Valentine’s Day Fight Over Guy Between Miami Women Leaves One with Amputated Leg

Valentine's Day Fight Over Guy Between Miami Women Leaves One with Amputated Leg

Valentines Day Fight Over Guy Between Miami Women Leaves One with Amputated Leg

On Valentine’s Day, in Miami, Florida, two African American women got in each other’s face over a guy. The fight broke out, and one woman ended it by running over the other one’s leg with her vehicle. The trauma to the leg was so severe, the limb had to be amputated.

Kasheena Mordica was reportedly charged with second-degree attempted murder and with leaving the scene of an accident. Ashley Weatherspoon was taken to a hospital but there was nothing the docs could to to save her leg.

The fight was allegedly caused by Ashley Weatherspoon flirting with 32 year old Marco Mack, who is married to Kasheena Mordica. The latter got annoyed by the former’s advances on her husband, and took the matter into her own hands.

As you would expect, Marco Mack, over whom the fight was started, is a career criminal for whose arrest there were two outstanding warrants – one for burglary and one for grand theft. Obviously, the world would seem broken if cock carousel riding women weren’t lining up for an STI donation from a lowlife thug.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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141 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Fight Over Guy Between Miami Women Leaves One with Amputated Leg”

    1. Men who are not in prison…parole or probation or drug addicts are rare in Miami and women are desperate for a man….Miami is a very dangerous place…all over..much worse than Chicago where killings are limited to 3 neighborhoods….

  1. Thugs are a cancer in the Black Community. They need to be treated like a dangerous virus. Separated and extinguished. Actually, thugs from ANY community need to share the same fate. And that includes the hood rat/trailer trash females that support and love them so, then claim that there are no “good men” around. Clean up the gene pool a bit.

    1. Thugs are a cancer in the black community? Blacks are a cancer in the Black community. Find me one community in the US where both violent crime and standardized test scores (High School) are below/above average..

      It does not exist.

      Look internationally….. Is there a Black majority/Black rule nation that is not a clusterfuck of violence, misogyny, homophobia, poverty…. Closest I came up with is either Bermuda or Trinidad/Tobago.. but these are not pure ‘Black’rule… (British Crown colonies) and Trinidad is majority Indian. And crime is pretty huge in both countries.

      It’s violent and fucked up wherever you find them

      1. It’s only fucked up in urban communities or where there is a projects atmosphere. Out in the rural areas, black people just fit in like everybody else. My homestate, Mississippi, has more black people per capita than any other state in the country. Yet, where I lived, blacks caused zero trouble. They still don’t. Redneck white meth dealers cause all the trouble.
        I think anywhere people gather, a certain herd mentality happens – everybody shares the same views or learns them and it’s status quo. Same can be said about any group – this site, for example.

        1. @dethbyplaster

          It is an undeniable fact(backed up by official statistics recorded all throughout the first world, which you can easily look up) that black people do commit the most crime per capita than any other race. Why this might be so is debatable but the actual numbers are not.

          Maybe the reason why the above seems not to be apparent where you live is because of the number of redneck white meth dealers you have, perhaps they act as a visible deterrent.

          1. Each time I see a black nog, it reminds me of the song;-
            *Rick Astley voice-over*
            Nigger gonna give you up,
            Nigger gonna let you down,
            Nigger gonna run around, and desert you….

          2. @dethbyplaster

            To briefly touch upon a point you made previously,

            “I think anywhere people gather, a certain herd mentality happens – everybody shares the same views or learns them and it’s status quo“.

            The issue with the above is that Chinese communities cause next to no trouble no matter where they reside, neither do the Japanese or the Indians or the Koreans or the whites when they reside in the aforementioned countries as well so on and so forth. The point being that certain races must have different mentalities to other races to begin with for the herd effect to cause the status quo to exhibit itself so differently.

            I am not entirely convinced then that urbanisation can be said to be the cause.

        2. @dethbyplaster You make a good point. It is a myth that there are no neighborhoods in the US that are predominantly black where crime is low and the standard of living is average to good. The fact is that although there are allot of neighborhoods where crime is rampant, many like to focus on the bad not out of a sense of care for the black community, but to justify their own racism and hate. At the same time, they like to downplay any crime that exists in other races such as the 90% murder rate among whites as well as sexual crimes.

