Birth After Death and Eversion of the Uterus Photo

Birth After Death and Eversion of the Uterus Photo

This is easily the most bizarre photo we’ve had on Best Gore so far. 19 year old pregnant female allegedly committed suicide, but the body of a child inside her somehow came out of her vagina, causing eversion of the uterus (aka vaginal prolapse – or vaginal “pink sock” for those in the know), giving itself birth after death of its bearer.

I don’t know what kind of suicide this woman committed, though. She appears to have her right lower leg ripped off and face swollen as if she’d been choked to death. If you asked me, I’d say she was killed by someone else’s doing rather than her own. A very bizarre case of birth after death though. That round thing that appears as though it was the head of another baby coming out of her vagina is eversion of the uterus. That isn’t the head of another baby trying to come out on its own. If she was bearing two children, she’d have them conceived at the same time, not one obviously older than the other, right?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Birth After Death and Eversion of the Uterus Photo”

  1. this has to be one of the most confusing pictures on bestgore. I really wonder what the hell that ball type looking thing is coming out of her vagina lol. it doesnt look like another baby but who knows. definately in need of more into.

  2. the “ball looking thing” is the uterus. If you have ever seen video of a C-Section, this is exactly what the uterus looks like. That is why they mentioned the “eversion” of the uterus… (turning inside-out). Looks like she jumped from a very high place and landed on a very hard surface.

    Great pic… very rare.

  3. She looks like a drowning victim. The bloated face with protruding tongue is classic of someone thats was under water for a while. It also explains the wrinkly skin, and the water pooled around her. Maybe when they pulled her out the still squishy uterues fell out of her decaying body?

  4. @Peals i agree except, it looks to me like she’s in one of the like water drain things you see by the side of the street or something, similar, that just lost it’s water after a flood or maybe a freeze

  5. i think that the baby came out also thanks to the muscles in the vagina. she’s dead so the muscles relax, which causes the opening to be bigger and let the child come out.

    i love to hear your thoughts about this and tell me if im wrong

  6. I think like Peals said, it’s quite possibly a drowning death. The face and body look bloated, and it looks like there is sloughing of the skin on the legs, pretty typical in a case like that. Also, I would think that when the body bloated from being in the water, the bloating would in turn cause the fetus to be pushed out as well.

  7. Not to split hairs (this being my first comment and all), but this is not technically a ?coffin birth?–a la Laci Peterson. Coffin birth refers to the postmortem expulsion of the fetus. This picture is a rather famous (or infamous) example of the brutality occasioned on the civilian population of Nanking, China (Google, ?Rape of Nanking? or ?Nanking Massacre?) by the Japanese Imperial Army in 1937. As I recall, it was the common habit of the Japanese soldiers to gang rape Chinese women, especially heavily pregnant women for some reason that totally escapes me, and then when they were done abusing their victim to cut them open, spray them with gasoline, and then set them afire. I shouldn?t think further comment necessary? .

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