Asian Woman Hung to Death from a TV Tray

Asian Woman Hung to Death from a TV Tray

Suicides by hanging seem to be done in the most unusual places. How do you come with an idea of hanging yourself from a TV tray?

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29 thoughts on “Asian Woman Hung to Death from a TV Tray”

  1. Has anyone consider she isn’t dead the skin seems to have blood flow and her left leg I bent strait behind here if she were dead she would have no muscle control

    1. Haha! That comment cracked me up! LOVE IT! Still, if I were forensic inspector, I’d secretly fist fuck her before taking her corpse back to the morgue! She looks hot as shit man!

  2. That’s weird because usually the only places you see TV’s in those trays on the wall like that are in public places. So did she hang herself with people around? Why didn’t anyone save her? Also, there’s 0 drop room so obviously she decided to just asphyxiate to death instead of breaking her neck. Bad way to go.

  3. OK, I’m confused, because she’s clearly not hanging from a “TV tray.” She seems to be hanging from a TV that’s mounted on a wall. Does the author know what a TV tray is??

  4. Those TV mounts can hold A LOT of weight. I believe the mount is the “tray”. I think she just wanted to die and that was the first thing she found that would hold her.

  5. I think she tried to change the Chanel or she did not like what she seen and it drove her to suicide or accidental suicide. Some how she got, Hung Up!
    Next time, just turn it off.

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