14 Year Old Colombian Girl Commits Suicide In Front of Classmates

14 Year Old Colombian Girl Commits Suicide In Front of Classmates

On September 19, 2012, 14 year old Colombian girl named Brigit Lorena Gonzalez committed suicide by shooting herself with a .38 caliber gun in front of her classmates from the Institución Educativa Técnica Francisco Núñez Pedroso in Mariquita, in the department of Tolima, Colombia. To draw attention to her suicide, Brigit Lorena Gonzalez first fired two shots into the air and then waited for people to gather round. Then when authorities showed up, Brigit Lorena Gonzalez shot herself in the stomach.

Her startled classmates and teachers who responded to the sound of gunfire tried to argue her out of killing herself – as can be heard from the video, but the girl was determined to go through with it. The police and ambulance were already at the scene when the girl fired at herself and promptly took her body to the hospital, but there was nothing they could do to save her.

Colombian daily El Pais reported that one classmate tried to approach the girl as she stood in the courtyard but she pointed the gun at his head so the boy backed away. It was also reported that Brigit Lorena Gonzalez left a suicide note at home, but the content is subject to investigation by the authorities and has not been released.

According to Colombian Institute of Forensic Medicine, in 2011 there were 1889 suicides on record, 301 or 16% of them were committed by people between the ages of 5 and 19.

Props to Best Gore member horco987 for the video. First video contains the bad quality footage of the actual suicide. There’s a very inappropriate reaction by some dork towards the end of it:

Second video shows reactions of students, teachers and authorities immediately after the suicide. RIP young girl:

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155 thoughts on “14 Year Old Colombian Girl Commits Suicide In Front of Classmates”

      1. A bad grade…. not being the first in class… everything is possible at that age, particularly ridiculous reasons. Kids that young don’t usually care about their country being “shitty”.

      1. not at all. basic, medium and technical education is free in Colombia, as it is in many other LatAm countries. some students get even more and better food at school that at their homes. a lot of kids that are reluctant about going to school are encouraged by the Government to do so.

    1. Really though… I reminisence on my past and realize that there were many Sheepish times in my life where i Thought, and still think that the best thing to do was to pull out my Pistol and kill everyone in sight …
      Prehap in this perticular period in history where being a sheeep is advantageous… Economic man takes advantage over Spiritual Man… we see things like this, and we see dumb twit history teacher promote the worst and most destructive propaganda in our society… and prehaps the dumbs and twittyest of the all are so stupid and brain washed that they prehap by default help the rares spritual man see through see through the lies and propaganda.
      I mean most unprogandated class I could think of in my past was Math class and Wrestling.
      The rest, will get the Rope.

      1. Here, here Hawk.

        ‘Education’ today is a joke. The elites may as well give up the pretence and start calling ‘Education’ by what it really is… Indoctrination.

        The worst thing is 90% of the hapless youth swallow it.

        As long as the new iPhone, Call of Duty, Maybelline lipstick is released promptly… They don’t give a fuck.

        Sure they like to protest on the ever increasing costs of University education. But most can’t see beyond those ‘evil Tories’.

        The tribalism is disgusting. Setting fellow European against fellow European.

        The youth should be taught the true history of the most successful Civilisation/ Race that has ever graced this terrible, terrible world.

        The hard FACT that it was the White man who first set foot on the Moon, who climbed Everest, who subjugated the rest of the world against an incredible numerical disadvantage, who developed the means to exterminate the planet but has the restraint to not use that Godly capability.

        The ancient enemy has witnessed our successes enviously since we first used the uniting light of Christianity to pull ourselves out of the mud and went on to conquer the earth.

        History tells us this clear as day. It is not my delusions of grandeur.

        People ought to read a book before they decide to deride my words as those of a nutter.

  1. Damn… what should be done in such a situation? The kid who walked up to her could have gotten his brains spilled all over the dirt. You just can’t argue with someone that doesn’t have one thing to lose in their moment of desperation. Tasers aren’t a good way to handle things because they can leave the person brain-dead or cause them to go into cardiac arrest. Anybody know a good alternative? Tranquilizers maybe? But those take too much time to go into effect…

        1. You realize that she could lose her hand if they did that? You watch too many movies. It’s not as simple as ‘shoot gun, gun flies away’. It can take off fingers or her whole hand if the round landed very close to her hand.

