Young Guy Beats Girlfriend to Coma, Witnesses Do Nothing

Young Guy Beats Girlfriend to Coma, Witnesses Do Nothing

I don’t have whole lot of information about this video, but it looks like it could be from China. It’s a CCTV footage of a young guy attacking a girl in front of a group of people.

The girl reportedly ended up in a coma from the beating. She was cock-teasing the guy, then rejected him, then cock teased him again and kept doing it until he snapped and put her lights out.

Props to Best Gore member @sa4sa for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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455 thoughts on “Young Guy Beats Girlfriend to Coma, Witnesses Do Nothing”

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          1. I pay for experience not possessions. I don’t own a single purse, wallet, I currently have one pair of shoes and they are flip flops (ugh the horror and shame lol) that were 3$ at Walmart, I don’t have a cellphone so I don’t take ‘selfies’ to post for likes on Instagram or whatever…so just because you have this idea of women, not all are the same. And its shallow fucking men that find these shallow fucking bitches and then they want to complain when they get treated like that but in reality its just society weaning out bullshit. Heard those trashy fucks together so the rest of us can fit in with people like ‘us’ ….she’s a douch, he’s a douch, but I doubt she did ANYTHING deserving of a beat down …especially not something as shallow as “cock teasing”

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          9. Having a small dick should not be a problem. Most of the nerve endings in the area of the vagina are close to the outside of a woman’s body. One does not need to be big to stimulate a woman. One can also perform cunnilingus.
            I have a feeling this guy’s a troll.

          10. So funny to see all you cunts with the the “small penis” “not getting any”response. On the contrary you cunts, I have had my fair share of women, that is why I have learned to hate most of ’em. Quit being little heros, your BG comments aren’t gonna get you laid.

          11. It sounds to me like you are saying you would be perfectly fine in an all male world. Since you do not need women (babies could be produced in test tubes – just need a stockpile of eggs), you seem to imply you prefer the company of men.
            I am always fascinated by men who hate women so much. What they do not realize, is by expressing such hatred, they are exposing their own insecurity and maybe a whole lot of latent homosexuality.

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          13. @Lou bro looks like you have upset the local women populace here, I agree they at times they may have ulterior motives and mess with us on so many levels BUT SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT ASS KICKING. wow overkill WCW.

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          15. hey, Lou Pearlman,
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          16. Exactly! He should have just walked away with his gay-looking ass, and gay pink sneakers! I hope her family members settle this score! …

          17. don’t judge him his only expressing…his anger on the cheaters..or someone do a kind of flame to others…cause he experience to be cheated anyone who are serious in relationship does not want to be cheated… but a woman will be a woman..a man will be a man..

          18. I think you’ve got some serious issues. He damn near killed that girl. I see you have the classic me Tarzan you Jane mindset going on.

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          1. Guys, Lou does have some valid points:

            1) In TV adverts women are made to look clever, men stupid and clueless. FACT.
            2) In movies, only men get treated like clowns or sometimes the male hero has to ‘prove himself’ worthy of the woman, whose only contribution to the film is to be pretty lol.
            3) In social media, 99% of pouters are female. Women whine about how life is tough for them as they are judged on looks. Bullshit, the only pressure they have is the imaginary pressure they heap upon themselves by competing with other women.

            Now let’s look at things from a man’s perspective:
            4) Our gym routines are much tougher and more demanding than women’s. Women’s workouts are a joke. Watch them next time. LOOOOOL
            5) To get a job, a woman just needs to have the intelligence and personality for the work. A man needs that and more. He has to have paper qualifications, plus experience too. His interviews will be tougher. If a woman gets the job but gets bogged down, she is not reported as ‘slow’, she is reported as ‘diligent’.
            6) For a woman to find a good-enough man is easy. Women have more choice. For a man to find a good-enough woman is hard. They are so few and far between in parties. But when it comes to job applications, they are there in droves! (Luckily I have a good job).
            7) Men do not have make-up to look good. We have to ensure that we eat fatty foods and a balanced diet to produce enough testosterone to stay young and in shape.

            Most men are fed up with feminism because women are seen as having things too easy.

            That does not mean we are mysoginists, we’re not. We accept women as our equals, we’re just disappointed with certain trends in the real world.

          2. @ Mr. Spock i completely agree. And with social media its become worse. Young girls nowadays come out with this “im pretty…therefore your not worth my time” attitude…because they spend all day on SC posting those stupid videos of themselves looking pretty and pretending they dont even know tge camera is there recording (but theyre the one recording it). Its just got to this point where it seems alot of men feel exactly the same way…and unless youre dumb you realize that its for a legitimate reason (women and their current social attitude). Mens disenchantment with women is all over the internet like never before. But i guess women dont realize that all of these men that are gettin tired of of their shit is only going to end up bad for them.

          3. John S Mosby – Social media didn’t cause that pretty girl syndrome or whatever you want to call it. Media since TV became a medium and before, I’m sure, have shown attractive women snubbing men they feel beneath them. It’s not new. Just as TV and movies shows men laughing at fat girls and not deeming them as good enough. People, in general, aren’t attracted to people they find ugly. It’s sad and it sucks but it’s always been that way and always will be. If you go by TV tropes, the ugly, fat kids grow up to be beautiful and make everyone jealous at the high school reunion so I guess it all works out. Aww.