          I grew up in California. But I was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana. About half of my family is still in the south. Whenever I visited, (which was often) I found predominantly good people. Poor, yes, but good honest and decent folks who were black. Yes, Blacks are convicted per capita at much higher rates than other races, but there is more to it than simply that Blacks commit more crimes. Black neighborhoods are policed more aggressively than whites so it would make sense that blacks would be arrested more. If the police were more engaged in white neighborhoods, more than in Black ones then Whites would be arrested more. For instance, Blacks use drugs at about the same rate as Whites yet Blacks are arrested far more often, and the same goes for many other crimes. Blacks are also far more likely to get the death penalty than whites even when the circumstances are the same. Same goes for sentencing. Blacks get more time for the same crimes.

          I’m sure I will get allot of angry comments for saying this but it goes with the territory.

          1. @ip-config A lot of the country thinks that if a black man goes down South, he’s going to get killed. What a load. The South has a really bad reputation, obviously – a terrible past. But I trust the South because they just say if they’re racist – real open and loud like. Other places, people are racist but they hide it. I’d rather just know what people are thinking. I remember a guy moving to our school from Chicago. He legitimately thought he’d be lynched. He was like “You guys have a black mayor??” lol Yeah.
            I know that went off-track from your comment. Sorry about that.

          2. “He had a reason to get back to Lake Charles
            He used to talk about it
            He’d just go on and on
            He always said Louisiana
            Was where he felt at home
            Did an angel whisper in your ear
            And hold you close and take away your fear
            In those long last moments”

            Lucinda Williams

            I’ve eaten BBQ in Lake Charles, out in the country in a shack an old black guy ran.

        3. The media hides negroid crime to a great degree. I don’t believe that you really lived amongst nignogs or you would not have such a innocent view of them. And the most racist niggAs I ever encountered have been in the Southeast. They fucking literally loathe humans because they know they are so inferior in every way.

          1. You are absolutely right about under reporting Black crimes aND criminality. This is the journalistic crime of “ommission”. The media is an “enabler” when it hides “race” crimes like Black on White” rape, assault, murder, armed and strong arm robbery .

            Shit, fukin dummy liberals keep bringing up that Blacks get longer sentences than Whites for the same crime. You fukin want too know why this is so?

            White man is arrested for crime X and it is his first offense. White man given 1 month “time served” sentence and never repeats crime.

            Black man is arrested for the 5th time for crime X. The DA recommends a harsher sentence based a repeat offender calculus. He gets 2 year prison sentence as a repeat offender.

            So, without knowing more about the “who”(as criminal) and the how’s and whys of sentencing in our American CJS, it can appear that racial biases against Blacks is real.

            I worked in the drug abuse treatment industry for years and am very familiar with jails, prisons, DA, cops, and criminals of all types.

            Trust me, especially you liberals, you don’t really know shit about Black criminality and what really goes on in courtrooms before the judue brings down the gavel. Don’t let the niggas “shuck and jive” about how unjust the CJS is to them.

            To you libtards, I recommend that you get to know “first hand” over a long period of time what the Black ghetto culture is like, before you cry White racism against Blacks or Latinos.
            I have spoken!

          2. @meteor Actually you are wrong about why it is that Blacks get more time in prison. All that talk about White people getting into trouble once and not doing it again is false. I spent 12 years in Federal and State prison and know full well how the justice system works on both levels.

            Sentencing is based off of sentencing guidelines and pre sentence reports provided by the legislature of both State and Federal governments, and court investigators. Those guidelines take into account the crime, the offenders criminal past, and other variables that have to do with the case such as education level, upbringing, if the offender co-operated, and other mitigating or aggravating circumstances. Those reports are quite detailed so as to give the judge as much information as possible when deciding upon sentencing. This system is designed to offer as much fairness as possible and equal protection under the law per the Constitution. But here is where it fails.

            First time Black offenders are more likely to be sentenced to time in prison for the same offense as Whites. That is a person with NO criminal record at all. If the offender has multiple convictions under his belt, those convictions are rated on a point system with the purpose of achieving fairness in sentencing regardless of race/gender/convictions/etc.

