9/11 World Trade Center Jumpers – Best Videos

9/11 World Trade Center Jumpers - Best Videos

9/11 World Trade Center Jumpers - Best Videos


According to some estimates, around 200 people jumped to their deaths trying to escape the inferno on the top floors of the World Trade Center towers after two planes flew into the New York’s skyscrapers on September 11, 2001. The WTC’s north tower was hit first and collapsed after 102 minutes. Vast majority of the 9/11 jumpers took a swan dive from the north tower, only about a dozen jumped from the south tower.

It took the jumpers 10 seconds of free fall to hit the ground. At the moment of landing, they were reaching speeds of 150 miles per hour.

This first video is a compilation of footages of people desperately clinging onto the outer walls of the towers in a losing battle to escape the heat and smoke. Unable to hold on for very long as the intensity of smoke and heat kept rising, they let go. Lots of WEEEEE though not so much SPLAT to see there:

This second video was filmed from the Millennium Hotel which is just across the street from the WTC. A person by the name of Tami Michaels and her husband stayed in a room on the 35th floor and filmed the tragedy as it was unfolding. During the course of the video, Tami Michaels appears to speak to someone on the telephone and sounds like she has a stick up her ass so mute the audio if you want to avoid feeling like you want to stab yourself in the ears with knitting needles. At around the 6:40 minute mark the video shows people falling to the ground. Brief close up of the ground shows jumpers splattered there:

One more video filmed by a guy on the ground in close proximity to the WTC towers. He appears to have been joined by someone all too eager to accompany him in filming. The video shows a good closeup of a jumper free falling at around the 7:17 minute mark:

Props to Nicole for some of the videos. BTW let me guess – if you still believe that the 9/11 attacks were the work of some terrorists from the Middle East, you also believe the closeted fags at the Aurora movie theater dove to shield their girlfriends from gunfire and the Kenyan lead twinky child rapists killed Osama bin Laden. BLEEEEEP!

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  1. I am no US citizen. I do believe I’ve seen enough conspiracy theories on this subject, but it makes no sense for people to revert to name calling. As I’ve said before, really, this is supposed to be an adult site, and I get it. It is a painful subject for all americans. I get that, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to go through what the US has been through since 9 11. It was a sickening series of actions, which I do believe was perpetrated by the sand nigger, yes, I said sand nigger…population. I don’t think it was a conspiracy, however, do believe that Bush used it as a perfect excuse to move into iraq. There are tons of other theories, but Bush had a grudge. This all began way back when the Palestinians had their land taken from them, and were supposed to get it back, but when they tried reclaiming it, Israel said nuh, huh, and the US government sided with Israel, instead of saying fair is fair, follow through on the agreement. So this put the focus of the coons on the western world. Stupid as our government policies are, we keep letting em in. They are in parliament for fuck sakes, tell me, how long will it be before canada becomes a victim….how long? My take on this……sooner than later.

  2. These people truly were in the most f**ked up situation I can think of.

    If they stayed in side they would have burnt alive or dies choking. Cling to the building and you either slip off, or as we all know, the building comes down with you still on the side until your crushed to f**k.

    Or you can jump… f**cking hell man.

    There’s not many situations where your every option results to you being killed withought you having a chance at living, but this is definetely one of them.

  3. The incredibly stupid cunt taking the emergency call says there is no conformation of that event? With emergency vehicles on the way what more conformation does she need? OMG.

    For those who said it was a military plane or a missile, he plainly states its a big plane, a 737 or something. So, for the conspiracy theorists, what a great job of photoshop.

    1. Actually, one man curled himself into the fetal position and moved away from the others into a tight corner. He DID literally rode the building down and came out with relatively minor injuries! (A couple of broken bones)

  4. The girl in that second video fucking sucks. There are people jumping right there in front of her and she can’t stop filming the fucking smoke. Not to mention, she has the best view, straight shot to the ground. No obstruction for the falling body to fall behind and shield us from the good stuff. If you’re too much of a fucking idiot to film the bodies falling until impact, at least train the camera on the area where the bodies are splatting. Fucking A.

    Sorry, I got too upset about that.