          4. Wow. @MrSpock– I am not sure where your information comes from, but women have to have paper qualifications to get jobs as well. In fact, it is much more difficult for a woman to land an upper or even middle-management job even if she is more qualified and intelligent than her male counterparts.
            As for workouts, most women’s workouts are designed around fitness whereas most men try to bulk up muscle. However, many female athletes would laugh at your comment. Just watch a female MMA fighter or a female rower or basketball player workout. I’ll agree with you about television, but I disagree with women’s roles in movies. In Atomic Blonde, Charlize Theron did not use stunt doubles. She did her own fight scenes and stunts.
            You cannot honestly believe women do not have pressure filled lives. I know women who work 2 jobs to keep bills paid and children taken care of because some deadbeat decided he didn’t want any responsibilities. My sister is a District Attorney, takes care of her 3 wonderful children, cleans house, and much more. She, however, is blessed with a wonderful man who actually leads his home as a strong Christian environment. He loves my sister and his children and is secure enough in his masculinity to not be intimidated by a wife with a brain.

          5. Itsplaster…true it started before that…but what im trying to point out is that now, through social media. These girls have a medium to the whole world by which to inflate their egos. Yes, men on social media do it as well. But a vain man who feels his main asset and purpose of social media is his looks is pretty lame by real men standards. So now through social media women arent just viewers of MTV or whatever but they are actually all more and more trying to be the star of the show. And their looks and beauty are what they feel us the most important. And the reason they feel that is because their sexuality is tgeir weapon,strength, and avenue into a wealthy mans life; or simply to cock tease and use men. Yes media has allowed men and women to corrupt morals since there was media. But, it probably goes back to Helen of Troy or Eve in the Garden of Eden.

          6. Gaboon Viper. Alot of time these women dont let the men see their kids or make it near impossible. My cousin for example is a diligent worker who has a kid with his exwife. This ex wifes main source of income is my cousin and some other dead end job. She makes it impossible for him to see his daughter and is trying to move out of state and turning his daughter against him. Now you might say something like “well what kind of girl did your cousin pick”. The problem with that is we dont know who the hell we pick until we pick them and find out theyre garbage. Also your statement about your sisten and her relationship is irrelevant…him loving her has nothing to do with him not being intimidated by someone with a brain. As a matter of fact i doubt he’s ever told himself “part of the reason i love my wife is because im not intimidated by a woman with a brain”. He loves her because he loves her and she probably loves him because she loves him. He leads the house because shes okay with that arrangement and probably isnt like these new generation women because as you said he leads from a Christian outlook which tells me she is probably Christian as well.

          7. John S Mosby – I don’t believe that Bible stuff but if I did, I’d say the blame is on Adam as God told him not to eat the fruit. Eve wasn’t told by God. He told Adam who I guessed “passed it along.” Adam should’ve controlled his mate. Tsk tsk

          8. Its plaster- youre right Adam should have controlled his mate. Eve was a dumb easily decieved woman. I think thats what this guy was doing on this video controlling this woman and trying to show her what not to do. Im glad we agree.

      1. Cowards all of them if that was here in the U.S his head would be stomped..i know I would step in with out thinking twice I got two daughters and wouldn’t want a little dickless fagit beating them like she’s not even human more like a punching bag doll..but I mean come on” China is full of dickless Men” if you wanna even call them that.

        1. What if u had a son who was completely screwed over by a woman and took everything he had and put him in a deep depression and he still had to pay child support and she would make it extremely difficult for you and him to see the kids and was still out there living it up and didnt have an ounce of remorse?

        2. The bitch in the vid probs provoked him to do so. Otherwise why would he ? Then what ? Stop bein’ such a pussy worshiper bein’ so ready to bow down to filthy vaginas you dont know jack shit about. Bein’ a girl & havin’ a pussy doesn’t make her always right. You better make sure your daughters don’t grow up to be thunder KUNTS so they won’t get POWER SLAMMED by some guy who’s had enough of their bullshit ._.

          1. True…a person isnt going to beat up and power slam someone who is being good to them. Also the same person isnt going to power slam someone who did something wrong to them unintentionally or apologized. No power slammin is reserved for someone who is deliberately and remorselessly and arrogantly doing you wrong.

          2. That’s not true. There are men and women who are controlling and jealous and react to things on a dangerous level. I’ll give an example of a female like this. My neighbor broke up with his possessive girlfriend because she never believed him. When he said he was at home, she’d drive all the way out here to see and he was. Awhile back, he got in a fender bender and had to rent a car. She thought it was a new woman in his life and vandalized the car. Because she was psycho. The only reason she didn’t beat him up is she couldn’t but she would’ve if she could have and over crazy shit she THOUGHT was going on. I don’t see someone snap and think the other person caused it. I see and think that the attacker was already fucking crazy.

          3. Its plaster….and how do you all tge truth and nothing but the truth??? How do you know there wasnt something going on??? Theyre your neighbors but even my closest neighbors dont know everything about me. But i will say this i also had a neighbor who had a girlfriend that would act just as crazy. But guess what?? I actually knew him pretty well and he had gotten caught by her previously…thats why she became insecure. They had kids together. And some of the times she thought he was doing something and she “looked crazy” he really was doing something. And he would just paint this “shes crazy” picture.

          4. I talked to both of them all the time. She was crazy and jealous for no reason except maybe prior relationships. She called me sometimes to see if his car was home. That’s not normal. Later, she accused me of liking him. He’s old enough to be my father.
            I have been cheated on but I recovered. Whatever happened to you, you are clearly not over it. I don’t constantly worry that my husband is cheating. If my husband did cheat, I would not kill him.I’m not so selfish that my broken heart is worth more than a life.

