Chinese Man Stabs His Wife and Her Friend to Death Before Attempting Suicide

Chinese Man Stabs His Wife and Her Friend to Death Before Attempting Suicide

What’s with Chinese men stabbing women to death in the streets lately? Though this video is about a year and a half old, so lately doesn’t really apply to it but still… all these stabbings in the streets in China – crazy.

In this case, a woman took a friend along to help her out bringing the news of an intended divorce to her husband. He wasn’t too happy to hear that and responded by stabbing both his wife and her friend to death right there, right in that moment. As he stood above both corpses with blood covering the road, he then stabbed himself repeatedly in the abdomen the Kurdish girl style.

Obviously, he doesn’t read Best Gore or else he would have known this type of suicide attempt doesn’t usually work out. The attacker survived, both his wife and her friend died on the spot from severe stab wounds. Allegedly, the reason why his wife wanted to divorce him was because she fell for that friend and had an affair with him. I can see how the unintentionally-turned-murderer man probably never looked at another woman to stay faithful, worked his ass off to provide for his wife all the while she was cheating on him behind his back and then she hands him the divorce papers. Easy to snap in such moment. Should have instead recruited the services of this Brazilian man.

Video by some person carefully recording the whole ordeal on a camera from behind a window is below:

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58 thoughts on “Chinese Man Stabs His Wife and Her Friend to Death Before Attempting Suicide

  1. whats with all the self-righteous ‘man works his ass off to support his wife crap’? anybody knows this may not be the case, anyway its not an excuse to stab people to death. He might have beat on her regularly and the new man may have been gentle? maybe she was sick of supporting his Chinese ass!

      • Us bitches don’t need to be kept in line by a little boy that beats women. There is the idea that women beaters have to sleep some time, hehehehehehe.

          • I don’t need to be kept in line, asshole. Men that beat women are cowards, and I wouldn’t be with a pussy that does. Face it, mouse, you just don’t do it for me.

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    • I was thinking the same thing. She may have had an affair and wanted a divorce because her pussy husband is a violent son of a bitch. Its also likely she worked, too.

      • ob, you so need to be kept in line if only for your obnoxious attitude. of course i would also require some obnoxious pussy to go along with not write me off until you see the annaconda in my pants. it is not for the faint of heart!

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          • i don’t need any pussy from you bitches. my right hand is always tight and available and it never gets knocked up. know what i mean ob?

          • Anyone else noticing the sexual tension between Obnoxious and Mouse? You guys should get a room…

    • Hey, when you start up your own gore site then you can put in whatever text you want. Maybe you could aim for the soft core gore market. How about specializing in severe menstrual bleeding?

  2. She was dumb taking the other guy with her, it was asking for this.

    Otherwise, kudos to all the heartless bitches who squeeze a man dry and then throw him away. If he’s dumb enough not to see through her plan, that’s exactly what he deserves.

  3. Ah, yes… Violence spawned through and in reaction to unconscious lust. Beautiful and something that also tempts me by living in such a twisted and repressive state.

    Sick abdomen stabs, Bro! You can see he immediately regrets what he did, whereas a more unconscious woman probably wouldn’t think twice. Just sayin’…

  4. I believe that in China that women are only property. And property can’t divorce you. He had the right by law to kill her. Last time I checked there was no divorce in China. But times are changing. His failed attempt at suicide is pretty lame. This country knows about killing with knives. He knew that he would not die. It was all for show. And what about the dumb ass who videoed the murder’s. Did this person call the police? Hell who knows.

  5. That’s the one drawback of a knife is that it’s difficult for one to kill one’s self with it. Lightweight, easy to maintain and use and, you don’t have to have a license to own much less walk around with them.

  6. Of course being China, there will be no Good Samaritan action from the public while slaughter is going on. Cars still passing by, cameras still filming….

  7. Without addressing whether the two dead had it coming, I can kind of see the guy’s side. Bad enough when a woman breaks you off, but when she brings the new guy sticking it to her to rub your nose in it, a guy can get all stabby.

    Or she correctly surmised dude would react violently and brought a man with her. Apparently, she didn’t pick enough of a badass

  8. Who knows, maybe she brought a male friend and told him of the divorce in public because she expected him to react violently, and thought perhaps her friend or members of the public could keep that from happening. Which usually doesn’t seem to happen in China.

  9. Whoever is recording from safely behind the window didn’t seem to feel safe…kept ducking back…
    I laughed like crazy after the first comment though!!

  10. The bodies are so close together. He was able to stab them both to death so quickly that neither of them got the chance to run away.

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