  5. Whoever was responsible, the US gov., masaad, terrorists, whatever, I hope that someday they are held accountable, publicly or privately. I’m certain its the same group of people that continue to propagate conflict around the world to this day. I also hope that if there is a God he judges those responsible not by their religion or reasons but by the acts they have committed here and all those committed afterwards.
    Its obvious there is a certain group of individuals, organized or not, that are in the business of making the world unsafe at the expense of the common man.

  6. New gore member, so Im just seeing this. I feel the same way, I lost my uncle that day Engine 279 so that day brings back alot of sadness. But im proud as hell, knowing atleast he died saving lives. R.i.p. to anyone who lost people on that day.

  7. On September 10, 2001, my mom and I went to Wal-Mart and she bought me an African Dwarf Frog. I was so excited because I wanted to bring it to school. The next day, I remember watching the news about the attacks before I went to school. I was pestering my mom to let me take my frog to school, but she wouldn’t let me. She was worried that my dad might be deployed to the East Coast due to the attacks. Even though my mom didn’t want me to bring the frog, I did. Unfortunately, on September 12, 2001, my frog died in the classroom. Anyways, I remember my teacher made us draw and write letters for the firefighters involved. My teacher even promised that our letters would be shown on PBS, but they weren’t. 🙁

  8. 13 years ago today, the worst tragedy of the new millennium occurred. The death toll of 3000 PEOPLE (with families and friends) would have been much higher if it hadn’t been an election day or occurred even an hour later. Plus, those who are “Sensitives” who’s gut-feeing told them to stay home. (Same as airline crashes when people decide to avoid a flight scheduled, as did my father and I in 1978, but that was the Hand of God, putting another flight on sale, and, well, my Dad IS Jewish… ’nuff said.
    In an open letter to the Catholics of those who fell or jumped: They did NOT commit suicide! They were dead when the plane(s) hit the building!
    Choice #1 Endure 15-30 seconds in the most agonizing pain imaginable, or #2 Spend 6 – 12 seconds of terror and die INSTANTANEOUSLY. I believe the only real choice is #2. This is not suicide, because they were going to die anyway. So please, put your mind at rest and realize, these poor people were viciously murdered at the hands of al-Quada. Homicide, not suicide.
    And, please, someone explain why “WEEEEE though not so much SPLAT” is funny? Would it still be funny if it were your spouse, mother, father, or child? Looking at the one picture of the individual’s remains almost brings a weird since of solice, because they felt absolutely zero pain upon landing. Now, burning to death, is the polar opposite to death suffered by these individuals.
    On the second video, in a phenomena known as paridolia (sp?) where you see a duckie in the clouds, etc, watch from 10:00 through 10:30. If you watch the clouds, you will “see” the faces of one DEMON after the other rise, as if waiting in line and forming a totem pole.
    Sadly, these people who were forced to jump, lest face an even more (if that’s possible) “acceptable” death had enough time to reach terminal velocity, but not enough time to pass out or have a heart attack, but I hope some did pass out. One view, not seen here, were several jumpers going out holding hands.
    Again, CATHOLICS! They did not commit suicide in any way, shape or form. And shame on whomever wrote “Whee and splat.” That’s the epitome of cruelty towards them, their families and loved ones. What do they have to bury? a tooth or bone fragment? After waiting months for DNA identification?
    I’ve often wondered if anyone who worked there, being as so many were never found, chose that opportunity to flee? An abusive relationship, bad marriage, arrest warrant, or to let their families collect on insurance policies, then caught up with them later. Instant witness protection program.
    But please, no more jokes like they’re bungee jumping or enjoying themselves. Nobody went to work that day thinking, “Hey, I’m going to burn to death at my desk or take a header out my window 86 floors above the ground!”
    This is one day in history I hope and pray we’ll never see the likes of again…until after the second coming of Jesus Christ. But those of us who have chosen to follow Him in His walk now, will not have to face the horrors as the Woes are poured out over the nations.
    Imagine, those babies born on and around this day are entering the EIGHTH-GRADE this year, yet it seems like it occurred just yesterday. God bless everyone.

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