18 Year Old Girl Hanged Herself at Home with Electric Wire

18 Year Old Girl Hanged Herself at Home with Electric Wire

18 year old Adriana Souza Santos committed suicide by hanging herself with an electric wire inside a house in the Bananeira area of Itabuna, Brazil where she lived with her sister. Her mother said that Adriana was a problematic child, but did not expect her to commit suicide.

Adriana had recently moved in with her sister because her marriage fell apart. She was a mother of one and a half year old girl.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “18 Year Old Girl Hanged Herself at Home with Electric Wire”

    1. It may seem like cowardice to the people left behind. Selfish people who cant look past the pain they are feeling for missing someone to realize the guts it took to end their own life. I wish more people would try and think about the person commiting suicide and try and imagine the pain they must have felt to believe this is the way out. These people are usually fully aware of the aftermath this will have on their loved ones and know that tthey are loved but they would rather leave behind any glimmer of love because it is completely shadowed by pain be it physical or emotional. Suicide itself is a level of bravery most of us cannot begin to understand.

      1. Well said . Its like if you do not know the person who cares right. Although if something like this happens to a loved one of your own its a different story. Who knows what difficulties she may have suffered whilst she lived.

  1. Tongue bulging, throat cinched, and shorts soaked with her own piss (and probably worse) . I’ll never understand young chicks who hang themselves…talk about an ugly way to die. Amanda Todd probably looked the exact same way when they cut her down.

  2. The tongue looks ugly. Had she been a guy, she would have had a protruding penis as well.

    I always wonder if they die from suffocation this way, or from constriction of the blood vessels & nerves to the brain.
    The latter is much quicker .

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