            What often happens is that judges upward depart from these sentencing guidelines for Black offenders, for the same exact crime, with the same EXACT CRIMINAL BACKGROUND, while downward departing for Whites. It is a historical fact that is easily researched using Google stretching back for decades.

            It is also a fact that Blacks and Whites use drugs at about the same rates. But Blacks are much more likely to be arrested and convicted in criminal court because Black neighborhoods are more policed than White neighborhoods. And it makes perfect sense. Look at Stop and Frisk, and other similar policies that target Blacks and Latinos while largely excluding Whites.

            I can also speak from personal experience. When I left the Navy, I got into trouble. I was facing 21 months for a crime I committed involving drugs. It was my first offense, I had never been arrested before. I accepted my sentence and began doing my time. Shortly thereafter, I met a White guy in my pod who was arrested for the exact same crime with the exact same sentence. The difference was that the judge SUSPENDED HIS SENTENCE, and placed him on probation. He was in for violating his probation for the 3RD TIME and was just now being held to account to do his time. If he would have just left the game alone, he would have walked basically free with NO TIME TO SERVE.

            Lastly, take for example the recent cases involving young, white High School and College males who are doing very little or no time for rape. And all because judges do not want their lives to be ruined by the stigma of a conviction and sex offender registration, or because they do not want to “disrupt” their college experience. Show me Black examples of this? Actually you find the opposite for Blacks. They are given harsher sentences and often convicted off of faulty testimony and do hard time.

            And I aint trying to defend ANYONE who gets caught committing crimes. You break the law, you should be locked up. Just like I was and did my time like a man.


      2. You need to do more research pinche puto. A lot of comments about blacks seem to be almost the only comments I see on this site. That’s fine whites are just scary ass people in general afraid of losing that superiority huh? Too bad. No need to rape your wife and daughters, they are willing participants. Well most of em’ that’s more realistic than wtf you posted.

      1. @dethbyplaster I care quite a bit. I used to get upset over the bigoted comments and generalizations made by members here. But not so much any more, and I rarely react with anger. All that accomplishes is to reinforce in the other parties mind that I am a violent, uneducated (nigger). I find that framing my argument in a logical and respectful way is more conducive to getting my point across. Even if the person I disagree with keeps attacking me, at least there is a chance that another person reading my comments will be able to set their emotions aside and take the time to focus on the substance of my points. I don’t expect anyone who’s mind is closed to suddenly have a change of heart. But I do hope that I can make an impression on those who’s mind is open to another honest point of view.

        And thank you for the compliment. You are just the kind of person I try to reach.

        1. @ip-config

          I do understand where you are coming from and I also admit that I have met black people, like yourself, who have caused me to question my own beliefs and re-evaluate them. The conundrum though is that I have also met, seen and come across many more black people who have only served to further cement my own racist viewpoints.

          I also have no doubt that there exists black people unable to throw aside their own biases and viewpoints as well and for much the same reasons.

          I guess each side must come down hard on their own thugs if there is ever going to be an acceptance of each other.

          1. words are spells. when you type you are performing a spell(spelling) sounds are spells. sounds are like symbols . symbols contain spells and energy coiled like a spring. as soon as you see a swastika it puts thoughts into your conscious within seconds without you even realising. everything is frequency music puts you under its spell within seconds can change your mood can make a 100 kilogram bag of meat (a human) move like its on strings. every word sound syllable symbol you ever see are all holding you under their spell. the universe is a waveform and the occult are masters of sounds and symbols and can wisk you into a trance without you even realising even a persons voice when he uses the correct resonance will manipulate parts of your mind you dont even realise. words and sentences are all spells and capable of magic and hypnotism.

          2. @empty-soul

            I have asked myself if the shoe were on the other foot, and I were 100% White, would I hate Blacks. I still cannot answer that. Because like you said, experiences are different. Here is what I do know. I don’t think it’s fair to pre-judge anyone based on Race or Nationality. Even if it seems like so many of them appear to fit a stereotype. Because I chose to give the benefit of the doubt and respect people first according to their actions as an individual. I have made it clear that I too hate the actions of some of my own people. Because their actions are reprehensible. Not having a father in the home leads to young men growing up with a false notion of what a “Man” truly is. Some see the drug dealer with money, cars, and females and think that MUST be what a man is. My step father set a very good example for me of what a man is. He taught me that strength comes from working hard and going to work every day in an honest profession to provide for your family. Earning money the right way may take longer but you will end up holding on to it in the end.