          5. What ever happened to me? Well i learned that there are good women and bad women. “Being over it” seems to always be the attack women use on men who dont really want to get involved with their bs. I also dont get involved with it because im happy by myself doing what i want when i want. I was going to post about my last relationship yesterday…it kinda went into how my new gf wanted me to do things with her i didnt want to do and give me advice on things i didnt want advice on and change things about me and my house i didnt want to change. They were all goid ideas and she was an honest, pretty, smart, and morally good woman. Im just me and i like being by myself. I like the company of women now and then and it feels good to be loved but i prefer it in small doses. Then its all hustle and bustle for me. I dont like getting involved with women because then we have to maintain a level of obligation for their happiness and contentment. Also once your in a relationship you somewhat build your lives around eachother and if you break up then you have to break some things down. There are those so inclined to love and wanting to be loved and be in a relationship but i guess im not one. I thought i loved this new gf of mine and i wanted to love her but it just seemed like more investment than i wanted. So as for your “being over it” im not sure what there is to be over. Youre in a relationship and are speaking from such a platform but dont presume to tell others that just because they speak on their experiences they arent “over it” or are “bitter”…thats like me saying your in a relationship because you arent over being single or because you cant do it on your own and are afraid or mad. I always equally enjoy your posts as opportunities to put you in your place. Lol. Adam has to keep Eve in check

          6. This is the same relationship you boasted about in the forums? The one about you’d found a good woman and your life was on the right track? And you poked fun at my relationship with my husband of almost 10 years? Oh yes, you put in my place. Obviously, you’re doing things so much better than me. Lol

          7. Yes, thats the one. And i did find a good one and if that didnt work out it was probably on me. I guess i was thinking life might actually have the potential to be a little better with a woman, but i guess i got past the initial feelings. As for 10 years relationship, i was in one of those too and it ended as well. And, ive seen 20 year relationships end. So while youre doing good now is great and i hope it last forever but soooo many things can happen. That is no reason to live in fear and not get in a relationship which is why i got into a relationship. And as i said there was nothing wrong with the girl, she was great and wanted to enhance my life in whatever way she could. And relationships are great for people who want one but im too busy and preoccupied to keep up with one. But, if i could be tied down and didnt get uninterested with them she wouldve been perfect and i know we couldve stayed together indefinitely because it was in her character as well as mine. I simply realized i didnt want a relationship and all that comes with it. And, with that said im sure im doing things soo much better than you because im happy by myself and if i wanted the person back i could have them back. I also have custody of my kids that i take care of alone and i dont need or try to collect child support. What would you do if you “God forbid” divorced?

          8. If I got divorced, I’d probably stay here. I like this house. My husband likes Arizona and wouldn’t even want this house. Or I’d sell the house and move to NYC. We don’t have kids so I have nothing to keep me from doing whatever I’d like. Or I’d move back to my home state where I have acreage and maybe build a house. I see myself going home when I’m old if I’m alone. But if I was divorced tomorrow, I see myself staying here. But I hope we don’t get divorced. Why did you ask me what I would do if I was divorced? I lived alone before I met my husband and I can live alone again.

        3. The bitch in the vid probs provoked him to do so. Otherwise why would he ? Then what ? Stop bein’ such a pussy worshiper bein’ so ready to bow down to filthy vaginas you dont know jack shit about. Bein’ a girl & havin’ a pussy doesn’t make her always right. You better make sure your daughters don’t grow up to be thunder KUNTS so they won’t get POWER SLAMMED by some guy who’s had enough of their bullshit ._.

        4. I think Mr. Spock and Lou Pearlman are lovers. Or, in the least, Mr. Spock has a big crush on our dickless turd Lou.

          Women don’t have it any easier than men, and don’t forget that women generally make less than men do in any particular career.

          I work my ass off and i have a house, a car and a phone, so if I want to take a selfie or take a hundred photos of cute cats and puppies with my phone, I will. I do all of this without a man paying a dime. It’s my house, my car and my phone.

          Yes, there are are gold digging women, but as long as there are men letting women take “advantage” of them, that is their problem.

          I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished, even as a generic middle class woman.

          1. What a disappointment. Your arguments are terrible KittyKat. If you can’t agree with Mr.Spock is because you don’t know much of anything. Be more respectful. You are a generic middle class feminist, and that is terrible. I’m certainly not paying a dime for you.

    1. I bet all of you ….. she ain’t going to cock tease again!!!! She’s gonna give it up easier… thanks Kim or Lee or Chung or Li or Kong or Cho or Chin motherfuckin lu kangaroo chin du mo do Ben du wang

      As a warning I’m no women beater, just a lover!!!

    2. Like I’ve said time and again… women outside of the house better at least have a laundry basket full of clean clothes to show for their efforts…

      Prevention is the best policy…

    3. Lol yeah go friend zone some more.
      You’ll do it to the wrong dude and end up the same and play the vic. Buuut karma will just smile. Stop using your pussy to get what you want.

    4. Yea, I love their action flicks and orange chicken, but man fuck these assholes for not ever stepping in. It’s fucking bizarre men over there rarely do any real life kung-fu saving martial arts – hiyah!

