Argentine Woman Commits Suicide by Getting Swept Into Iguazu Falls

Argentine Woman Commits Suicide by Getting Swept Into Iguazu Falls

Argentine Woman Commits Suicide by Getting Swept Into Iguazu Falls

It’s a video of a video so quality is understandably crap. If anyone has raw footage, hook me up so I can update the post.

Remember the Canadian woman who committed suicide by flowing down Niagara Falls? This must be her Argentinean cousin. The question is – is suicide by waterfalls becoming a new trendy thing among middle aged women?

The victim was a teacher in Argentina. She walked down to the famous Devil’s Throat chasm at Iguazu Falls and carefully, albeit steadily walked into the way of the falling water and allowed it to sweep her off her feet and into her death. Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls is one of New Seven Wonders of Nature so at least she died surrounded by breathtaking beauty, where mother nature shows her immense power in clear sight.

The apparent suicide happened on March 6, 2013:

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76 thoughts on “Argentine Woman Commits Suicide by Getting Swept Into Iguazu Falls”

      1. @Pale- did you ever see my response to you about that dudes name with the 160LB scrotum?? Lol. I replied, but there were lots of posts yesterday and i wasn’t sure of you saw it or not..

        1. Yeah I just read it, my phone wouldn’t let me get on to BG last night so I’m still catching up…and yes I remember that guys name and what show I saw him on it was the Howard Stern show but he’s been on a couple diffrent ones since then. Yeah that guys a trip, what I found really strange is that he’s asking for monetary help so he can pay for a million dollar operation and since has story aired many doctors and shows have offered to do the surgery for free yet he refuses claiming he’s not ready…seriously wtf is wrong with that dude. After I heard that he’s refused many free surgeries all my sympathy for the dude went out the window. Its obvious he’s going to milk it for ad long as he can even If it kills him.

          1. @Pale-Yup! Dr. Oz offered to help him and he refused. Well, he’s got a lot of milk to be milked in them things!! Glad you saw my response!! :)

      2. once you’ve gone over the edge, too late to change your mind. other than frantically touching yourself to get off one last time before the sudden stop at the bottom sends your soul into the after life, not much else can be done.

    1. You mean the “Power Surge”? I love that ride, boat/coaster climbs up the waterfall…boat/coaster goes down the waterfall…everyone get wet.

        1. The Six Flags here in San Antonio…wait you mean to tell me that there are other Six Flags theme parks outside of Texas? That’s doesn’t make any sense…Six Flags theme parks are named after the six flags that have historically flown over Texas….so why would there be a Six Flags outside of Texas? Doesn’t make sense, I always figured since it was a Texas thing it only excisted here in Texas.

          1. I was talking about the Six Flags in Buffalo New York. I went there a few years back and had an awesome time.

          2. @Pale- We have 2 in Cali. One in Vallejo and one in Valencia. I didn’t know there was one in Buffalo or Texas! Lol

      1. I was talking about how you said “bad idea” right at the same time I said “not a bad idea”.
        And I know for a fact that there are two women here right now that are already wet.

    2. are you planning to kill yourself? one of the best ways is jumping from a high building, death assured. If i do it one day i may do it that way, bur i don’t have the balls yet.

  1. I always love reading the descriptions that Vincit Omnia Veritas makes. His snarky style is what makes this place rock. That being said, it should be mandatory for suicides to create some sort of manifesto. I’m intrigued on how things spiral out of control for a person and then the only viable option is to 86 one’s self.

    1. I’m always curious myself as to see what leads a person to the pain they have. Like the guy who was obsessed with bjork and made videos and taped his suicide. But most leave us shrouded in mystery and questions in mind. Usually how it goes…

      1. are you planning to kill yourself? one of the best ways is jumping from a high building, death assured. If i do it one day i may do it that way, bur i don’t have the balls yet.

    1. Iguaçu Falls are one of the highest waterfalls in the world, from such an height you loose consciousness or meet instant death as soon as your head hits a rock or the water, so she probably didn’t suffered from drowning… As she was falling she simply saw all her life wind on and that’s it !

  2. My respect goes to brave lady, she is one step ahead from most of the life greedy creatures, I am sure she felt nothing whilst she hits to “stone effect” water.

  3. This lady clearly did not like herself to choose such a method of suicide. There is nothing in this world worth committing suicide over being an intelligent individual she was she should have known that.

      1. True but she wasn’t clinically depressed; her lover left her probably. For a chick that’s reason enough to end her life. Sad and pretty pathetic really.

  4. What really confuses and bothers me is that someone actually recorded it instead of trying to talk her out of it. I know that you cannot persuade everyone, but c’mon. He just recorded it like it was normal.

  5. Go off a waterfall,stand in front of a train,shoot yourself or take an overdose their all going to the other side and they wont be coming back, least not in a way anyone will know and the ONLY way anyone will know what that is ,is to do the same!

  6. It’s very doubtful her body will ever be recovered. There’s at least a one mile long channel w vertical cliffs after the falls before the river even slightly gets tamer. She’s fish n croc meat. She probably died on the way down from inhaling water. If she hit the river, she would have been killed from the tons of water falling on her. If she hit rock, well, ’nuff said.

  7. suicide is always a sad outcome,these people must feel completely unworthy of living….the power of the mind can make or break the human spirit. if you do nothing else in life, make sure you love yourself! fuck what you do or don’t have,fuck what people say about you,your one of a kind!!! n that’s awesome n ya cant beat that!!!

    1. That’s very positive and true! Honestly, it means more to me because you added my favorite word in there more than once! My only complaint is that you didn’t say- mate! :(

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