            On the other hand my biological father was and is an animal. He has been in prison all my life. He is a rapist and a murderer. Including raping my mother. I am a direct result of his violent criminal actions. But I chose to be like my step father. A good man, husband, provider, and father.

            Instead of that example, many Black youth think that a man is being physically aggressive and forcing people to respect you through violence. Maintaining a solid street rep, and the no snitching code. But they don’t realize just how much that damages us all as a community. And it’s sad. But I need for YOU and anyone else who reads this to understand that there is a large portion of the Black community that hates these ideals and fights on a daily basis to change these kids minds. Many of us recognize that this behavior is self destructive. But it is very hard to show youths that the easy way aint the right way when the temptation is right there in their faces.

            Empty, you have to ask yourself too, what does holding on to this hatred actually do for you as a person. If you care about the situation, is it not better to try to be a catalyst for change? Does harboring hatred for others do anything positive in your life? I aint saying that I want you to go out of your way to like everyone you see, or to become some kind of sjw, but letting go of some of that may help you in other ways that you may not expect. And judging people as individuals may open your mind to a different way of thinking that can help you to be a better person for yourself and those you care for.

            And you are right, we all have to make the choice ourselves to reject all forms of bad behavior towards others, no matter the race. Because we are all going to have to share this planet. Whites are not going anywhere, and neither are Blacks or any other race. We need to accept that and find ways to solve our societal problems in a way that benefits us all.

          3. @haydolf_hittler I’ve seen that in Japan they made experiments with words like ”love”, ”thank you” and ”hate” being played repetitively while an ice crystal would form. Better shaped crystals would form with more harmonious words, such as ”thank you”. Now, it may make sense that the wavelength, frequency and amplitude these words are uttered may influence in the form the crystal will get shaped, or even the emotional tone as these are spoken, even in a supposedly neutral state of mind you may utter the word ”hate” in a certain hateful way, as it may activate subconsciously memories in your brain related to hate. So I don’t know if they used robots or humans to say the words, robots would be better as they show no emotion. I haven’t read the articles, though, to see if their methods were sensible. But it sounds possible, for instance, take onomatopoeias. They are words that reproduce sounds, such as ”crac” or ”bang”. Take ”meow”, which reproduces the sound uttered by an animal, which may trigger an instinctive response on us, due to our past contact with felines in the wild. So it may be that the word ”meow” may alter our mood. With other words the origin may be different, but due to their evolution from utterances which implied, let’s say panic, with frequencies, amplitude, wavelength etc of sound that implied panic, the words which evolved from these sounds may still trigger an instinctive response on ourselves. That’s pure speculation, I am not affirming anything…

          4. And the way you also use words, and the words you use, have an influence on how the phrase is perceived, as naturally bad words will invoke bad memories and good words good memories. An advertiser, for instance, will be careful not associate his product with bad words, and will push the idea that ”you’re loving it”, to link love with his product.

        2. I agree. There are anomalies – and [email protected] config are one.
          I spent the better part of 40 years that it is not all about skin color.
          Then this Treyvon Martin and Mike Brown (St Skittles and St. Swisher for short) started. BLM is a terror organization based on a LIE.
          I do not trust 80% of black people because they behave like your biological father – animals. I worked in Emergency Medicine for over 20 years and the blacks are the worst. Period.
          I woke up to reality. A reality of the nigger problem. However, there are black people out there that are respectable, productive, and hard-working with good family and community values. Unfortunately, they are a very sad minority. Like the numbers you gave – why only 10 neighborhoods? I have had to use a firearm twice in my life to protect myself and my family. Both times the perp was a nigger. Three other times, having a gun and it visible protected me from niggers.
          There will always be crime – we cannot win them all. However, niggers that are 14-35 years old and make up less than 9% 0f the population are responsible for over 75% of crime. Period. Niggers have ZERO impulse control, are unable to plan for the future, are only concerned with instant gratification, are uncaring toward others – especially whites – and are not capable of accepting responsibility for their actions. They always blame it on Whites, the Government (which takes MY hard earned tax dollars and feeds these hood rats so they can reproduce more hoot rats) and the Police (which they insist on trying to fight with, provoke, assault and murder).