    5. I think that if a girl is cock teasing and doing so for the purposes of any type of gain from men then this type of action is warranted. Of course it would have to be verifiable and corroborated by evidence. But, just think how quickly it would extinguish the amount of advantage women would take of men if they knew that such actions could be taken against them. Im sure they would think twice before actually flirting and teasing any man that they weren’t really interested in, but just wanted to use their sexuality as an advantage over men. Womens strength over men is sexuality and mens strength over women is their physical strength. The problem nowadays is that men are legally barred from using their physical strength over women to get their way; yet, women are not barred at all from using their sexual strength over men to get tgeir way. It puts things on an uneven keel and has diminished the respect with which both genders should treat one another. I am by no means advocating violence against innocent women to take advantage of them, just as im sure no good woman would advocate the use of sexuality against innocent men to take advantage of them. But if one strength is regulated then so should the other. I think it would make both men and women more respectful of one another because it should be evident that their are social ills amongst men and women nowadays.

      1. Alot of people say….i would have done this…or i would have done that…please share an anecdote of a time when you actually did something and acted heroically. I know alot of “i would have done this kinda guys…….”. Most of them…piss and vinegar.

          1. Im not mysogynistic. I just call a dog a dog and a cat a cat. If u cheat i think its your fault for what you get. If you steal i think its your fault for what you get. Do women use men, of course they do. As i said its because womens strength over men is sexuality and mens strength over women is their physical strength. Its like if you play a game and allow one side to use their best player but not the other team. Women have it in them to be fair and good, but America is sadly on a Girl Power epoch which promotes whoredom. This all came from this whole “be a player” generation. That left women as single mothers because men would jump from woman to woman impregnating women as they went alot. And i believe they should have been dealt with. If you really look at it, the problem came from black entertainment and music. A cheating woman is not better to me than a cheating man and i think equal justice should be delivered…which is along the lines of extreme violence to see how cool they think they are then. I think women who end up getting killed beat or maimed as a result of infidelity are simply getting what they deserve. But if you look through my posts ( one i can think of is the man who used woman to get legal papers for citizenship) my viewpoint is exactly the same. Im simply unhappy that if its lawful for women to use their sexuality as a means of gain against men…then it should be legal for man to use his strength against those same women. Because any type of usery is harmful to the person being used doesnt matter if sex or strength is the avenue. Insecure and delicate?…i know you might not believe me plaster and that really doesnt matter but i am the alpha male wherever i go (charismatic, dogged, highly intelligent, and unyeilding). I get things done and im always self improving and learning.

          2. But also its not as prevalent men marrying rich women to take their money. Men going through life with the intention of taking financial advantage of women. It isnt something that is promoted. Whereas for women it is promoted and thats why younger generation women go along with it. There are no shows that show men going and acting like bitches if then dont get what they want (ring, car etc)

    6. so whats then a reason to beat her? Nothing right? Cuz you are a double moral cocksucking bitch. HERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PUSSYPASS DUMBASS BITCH!
      I would beat youjust for saying dumb shit like that you moron πŸ™‚

    7. I don’t care if she cock teased him a million times, this is not ok, virtually nothing bothers me but this really did. Plenty of people say “if I was there I woulda” and we know damn right they wouldn’t but I really would. Nothing wrong with a few slaps but that was OTT

    1. Well …. I can see only maybe the first throw, but nothing after that …. haha

      She is going to wake up speaking perfect English!!

      My mom would kill me if I did that!! That guy is very mean and should be castrated with plyers …. I wonder if there is a video on that hmmmm

  1. Cock teasing? Mkaaaay, if you say so. Dude, you have a LOT of issues LOL just saying if you assume this same (tired) excuse every time when you obviously don’t even know the context of the situation.

    ANYWHORE, it looks more like she is terrified and trying to make herself small so he doesn’t attack her as HE gets in HER face and then slams her on the ground repeatedly like a ragdoll. Either she cheated on him or he’s just an abusive prick. I hate cheaters but I don’t think she deserved that. Maybe a good slap or punch and walk the fuck away. But getting nearly killed for cheating? No. Not fair, doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. The other party should just walk away and find someone better. I’m so glad I’m asexual LMAO! Never have to deal with this shit.

        1. @d8r7d yeah =/ I forced myself to be sexual with past partners to make them happy while I was utterly miserable. I love the companionship aspect. The cuddling. That I miss. But everything else? Nah. I’m happy I finally figured out what/who I am. Luckily I didn’t get married or anything. I’m sorry, Augustus πŸ™

          @kittykat2015 ewww lmao!!! Real piece of work, that one xD

          1. Good for you, the only drama you have is picking your men from the self, do I want to try the $39.99 or go try the more expensive one for $69.99….which might be better hmmmm decisions decisions hahaha

          2. You girls must drive a Jeep or a Subaru!!! All people like you drive those ….. hahaha which is cool I’m just saying ….. I have an STI but I’m nothing like you

      1. @astepforward Didn’t your daddy teach you to love everyone? I’m pretty SURE that’s the value of your people, right? LOL! Silly Christian, always the hypocrite.

        And whore? Nah. I haven’t even TOUCHED anyone sexually since 2006. How about you? Or are you just too ugly for anyone to touch that nasty (micro) peen between your legs? Or maybe you’re just pissed off because your daddy tells you to remain celibate so you do? *bleets like a sheep*

        Get out.

          1. @fakeroyalty Not saying there isn’t. Has nothing to do with my sexuality though. I don’t care about gender actually, it doesn’t matter with love. But there are shitty men and there are shitty women. I don’t want any of it. I’m happy with my cats and my family and friends. I don’t need sex to be happy (honestly, food, back massages, good music, etc, are ALL a 100x BETTER to me than messy, gross sex.)