        2. 🙂 Do you really think that the police department of the village of Mariquita has plenty of trained snipers who are ready to intervene when people try to commit suicide? 🙂

    1. I think the only way here is to talk her down. If they tase her the muscle spasms can easily cause her to pull the trigger. Shooting the gun is almost impossible because I doubt she was holding it in one place without moving. Just too risky to shoot at her. Anything they do can cause her to pull the trigger really. They could have tried to talk to her but since she wanted everyone to be there to watch I don’t think she would have listened to them. She had made her mind before firing the first shots. I don’t think she was hesitating but waiting for everyone to come.

      1. their are SOOO many new non-lethal guns AMERICA has now, but doubt half these countries have more than a taser. A couple of bean bag rounds to the stomach would have knocked the wind out of her. i think the force of 2 shots to the head (as mentioned) would have snapped her neck- knocking her out unconscious though! It’s a sad and selfish thing to do- suicide. I mean think of all the pain and scars are left for her family. I mean even one of her classmates in the yellow shirt at the end of the video just dropped to the floor. It’s very selfish. God gave you her the gift of life, and wasted it. Im declared “insane” or “mentally ill” due to dropping too much acid and wanting to explore the subconscious, which led to alot of anxiety and depression after i stopped, thought about suicide, who hasn’t to be honest? prob 80-90% of the world has once thought about it. But what really drives a person to go through with this- psh, chemical imbalances in the brain that are far beyond normal.

  2. This cruel unfair world does tend to make those who are more emotional and more likely to be affected by the daily shit we have to endure kill themselves.

    I have known a few people over the years who have killed themselves, if anything I think I envy them because at least their suffering ends whilst mine continues, I am quite drunk at the moment but come the morning I shall be sober and unemotional again, a self defence mechanism needed to get through life.

    So let us all reflect on how shit life truly is whilst at the same time realising that we personally do not care less, a man of kindness as well as an unfeeling monster, I am both and yet I wish for neither, just as life is not something we asked for yet something we are forced to endure.

    1. I only read the comments on every few vids on this site and out of all the ones I’ve encountered for the last year being on here, (excluding detailed arguments/long excerpts) this has to be one of the most profound. Truer words couldn’t be spoken and I know exactly what you’re talking about, considering I was just in this predicament myself.

  3. I hope that I never have a suicide committed in my School. Not because I deplore of it, but because I surely would have to say something to my students related to the incident, and I don’t think I could express my actual thoughts. Imagine: you have to speech in favour of life and hope in front of a group of teenagers even if you don’t believe in your own words! How would you be convincing? Damn! If you?re gonna kill yourself, don’t do that in my school!

    1. Yeah, wondered the same thing. If you’re going to kill yourself you aim for the freakin head not your stomach. I’ve never heard of anyone shooting themselves in their stomach trying to commit suicide. Even suicides where people shoot themselves in the heart are next to unheard of.

      1. Maybe it was ignorance. At such a young age you really don’t know much about how the body works and what it takes to shut it down, unless your parents are farmers and regularly slaughter animals with you around. From what we see on TV, it’s easy to get mislead into believing a small cut on the neck or a wound in the gut will do us in instantly, because that’s how it’s presented in movies. This unfortunate girl went through a lot of suffering before death finally found her, I’m sure she thought it would be much quicker.

    2. Generally, when someone shoots themselves in the abdomen it is a cry for help. Most people think naively that if they shoot themselves in the abdomen that it will not be lethal. This is obviously far from the truth as most people are right handed when holding a gun (pistol) so when they do shoot themselves they hit the liver (the liver is mostly on your right side) which is fatal about 70% of the time.

    1. Someone doesn’t have to go through a hardship to feel emotional stress, neither do they have to injure their body to experience physical pain. Being bombarded with these random sensations will no doubt drive any person to the brink regardless of age.

  4. Shit quality video made worse by people who won’t stop talking -w/their hands. Also, didn’t the frame rate of the video remind anyone of “Slumdog Millionaire”? To that guy who wandered over from the Special Education wing -I’ll speak to you on a level you may comprehend: “Yo! Dis ain’t no game homie! Dis shit is for the Real, dawg!” RIP little Bridget. I wish you had a better life, or at least a more dignified end.

