oh my gawd oh my gawd, oh my gawd oh my gawd…

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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131 thoughts on “Amsterdam AirBnB Host Pushes Guest Head First Down Flight of Stairs”

    1. I had to watch this a couple times to try and figure out where the two woman were from. My guess, the 3rd world, then sneaked across the US boarder for free EVERYTHING, got a passport and hit Amsterdam, thinking that shit is free too. Guess not, and BRAVO to the home owner. Bet is was worth it.
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          1. The beautiful thing about this site is you can state your opinion no matter it what maybe. In the end there is a lot of knowledge and benefits by swinging through and reading opinions from all over. Its educational and comical for myself. If you’re here most likely you have a thirst for reality.

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  1. That’s what you get when you let hippy African power to your house.

    The owner looked like a good fine American to me. Like a good actor from “V – the visitors”. The reporter. Lol.

    I guess her Pussy pass didn’t went through. So a POWER KICKED spoke a clear message out.

    Oh my gawd.

      1. @itsplaster I grew up with the epic 80s show.
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        Ever watched it?

          1. Yes, years is probably more accurate. With my business I will never deal with niggers or mudslimes. Partly because I don’t like them, but also because they will always try and stiff you. Same for my home. None will pass over the threshold.

    1. Can’t stand bullies. Dicks that are so insecure that they need to pick on someone just so they’ll feel good about themselves, how pathetic. Well he’s a midget and he had to be an asshole to overcompensate for being “vertically challenged” haha

  2. i remember when i was in highschool we are all wearing white uniform and then this idiot classmate of mine was on a 15-20 steps stair with his friend then all of a sudden
    his friend pushed him which made him dive just the same as what happened in this video, the difference is hes pretty fine with what happened but the funny part is since hes wearing white uniform, all the steps of the stairs can be clearly seen on his uniform 😀 and from then on
    we called him superman.

      1. It’s fortunate she skidded down on her gnawed up, suck drained, slapped around, worn out tits. If she had gone ass first, the ricochet would have been so wicked the parrot bitch would have been across the street before she had a chance to say one OMG.

  3. 33 seconds vid, with ten repetitions of omging. One omg/3.3 seconds. I bet, some part of this miserable world, this land-whaleish creature is still omging about some shit. Wherever she is, if somebody’s listening around her, please “DONKEY-PUNCH” her or “BUCKET-FUCK” her.

      1. @deathcr0c
        Yes, sir/ma’am! That is the correct pronunciation. I’d love to see that term in Oxford American Dictionary, which, of course is my favorite.

        Speaking of omging, I loathe this term when people, especially freaked out women use this non-stop when actually they could do something better to improve the situation, for instance, the video at the hand. The irritating bitch could have helped the lady-bird who took a flight through the staircase and landed unconsciously or was probably only acting unconscious.

          1. @casualobserver
            My bad! I stand corrected. You are right, that’s one exception – if “she’s” not pretending, but is feeling “it” reaching all through her chest. And, there my friend, omging is bearable 🙂 Thanks!

  4. baboons get anus cancer real quick. those two would have had the lesions for sure. he should have bashed the other one, dragged them outside, locked his doors and whistled dixie for a few hours. problem solved.

  5. The only person who should be arrested is the property owner of the house…not even for pushing her down the stairs, but for being a complete idiot and pushing her down the stairs whilst being recorded.

    This outcome couldn’t have turned out better for the woman, and now, instead of just having to deal with her for perhaps an hour longer as she got all her shit together, he’s going to have to deal with her for MUCH longer, not to mention be obligated to fork out a lot of money for her medical expenses and other stupid bullshit. On top of that, I wouldn’t be surprised if her scumbag friends and relatives end up leveling the guy’s house out of spite.

    Way to go, bro.

    “Don’t look now, junior, but you’re standing under a brick wall.”

    “I don’t get it.”

    “You will, when it falls on you.” (Mildred Pierce)

  6. What the fuck was he doing playing host to a bunch of niggers?, it’s not like you need a crystal ball to have been able to foresee this inevitable conclusion.

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      1. @empty-soul

        I could be the least racist person you’d bump into at BG, but believe me, even if I want to, I simply cannot disagree with most of the points you have discussed here. Especially how you wrapped it up, and I quote you,

        “to conclude, I hate niggers. But not for no reason, I hate them because they have taught me to hate them via their own observable nature.”

        You have concluded it very well, and supported your thesis statement like a modern writer. All thumbs up! Very good job.

      2. @Empty Soul Have to agree with everything you say. Very intelligently put. Some would say that we’re prejudiced, but being prejudiced is just appraising someone based on known, established characteristics and traits. Don’t listen to the libertards. Being prejudiced may save your life one day.

  7. Very good, I think it was correct to punish these useless weed heads that won’t adapt to your house rules. The owner might have to face a charge but at least he disciplined these people, they definitely will obey the rules of a strangers house from now on.

  8. I gotta give credit to the host though… Thats the correct way to treat niggers, im sure he’ll be released later just because his arrest is just to show to the westerns that “We’re good goys here! Theres no RAICIZZ!! in here!”. 😆

  9. That was poetic to watch, he was too nice I say, I would have pulled a gun and shot the porch monkey in on the fucking leg and her friend in the fucking mouth for being an annoying loudmouth. This is the way we ought to be getting rid of pesky Niggers here in Europe, throw them off a cliff into the sea.

  10. I dont know man … I dont see him ACTIVLY throwing her down the stairs …. its more like a back and forth till one of them looses balance and falls down… could easily have been the house owner as well. Anyhow, he is know in deep shit and he realized it the very second the nigga woman stopped moving.

  11. Hey i have some insider Info about this as i work for Airbnb and actually found their case.

    The guy who seems to be pushing her down is not the host, but a friend of the actual host who came to help the host out as the guests refused to move out. The guests overstayed quite a while and and provoked the host each time she (kindly at first) asked the guests to leave. The host rented the apartment out illegally and the guests used that knowledge to their benefit multiple times during their stay. The claim that the host is racist is silly; she had multiple black guests before and they wrote great reviews about each other.

    The host has been permanently banned from Airbnb btw.

    If you google the “victim” you will find that she is a BLM-activist blogger. Needless to say you know what to expect when such people want to rent out your place.

    1. Thanks for the input. Is it possible for hosts to restrict who is allowed to rent their property on AirBnB by race? Some races are more trouble than they are worth, so could a host willing to provide housing for people choose whom they let in their property based on this criteria?

      1. Well you can simply decline guests. If you enable “instant book”- an option that guests dont have to wait for your confirmation- you can always cancel without penalties if you say that you do not feel comfortable with the request.

        The host could’ve cancelled any time or simply denie the request, if she really had something against blacks. If i remember correctly the two black chics were only additional guests though and the actual guest that booked was asian.. however i would need to check again so that might just be my memory failing. Airbnbs in amsterdam are ALWAYS sold out, she could’ve just declined and take in the next request 10 minutes later.

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