            @n1ne I don’t masturbate? LOL! So I don’t even have that drama. Asexuality = zero sexual desire.

            @loosythepoosy LOVE YOU! (Or should I say me? :P) LOL <3 UNITTTTEEE! xD

        1. @onthewingsofacrow
          Your narcissistic rhetoric and attention seeking revelations on your sexuality is pretty fuckin’ stupid. Nobody asked or cares that you can’t find a partner to put up with your senseless rants.
          You said your piece on the beat down video. Shut the fuck up and go away.
          I’m sure that any response from you, if any, will only illustrate exactly what I’m saying.

          1. @dan-a-conda Can’t find? LOL xD Did you even read what I said? Here, let me slow it down for a dimwitted prat such as yourself. I. DO NOT. WANT. TO BE. IN A. RELATIONSHIP. SEXUAL. ROMANTIC. OR OTHERWISE. Keep on following now. I do not WANT to find anyone to be with. Nothing to do with ‘can’t find’. ALSO, I was having a conversation with the above people on the topic of sexuality so how am I the ‘narcissist’ when you’re the one raging in here like a damn bull on steroids talking shit that does not even pertain to what I was discussing with @loosythepoosy @n1ne @fakeroyalty and @d8r7d? Not seeking attention at all. If you actually READ what we were talking about you’d see that. Go back to grade school and learn to read, moron. Or better yet, quit taking the roids before you end up like Rich Piana.

          2. You are on a public thread… not Faceberg… where you can ban people that hurt your feeling…

            If you don’t like people commenting on your thread then don’t comment…

            Even a dimwitted pussy stank bitch like yourself can figure that out…

            Maybe YOU are the one that needs to turn in that hall pass you’ve been carrying around so long… hmmm?…

          1. Dammmm umm can we get back to the girl who is going to die, cuz the fucking Incredible Hulk just smashed her to pieces like he did Loki in the Avengers movie!!

            I learned some guy likes being fucked by worms WTF !! That is the worst shit about sex then anything that has been said, also l like pussy with a strong clean smell …. ooops

          2. I just cannot even with you idiots. @gnat When did I ever imply my feelings were hurt? Like where do you people pull this shit out of? Your assholes? LMAO Either that or you need your mental health checked for hallucinating things that clearly aren’t fucking there. Take some Risperdal already. It’ll get rid of the shit you’re seeing that isn’t there.

            @svarg26 *facepalms at you* I suggest you wash your brains out. Oh wait, you don’t have any. Oops, my bad.

          3. You call me the idiot when you can’t even figure out why you were even put on this Earth for?…

            Just by your comments I can tell that your unhinged right now so save your bullshit…

            YOU need your mental health checked for forsaking your sexuality by not having children… instead you choose cats…

            How does it feel to be a complete failure and the high possibility that you’re going to die alone?…

          4. To fuck and please men and have babies? You’re SO funny! Because that’s probably what you’re implying, right?

            Just by YOUR comments, I can tell your brain is in your dick and not in your skull where it is SUPPOSED to be. So how about you save yours and we call it a night?

            Also, I have a child, thank you. Forsaking my sexuality? (Says the piece of shit with a cat for his icon…) Yep. If you’re in the gene pool I DEFINITELY prefer to ‘forsake’ it as you so ignorantly put it.

            Nah, I have a companion that I’ve been with since 2002. Not gonna die alone. And I have my daughter. So you’re wrong again @gnat

            How does it feel to be a complete failure at doing anything but being the pest you are? I squash gnats btw, annoying little bastards. Just like you. Now I’m off to bed. I actually have a life. Which means work in the morning and not sitting here at my computer to argue all night with useless bugs like you. Night!

          5. A “companion”?… I bet it’s of the feline variety…

            So… you’re a single mother… I bet that was by your own choosing or maybe just another bad decision made by you…

            Women like you are an open book… wanting to be like men… wanting to be equal… but nature will tell you that men and women will never be equal… hence our names…

            Now… go cuddle up next to your pussy…

          6. Nope. Human. And if by feline you mean pussy as in female, yep. My partner is female.

            Again, nope. Her father passed away before she was born. The only bad decision I made was having cystic fibrosis which USUALLY causes infertility without intervention and sleeping with her dad without protection when I was sixteen. But I don’t regret having her at all.

            Yet again, lmao, nope. I have no desire to be equal because I just don’t care. I’m gonna do me and you do you. Whatever gender you are. *shrugs* I’m gonna live my life and enjoy it and not let gender roles get in the way. I’ll do what I have to do and that’s it.

            NOW; goodnight for a final time, @gnat, and have a good one. (And don’t forget to enjoy the rotten fruit bed! But beware the soapy water. Or not. Your perogative.)

          7. You have a female as a “companion”… but you’re telling me you don’t want to be like a man?… πŸ˜•

            You’re confused…

          8. @gnat Seriously dude, grow the fuck up (let me guess if I jumped at you and dramatically said “Boo!” You’d act scared like a fucking dumbass, too?). That insult is SO old (literally the last time I heard it was in 2001 when I was in middle school) so I’m not even going to entertain it or your final crack of mind blowing stupidity. I’m just amazed at you and your ignorance. Here I’m trying to be polite and you just KEEP. ON. GOOOING! LMAO! Do you NOT know when to just bow out gracefully? I guess not. Well HERE is how you do it: I’m NOT replying, so don’t even bother commenting again (although knowing your type you’ll HAVE to have the last word I’m SURE. SO GO FOR IT, FRIEND. GO NUTS. But I WON’T be replying again.)