          I could care less what the color of your skin is – really, I don’t. However, if you sag your pants, mush your words, drop out of school, deal in drugs, have 4,000 rims on a 2,000 car – there is a saying “walk like a duck, quack like a duck, look like a duck – you may be a duck” then you are a nigger.
          And I carry a gun because I will never trust a nigger. Ever. Where I live it is moderately diverse. Once in a while an uppity nigger-thug will pull some dumb shit outside of their holes and mess with the wrong Human – and get ventilated. Yea, we shoot thugs here. Lawful self defense. And then the niggers crawl back to their holes and just keep to themselves until the next one gets brave – and is made an example of. We really do not care of the niggers shoot and kill each other. But when it spills into our nice and civil society – we deal with it. Swiftly.
          Action speak louder than words. Act like a human and you will be treated like one. Act like a nigger and you will be treated like a nigger.

          I can wish in one hand and shit in the other. I deal in reality, not hopes and dreams. And nothing will change the FACT that niggers are the biggest problem this world has to face next to Islam and Muslims.

      2. @dethbyplaster I actually LOVE Southern culture. The food, the music, the hospitality. And you are right, at least the racism there is out in the open and honest. You know where you stand and where others do too. But there are so many positive things about Black culture that is lost behind focusing on the negative. Southern Black cooking is sooooo delicious. The fact that what used to be “slave” food like Gumbo or Chitlins is now considered a delicacy amazes me. I remember growing up being so close to my family. Social activity centered around my grandmother. She was the linchpin of our clan. Always cooking and fussing over something. She was so sweet. Had no problem cooking a stranger a meal. My friends were always welcome to the table no matter what race they were. Sunday dinner was an event every week. And holidays were like Sunday dinner x 10. All my little cousins, aunts, uncles and neighborhood kids were there feasting. I was lucky to grow up in a family that actually knew the value of association and love. Lake Charles is a real cool place to live too. Very down home. People are so laid back. But it gets SOOO HOT! I have lots of relatives in Mississippi too. But if you ever get a chance, you should visit Lake Charles and at least hit up a restaurant or two.

    1. svarg26, Here in the U.S.A. niggAs get monthly crack vouchers from the government. They turn them in at local crack dispensaries (crackhouses) for their monthly stipend of free crack. It keeps them unemployed or in prison so that they can’t bother humans. Unfortunately it doesn’t send them back to where they really belong, Africa. Honestly I think the best place for niggAs is not anywhere on Earth, but crushed into a black hole somewhere in deep outer space. I really don’t know what else to do with all the niggAs. I guess we could always build a wall around Africa and use it as an international nuclear weapons testing center.

      1. Oh HIM? While these two dummies were duking it out, he was enjoying his Valentine’s Day. One dummy is in the hospital, the other is in police custody, that’s dinner and a show right there. Afterwards, he probably went back to the party and found him some other dummy to take home and fuck.

      1. This is most likely what happened. He might not even know about this yet. He’ll go to visit Keisha looking for some booty next week and find out she’s missing a leg. Well you can’t get ur mah dick on with a limbless hood rat. Hoochie can’t even bring you a St. Ide’s from the fridge. She’ll never see LeRoy Jenkins again. NiggAs are more predictable than the rising sun.

          1. No he won’t, niggA can’t be dating a one legged hoochie.

            What would his niggA homies say?

            For some reason all that niggAs worry about is what other niggAs think of them.

            That is part of what makes a niggA a niggA.

            Crack, violence, & disrespect is the holy trinity of the niggA.

          2. Well, excuse me, Under the Apes Nutsack – I thought you didn’t get it because you disagreed. I don’t even like Smile but she’s right. And since when do you know the standards of black dudes? lol You don’t even like them. I vote he’ll definitely pick up some of those pills to sell to white folks. C’mon Apes why are u so mean lately?