    1. Well..no shit she wanted attention. But it’s not always a bad thing, especially in the case where someone is about to sHOOT THEMSELVES. What about “she should have gotten help” instead of “good riddance.”

  5. damn, what’s sad is the woman pleading with the girl telling her over and over that they love her and for her to think. Well she must have thought it over long and hard what she was going to do that morning.

    1. shit times have changed since we were kids, I remember spending the entire day outside playing with my friends and now all these fat ass kids are holed up in their rooms playing COD and getting suicidally upset over what someone wrote on their damn facebook page.

    2. I can only imagine a happy 14. I’m glad you had one though, @Brokeback. It can be Really hard for someone that age to reach out. They’re dealing w/puberty & new relationships that aren’t just simple friendships, like when they were kids. Wear the wrong shoes or pants on Monday and the whole fucking school can be on your ass w/insults, ridicule or bullying that could last the whole school year. That’s a Lot for any 14 year old to handle, especially a girl.

  6. Wow,that is sad.So young and already willing to end it.Why did she feel the need to call attention to it though? terrify the youth she went to school with,scar some forever….. and a stomach shot? that looked a bit high,on the right side,if my view of the blurry video is correct? plenty of incredibly toxic organs there to nick….or even angled up a bit and lung shot…. :s sad either way….why is none of this ever on the news anywhere? bombings,shootings,nothing from international tragedies makes it to our televisions…..Once,after 9/11 I believe I saw something about a london bus bombing,but thats it. None of this. why? 🙁

    1. The MSM have an agenda. They only show the shit that may prove beneficial to their plans.

      Surprisingly, not much is said anymore about the London Tube and Bus bombings of 2005. News coverage dropped off around the 2007 mark.

      Maybe we Brits are made of sterner stuff then the Yanks… And we don’t get upset over the drop of a hat…

      Or maybe the MSM realise that by constantly reminding us of the bombings (by MUSLIMS) will tell the sheep that Muslims are dangerous (which they are).

      It is in MSM’s interest that they keep the sheep blind to the new Yellow Peril…

      Still, 9/11 receives a disproportionate amount of news coverage. People are too eager to forget that the World’s largest exporter of Terror is not invulnerable from pissed off people getting their own back.

      I tend to stay away from 9/11 shit.

      My belief is that the US Gov./ Shady Organisations had a hand in giving a wink and a nod to the Islamic nutjobs that got their hands dirty and did it for them.

      Americans don’t like getting their own hands dirty. They would rather see Europeans die in their place.

      1. Troop, bro: I’m getting fucking pissed off at the situation now.

        Every single Muslim in England on some level agree’s with the disgusting Islamic response over the YouTube vid.

        Massive, *civil* war will come within the next 10 – 20 years, if not before.

        Mainstream media is INFESTED with Leftists and Muslims now, too.

        1. It is getting to the point where I want the war to come fucking sharpish. I want it over and done with.

          The real question is… When we are victorious over the Jew, Muslim, Marxist scum in Europe… What do we do then?

          Sitting tight in Europe and keeping ourselves to ourselves and our friends sounds good.

          But that doesn’t remove the threat. And the threat from the Middle East will be ever present and will erupt in our Children’s faces.

          The only solution is to Pacify the Meditteranean ring.

          That means kick the Jews out of Palestine for a starters… Remove the Nuclear threat of the ‘Samson Doctrine’.

          Decontaminate Turkey, the Levant, Israel, Northern Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria of Islam and Judaism and rebuild the ancient states of Byzantium, Assyria, Palestine, Lybia, Carthage with Christian populations.

          Only with this Meditteranean buffer zone can we rest easily.

          1. Christian? Like thats any better really 🙁 lol meh i dont care….Btw trooper,I’m U.S. american…soon to be canadian though 😀 not much better I know.That war is a long way off here,to many of the meek in power,and not enough that are done with the abuse of the system and tolerance.

          2. Well hello beautiful!

            Aint seen you here before… Let me buy you a drink.