          9. I can tell that you’re not angry… Hahaha!…

            I obviously struck a nerve pointing out that you’re a pathetic excuse of a parent and that’s why you’re not upset… πŸ˜†

            Do us all a favor and take a nice long nap with your daughter’s other “mom”…

            You must have proud parents…

        2. that stench emanating from your vagina everyday, reminds you that you were born a female. you may wish that you were born a sexless worm that wriggles up some dudes dick hole but sadly for you that is not the case. it gives me great satisfaction *laughs like a mother fucker* that you were born a retard with cystic fibrosis and will die soon. eat shit in hell, cunt.

          1. LoL. The sissy crew are now fighting themselves. Gnat has lost his balls by some butch dude lesbos. Bahahaha

            Continue you socials losers while I sipp chsmpagne and eat caviar, you slaves and victims. Bahahhaha

        3. Women are given a pussy to reproduce. To pass your genes on to diversify & strengthen the gene pool. And yet here you are claimin’ to be an ” asexual ” while sleeping with men without protection at sixteen & adding your mutated slutty genes into the gene pool contaminating it endangering the human race. You lonely, rejected, used, butthurt, attention seeking utterly useless cum gargling hormonally imbalanced sperm dumpster hoe. Human race has no gain from you. Human genes have no gain from you. You only consume food & oxygen that can be used for the survival of another useful human being who can pass on their healthy genes for the existence of human race. You Oscar nominated drama queen. You waste of oxygen. You waste of space. You waste of everything that your existence consumes. Please hang yourself. Or jump off a cliff. And kill your useless self. But before that , make sure your partner captures the footage & posts it here so we can be sure that no more valuable resources are bein’ wasted for your utterly useless existence. Thank you ._.

        4. No shit you haven’t touched a man in more than a decade. With that Kuntish attitude it’d be a miracle if someone hung around your arrogant sorry ass long enough to have a conversation with let alone to have sex. & no wonder that fucker you slept with, with no protection & had a kid with passed away. Probs couldn’t put up with your BS anymore. Wonder if he hanged himself or jumped off a rooftop lol πŸ˜†

    1. @onthewingsofacrow Quite bizarre how a bunch of people got pissed at you for basically saying you don’t give a shit about sex and drama. Replies like those seem to be just screaming “I have issues!” in bright neon. Otherwise, why fucking care what you choose to do with your pussy? I honestly don’t give a damn what you do with your pussy. I literally never think about what anybody is doing with their genitals. Ever. Why do these guys give a damn? It’s perplexing. Maybe it’s because you stood up for the girl in the video whose friend or whatever he is does deserve to be beat into a coma as well. What an out-of-control psychopath with zero excuses for that display.

        1. I think Marilyn Manson is incredibly smart. Why are we talking about him though?
          Oh, because Crow looks goth, then she must look just like Manson. Oh how hysterical. Yeah. They look nothing alike. Maybe more like Siouxsie Sioux.

          1. Well… if you think subjecting a child to faggot “parents” is a good upbringing then that says volumes about you…

            That Marilyn Manson thing was a joke… not a dick… Don’t take it so hard…

          2. A man that wears makeup wants to be a woman so therefore he’s mentally deranged…

            You’re okay with men dressing like women?… πŸ˜•

      1. it’s quite bizarre that in a forum where people can post theirs opinions freely. you get upset when an opinion doesn’t match yours. jump off your high horse and get fucked. if you post your retarded shit for all to see, expect the worst. the only “issue” is staring back at you in the mirror.

          1. Nope…

            I have a wonderful life… I have everything a man can want… but I’m just using my leisure time to counter some bullshit… just like you do…

            I tell people what they need to hear… unlike some people…

          2. Itsplater the burch lesbian want to be man and has penis envy. Crushing Gnat and the political correct whoreson Scat26.

            Fun to watch these whiteknights now eating their own weapons. Fatnatsictic.

      2. @itsplaster a lot of the “men” on this site obviously hate women. I’m guessing they haven’t come to terms with their closeted homosexuality and it’s making them angrier and bitter.

        @onthewingsofacrow is my fave person on here because unlike some of the other women on this page, she doesn’t try to gain approval by the men on this site in order to make herself feel liked. I’d rather be hated by most of the assholes on this site because of their ridiculous beliefs and opinions [most of them seem to share a common theme: hate women, and enjoy women being beat].

        For some reason, I do like @nineinchnails. He doesn’t seem to hate women and has a good sense of humor.

        1. 100 percent correct it’s because there so insecure no women deserves to be hit beaten to death like this and yes if I was there I’d would of tried to stop him not just stand there like a coward

  2. I am not a white knight or what you call it here, but I just cant stand men who beat women. This scumbag here needs to be put in his place. If this girl was my sister believe me I would have searched for this scum and made a whole new bestgore video for yall. Anyhow I guess I cant stand anyone who puts force on somebody inferior and weaker them himself.

    I once read a german phrase which translated goes like: A true man doesnt show fear in front of the strong one and doesnt show any strenght in front of the weak one. I know its roughly translated but you get the point. And thats how it should be.

      1. @lou

        U probably just mad cause u never tasted pussy. I think you are the type of retarted men who thinks being an “asshole” will open up some pussy for u but in reality u just makin a clown of yourself. Be a man and stop whining. Accept the fact that as a man you are physically and imo psychologically superior then women. But that doesnt mean you should go around smackimg womens head on the ground. If you think thats ok, then I hope it happens to your mother as well you poor little excuse of a man.