          3. Yeah, what she said. Dilaudid goes for $25.00 a milligram, you can but a lot of crack with that. Dindu will just slide in late at night so none of his dindu buds see him. Boom Shaka Laka.

  2. Nope. You get no love from me, lady. As soon as you found out he was taken, you should have unfurled the white flag and moved on to the next carcass, instead of…standing your ground? For a man who is a criminal, for a man who was already taken and, being so, proceeded to dance and romance you? Did you really believe he was going to be as faithful as the sunrise?

    I’m with you on this one, Gnat. SMDH. We probably look like a pair of bobbleheads.

    1. I suspect that you’re from Eastern Europe. With wave after wave of refugees arriving in Europe, soon we or later you will see Africans in the streets of Eastern European cities. There are backs and Indians in Poland and Russia.

  3. Well, no complaints from me on this one folks! That Negress managed to get 3 Negroes off the street in one act!

    On the other hand, she must be thankful for obamacare will take care of her hospital bills and my taxes will be paying for her disability for life. And, last, but not least, the other part of my taxes will be used to feed pay for a good comfortable stay at the big house for the other negro in jail. So, I do have a complain after all.

    Why did God had to punished us severely by creating negroes? Oh Why…?

    1. The Bible states that when God exiled Cain for killing his brother, Abel, he placed a mark on him that would prevent others from harming him (go figure THAT one out).

      Some religious fucks believe that “the mark of Cain” was actually dark skin.

      1. To prevent others from harming him? and some fucks think the mark was negroes?

        What the fuck? All I can say is that negroes are a curse. A curse from God to punish us for those things we don’t do right! Like not sending them back to africa when we had the chance.

        1. Yeah. That’s one mistake Gnat can’t dump on the Jews; that one’s all on his ancestors.

          But, look, there’s no use crying over spilt mitochondria. Go on YouTube and listen to some of the videos from Scambait Central, to remind yourself that you still hold the upper hand.

  4. Female gorillas often have aggressive encounters with each other over access to males, particularly when the male gorilla in question is a alpha male(pimp, gangbanger etc) because the alpha males can provide services the betas cannot such as protection against predators(debt collectors) and the quick procurement of cash(armed robbery).

  5. Look, I don’t care what color you are: white, black, brown, red or yellow NO man, hell NO ONE, is worth losing a body part over. Unless that person is your child. Move on. There are lots of other married criminals out there for you to try and fuck.

  6. Ah, this is close to the where I grew up(Opa-locka if anyone is familiar) pretty sure it’s Liberty City though, that part of Miami is nigger heaven. The cocaine/crack era was crazy, I think I was 10-11 the first time I saw someone get killed in front of our house, home sweet home, lol

  7. Jesus, fucking cut out this “African American” shit. None of these motherfuckers have probably even been to Africa. Might not even be able to find it on a map. Just call them what they are, black. I knew a white guy in high school who immigrated from South Africa. You should have seen the administrations faces when he tried to register as African American. He is, most likely, the only real African American I have known in my life.

  8. Damn, I have to comment slightly off topic on this one. I’m thoroughly fucking sick of that damn website mob star- allstar whatever the hell it’s called that has offered money to teens recently to start brawls with other kids and submit it to they’re website. My Daughter showed me a post going around her school about this and I wanted to pay a visit to these idiot web darlings. If someone involved my child in that endeavor, I’ll be enjoying some tasty prison food. On the flipside, if she was an instigator of said activity, I’d hand my belt to my wife and say make it count. What the hell is next? Deathrace 2000 in pre-school on Play Cars???

  9. Of course they’re brown people. Only surprise is being Miami is that they weren’t one form of Spic shit skin or another. Why are brown people statistically and realistically more violent than whites and Asians AND rape, kill, maim and shoot more of each other than anyone else does?

    Why should anyone else care about brown people when they don’t even care about each other?

  10. Well, so far only in Third World Miami would we see this kind of typical Third World shitskin violent behavior. America is well on its way to becoming Brazil. Within ten years America will be giving shitskin Spic countries a run for their money for the violence and gore posted on here. It’s coming and we can thank liberals for it starting way back in the 1960’s and the warped policies of Ted Kennedy.

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