            *Passes a suspiciously strange smelling concoction of drink and drugs*

            You Canadians/ Americans/ Aussies/ Kiwis have a head start on us EuroTrash.

            But don’t be complacent. You only have a ten year advantage on us. Before you know it you shall be knee deep in the scum.

            And don’t forget. If Mother Europe falls, you will be next.

          3. Exactly. Better war happens now before the Muslim/immigrant population reaches 40, 50% and beyond.

            And yep, thanks to our traitorous, massively clueless “leaders”, a Caliphate will form in the Middle East.

            When it comes, every single Muslim in England will instantly become a mortal enemy.

          4. @Cat. I’m not religious at all either, but our nation was built upon Christian values. As was the West in general.

            Its at least a counterweight against Islam. And its a really peaceful religion. Far, far TOO peaceful in fact.

            We could do with a few Christian extremists being created to fight back against Islam.

            So, ideally, we want scientific, free, Nationalistic and WHITE society in our nations, but Christianity is worth defending, and using as a symbol.

          5. Lol thanks trooper,wait…you DID mix in the drugs i requested didnt you? 😮

            and yes,I’m well aware that this nation was built on christian values and lifestyles.This war,indeed had better happen soon.I’m young and strong and vicious… lol I cant have it happening once I’m not so vicous and strong… 🙁 i’d NEVER survive then.

    2. I would assume it has something to do with ratings. Even though the media supposedly brings you facts’ they pick and choose the most entertaining stories to cater to the broadest demographic possible. Its an entertainment business.

      1. And they spin what they DO show,to one side or the other.Like the teacher strikes in chicago, painting them as the teachers are greedy,getting paid to walk,and asking for more money.They aren’t getting paid and teachers deserve more money,but who gets it?Politicians….ok,before i start a really off-topic rant,I’ll shut up and go check out older gore…. 😀

  7. Pretty sure there’s more videos about the shooting out there, i don’t think that guy was the only guy recording it such a waste of pussy i met a colombian girl years ago they are so fucking hot along with Argentinas/Uruguayas/Chilenas she did a pretty good job like i said before anyone has the right to take her/his life if they wanted to RIP hottie 😥

  8. What is is up with these new ads…
    On topic: Pretty sad that someone so young would take their life. And I guess she liked pain,shooting herself in the gut. Heart shot would have done the trick whilst keeping her head intact.

    1. Some Colombian girls are hot but the rest are nasty ass ugly looking skanks as for Colombian men they’re just plain retarted and have the smallest dicks in the world smaller than Asians…why do you think Colombians are so violent cause they got small pee pees haha

      1. lmao smallest dicks aye ? and you know this how? …Columbian men are humble and hard working people though that is why they get my respect…. Yes Criminals and drug cartels are active but where aren’t they ? … and as for the women .. they got “dat ass for dayssssss son” (mostly)

  9. I think she was being bullied, especially if the inapropiate twat at the end was representative of the school’s populace.

    On the stomach shot: She might not have wanted family to have to see her damaged head and face.

    Quite sad in many ways.

  10. Reminds me of my high school years O.o some Asian chick cut her wrists in P.E that was a good scene -.- there is many reasosons that brought this girl to end her life O.o break up shitty life parents always fight depression mixed with anger only she knows why she did it at least she didnt turn the gun on the others looking at her

  11. Ok, yeah it’s sad but even at that age ya realize, “hey, I don’t wanna deal with this shit anymore” What she and all the other kids that fuck with them is.. this is what you and society did to me I’m not a follower so fuck you. How many of us went to school and hadda put up with shit until we reached a point? Some of us will take our own life, or some of us will make a stand, but either way it’s a choice, OUR choice, and both choices, (to me anyway) are right!

  12. Very young, coulda used more guidance in her life, but at that age she is actually, in my mind, able to make that choice. Who here at that age hasn’t thought it . All of us? I still do. But thinkin’ and doin’ are two different things. But of course,if ya do,ya know what to do!

  13. At her young age how could she have possibly acquired a .38? Im not sure about the laws in columbia but there’s only a few possibilities

    Someone dared her to do it (through means of bullying) because that could explain the stomach shot – it wasnt her intention to die. one other possibility is that she stole it from her parents or worst someone sold it to her.