        1. So you think he is being an asshole thinking that being so will open up pussy for him ? Do you know what we think ? We think that you think being a white knight will open up some pussies for your loser ass. Do you still have your dick n balls ? Or are you the freak who cut off his dick n balls in a previous uploaded video ? Because if you do, we don’t think you would ever bow down before pussy like this. Its just so sad to see. Men like you are a disgrace to male society. Grow a pair. Or maybe try injecting some SYNTHOL into your tiny mustard seeds. & be a real man. Not this piss poor excuse of a man you are now. Weak pussies like you must be gassed. @yaara64 PUSSY.

    1. So if youre weak and you show no strength you should be viewed as strong? Just because its a saying doesnt make it true. Ive known boastful strong leaders and quiet strong leaders. Both equally effective and wise as their leadership charisma was pre meditated and probably devised and groomed.

      1. There was a video a while back where this Russian guy stomped on another’s head for what seemed like no reason. I recall saying the attacker was psychotic. However, a bunch of guys on here said that because the man who was beaten touched the attacker on the shoulder he was a fag and that’s why he got beat down. No proof of that at all.
        Just like with this case, I think a person beat a person for no good reason. And beat them relentlessly with no excuse.
        Both cases caused ignorant comments because neither case had an established reason. Where did it come from that this girl cheated? Where is the proof or even a trace of evidence? Or that she “cock-teased” whatever that is. Where is there any proof?
        From the video evidence alone, this looks like a straight forward brutal assault. As did the one where a male was the victim.

        1. Well of course you know this site has a bunch of MGTOW men. And whether or not she did anything or not i dont care. I like the convo. And i think the convo is seperate from the video. The video is just for some shock. The convo is just a convo. Who really cares what happened, cuz it wouldnt change yours, mine, or anyones view on here or the conversation. You have to realize that. The video could be about a baby walrus getting smashed over the head and someone would bring up this convo somehow.

    1. I agree a clown can always tell when it is fake…….to easy for him to pick up that high with one arm head should of been bobbling when picked up so many reasons these clowns thinks it is real on here…………

  3. I wouldn’t call women the weaker sex anymore. they got protection from law and society up the ass and I’m sick of it. doesn’t mean I’ll go and beat up some women, but I prefer to stay single. and I used to be a romantic guy.. well fuck that. if you happen to find a girl/ woman who loves you for what you are and not what you have you are more lucky than a four leafed clover on a chimney sweepers arse.

      1. fucking-A! all that yapping on the first comment is all victimizing of the self..they all saw the chance to scream for bitch rights and ran with it..but it went no where.we see those same bitches talking shit about dudes getting stomped on and the materialistic shit they see in videos..and for some reason they all forgot how petty they too have been in the past.its just another fukng video to me..
        and used to be a romantic guy too(still am).these damaged bitches are just acting.

    1. Very good point.

      Go to YouTube and type MGTOW Darius or MGTOW is freedom. Amazing good videos from dudes with great red pills in this case.

      In courts men have no chance when it comes to divorce. Men lose half of their shit, cars, house and won’t see their kids anymore!!!

      We need to inform men , especially the young ones. Nowadays women with smartphones and social media have a list of men for everything. Fixing the kitchen, car, free meals etc. and cheating the boyfriend.

      Then they cry for Paygap, while they leave work because they”bleed” from her vagina and have pain. Sissy pain. They get special treatment. And us men?

      They see us as disposable. As tools.

      Men wake up! You are the prize. Ignore those bitches. Travel overseas, ignore these bitches, never help men and give them attention. Go your own way and be proud to be a man. Ignore them all.

        1. Hey, your pal “fighting irish” was asking about you – he said “ehay up is that rayf dun a big poo for me maken my poam bout der -der -durrrrrr…………”

          BUT SERIOUSLY, Its really great to see you again brother. how you doin ? still on the folks’ farm?
          so many things to ask – and yet not a PM function. damn

          1. I’ve been great, thanks. Hope your clan is well too!
            I was cruising around in some old posts and laughing at your comments, maybe three days ago….and here you are. Yay.

  4. He’s insane. No matter what anyone does, that’s never the answer… Anyone justifying this shit is just as fucking crazy and needs to be killed themselves…

    1. Haay-aay! Sup Boo?
      That’s never the answer no matter what anyone does? What about the KKK? Would you not justify the Klan taking a collective beat down? There’s too many hypothetical scenarios to list in a lifetime.
      To be honest, I only fuck with you cuz I think you’re one sexy beast of a woman! Maybe it’s the “fever” talking but I would mow the shit outta your back yard. Mmmm Mmmmm!

  5. Was this tiny dick gooks girlfriend a mannequin? She barely seems animated. Believe it or not this all stemmed from cell phone use,and PokΓ©mon.
    I personally would love to get this fag in the camel clutch to point of almost snapping his spine,then slam his face into granite floor 8-9 times as hard as I could…. Wait,13 months and 8 days,find him,and do it all again.

  6. Lol all I can see in the comments is that slut poosy and her whore gang going ape shit in the comments.

    It’s actually shocking how many females visit this site… shouldn’t you be in the kitchen making a sandwich? Or at least shoving a 10inch dildo up your butthole lmao

          1. Lol its true. That shit is annoying. Its like ” look at me talkin this gun jargon…and im a girl isnt that cool??” im good at seeing through vanity. But yes say some more gun shit….talk all that .45 acp 290 xp 105 and all that bullshit.

      1. I like Lucy but I feel she has a group of followers here that always comment on her posts, because she is pretty good looking “no offense Lucy” I feel you do also get s pussy pass here from time to time. I think sometimes it’s just weak men just following her for her looks ….. kinda funny

          1. I was total jerk to lucy, she graciously accepted my apology and I would like to think of us as friends. wasn’t ever born of jealousy, my jealousy is limited to schoolmarms only

          2. I prefer red heads myself * wink wink. Can’t tell you how much FAP material you have given me, my walls are covered with your pics and my wife is getting jealous.

          3. You should photoshop a naked vaginer to her lady section and 10 guns in her hands @cannedkittens. And then you can put her attorney itplaster behind her talkin some “womens power you worthless SOB kinda shit” with a whip in her hand in all leather to make for a pretty intense fap.

  7. If that was my daughter I’d show up at that kids house and blow his fucking head off. This is in Taiwan though, where people don’t have guns. If you kill someone in Taiwan you are sentenced to death. This kids life is fucked.

          1. @john– singleton-mosby, ….. what a stupid question. What are the conditions, definition of ‘win’, places of combat, type of combatants….. hey, can the women side have flying ape women with laser titties and vag fired A-bombs?

    1. People are Sheep… The people are too cowardly to stand up against wrong doing in fear that they may be next. In reality they are more likely to be next by doing nothing.

      “If you tolerate this then your children will be next”

    1. 30th anniversary of release, recently read in rolling stone. I used to have biggest crush on Johnny Marr! he did Q&A one time and I was delighted if not shocked he answered my submission. hell this was 20? years ago and I asked all sorts of obnoxious shit “does Morrissey ever turn to you and ask do these jeans make my ass look fat?” I asked favorite cereal, favorite song, album,color, boardgame. on and on and he answered them all! he ended with “you should post up some words man , let’s see what you got” in response to favorite collaboration (swoon) followed by ” I liked that letter.” dude is awesome and I won’t ever forget that as well as fruibix being his favorite cereal ,must be UK thing as I’ve never heard of it . actually I know all his answers, fun times was great

  8. Maybe she was just backing off……
    Thinking that the guy was a lil weird…..
    Telling him … kind ….be gentle…..make me
    Laugh if you want to get in my panties.
    Cornered….the beast snapped….to the idea
    That his lil spaghetti wouldn’t compensate
    For anything at all.
    No is no!!!!!…….move on, there are tons of pussies around…… whip your ass with your fucking ego!!!
    Any idiot who thinks that this is a good retribution for refusal to “sex”… a
    Moron who will be condemned to jack off for eternity….and get his ass cracked.
    I bet that many of these fuckers hate women… general……because of a certain woman in particular……maybe you guys are gay and you don’t even know…..
    Hasta luego.

  9. I don’t care how much he was teased. Walk away. If she’s a tease, she’s not worth his time and certainly not worth going to prison over. That said, no one deserves to continue to be beaten after they are unconscious and no one deserves to be teased in an emotional way.

    All that said, whether it was him getting beat, her getting beat or a random person getting beat after they are unconscious, if I see it, the aggressor is getting a warning for them to walk away and then if they don’t, it’s .45 acp time. But if that makes me the reviled white knight, sobeit.

  10. Good stuff. Every woman needs a good beating here and now.

    Why should the bystanders help, they ain’t no white knights. Can’t have it both ways ladies.

    Don’t bother with the shaming tactic, cuz that’s all you have.

  11. I am utterly appalled by the misogynist comments from the involuntary virgins on here. And there is no evidence that she was cock-teasing him. My hypothesis is that we are dealing with a crime of passion, i.e., she cheated on her boyfriend. Even so: no excuse for going off the rocker like that.

      1. In my book ….zero tolerance for that kind of shit…..
        That chick is dead…….if not dead……it would take ages before she can drag herself on a bicycle….and stay on it.
        The consequences are irreversible…
        Boys who kill chicks…..must not be loved in prison…..
        I mean to a certain degree……
        After all, almost Everybody has a sister, a mother or a daughter….!!!

        1. @alois hmmm… you sound an interesting character. You are only interested in commentary/description. To me, it is like you want to be at the crime scene, and you only want to hear what paramedics, cops, and other people are talking about, but you don’t want to see the injured/victims or bodies. Pussified…??? Protruding pouting flaps???

    1. If someone runs off with your wallet and you shoot them are you justified? If someone breaks into your house and you kill them are you justified? Or if someone chops off your legs and you go back and kill them are you justified? If someone kills your child and you kill them are you justified? If a person kills 20 people and gets a lethal injection by the state is there justice? My point is….maybe or maybe not the crime doesnt fit the punishment or the punishment cant even equal the crime…but a crime was committed, and if you commit it and get something really really bad its your fault because you shouldnt have commited the crime. And i crime i mean anything wrong.

        1. I believe that not all women are this way. But the ones that are deserve whatever is doled out. Now, there are alot of men that feel that way. Some believe every last woman is this way. But, you have to ask yourself: why do a lot and a growing number of men feel this way? It cant be that theyre all mental. It could be that the effects of being cheated on by a woman whom they trusted and loved were so severe and painful that the only thing that it warrants is alot of pain. Since one cant attack a person and lay extreme depression and pain that last years on them, the next best thing is this. Does that make them psychotic? Or do they just want justice and to stop this type of behavior. All cheaters need to be dealt with man and women.

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