  14. I read a book once about why people choose ctain forms of suicide, as I tried to make sense of my sister killing herself. Men tend to choose more lethal, more disfiguring, and messy methods overall. It’s rare for a woman or girl to do anything which would cause disfigurement, especially to the face. So the fact that she used a gun is rare, but that she chose to shoot herself in a non-disfiguring area isn’t all that suprising.

  15. going out on a limb here but perhaps she was pregnant (by someone she didn’t want, or worse, by force?) and she was sending a very powerful message by shooting herself in the stomach; either way, I hope she is in a better place

    r.i.p. angel xx

    1. Im thinking she wanted everyone to see her own life being taken to REALLY show how sad and broken she felt. Ive battled with depression all of my life and sometimes its hard to even explain to someone why you hate your existence so much. Usually being in contact with friends and family to help remind you why life is precious is the best cure for me. Besides taking long hard pulls of sweet tinky flowers of course : P

  16. lol the metal head kid at the end…although it was in vary bad taste what that kid did you gotta remember this is Colombia where these kids have grown up not only some of the worst narco violence and terrorism but also very bloody wars between their government and left wing, right wing paramilitarys, a girl shooting herself in the stomach is like breakfast for these kids who have grown up in one of the most violent countrys in the world. There’s a saying that god made Colombia so beautiful that he had to find a way to add some ugliness to balance out this perfect piece of land so he took some of the most evil men he had created and placed them in Colombia.

  17. Another bitch less that will re-produce

    Shit happens, who cares anyway, everday alot of people commit suicide, she’s stupid and selfish like every one of them, life goes on, in 2 days the whole school is talking about something else, and in 1 month 3/4th doesn’t even remember which day it happend and when, in 1 year she’s forgotten en gone, the only ones with grief are her parents, thank you stupid bitch for destroying their lives

  18. Silly little girl, firing warning shots into the air so people will come running and crowd you with concerned faces before shooting yourself in the stomach. This was obviously a cry for help; people who really want to die don’t wait for crowds to show up. Perhaps someone should have told her that she could die from a shot to the torso; perhaps then she would have found a more constructive way of getting attention.

  19. I don’t know about anyone else but I found the kid at the end fucking HILARIOUS! Through all the screaming and commotion he still stayed true to himself and reacted not how others would expect him to react but how he felt at the time. He obviously thought it was all a big laugh. 😛 😀

  20. Did you know that 2 of the worlds most prolific serial killers of modern times with the most kills under their belts are from Colombia? Both killers are said to have killed between 300-400 people each by their own hands and these are only the deaths that they know of some place the number of victims from one of the killers as high as 900 and 600 for the other killer…miss reinforces what i mentioned about God making Colombia so beautiful that he filled it with some of the most evil men he had created in order to add balance to all that beauty.

  21. I’d like to get my hands on the boy at the end, fucking prick needs to be beat until he can’t ever smile again.
    That girl was probably bullied and didn’t have enough people in her life to tell her she was worth a damn. Speaking fron expirence I can tell you that’s a bad combination. It’s a shame really she was an attractive girl (assuming that is a picture of her in the blue) what a waste of a life.

  22. Did she think this over before her suicide? I mean don’t get me wrong, I think that no one should commit it, but why shoot herself in the stomach?You’d still be alive for awhile and be in alot of pain.

  23. kids nowadays are pussies seriously I was the gentle giant big guy but was picked on by kids less than half my size but was too nice to fight back. I just let it roll off my back as did many of my friends I ended up starting to stand up for myself late in high school but no matter what myself nor any of my other outcast friends EVER had the notion to take the weak way out. Apparently there’s no parents.

  24. she fired 2 shots in the air,,stood in the middle of the school yard,, made herself very accessible and open,,out in public,,that sounds like someone wanting help,,no where else to turn,,shoots herself in the stomach,,as where a headshot or chest in the heart would be instant fatality,, sounds to me she didn’t really want to die,,but did it thinking that she would recover from her injuries,,then someone would listen to her pain or problems,,at 14,,they are still children ,,desperate,,every new emotional experience is serious at that age,,,,,just reaching out,,last resort,,,,,

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