Cute Russian Girl Takes a Selfie, Then Puts Neck on Railway Track

Cute Russian Girl Takes a Selfie, Then Puts Neck on Railway Track

17 year old Rina Palenkova of Ussuriysk in the Primorsky Krai region of the Russian Far East, took a selfie of herself near railway tracks, posted the image on line, and captioned is with “Goodbye”. Moments later, she was decapitated by a train.

The train driver said he saw the girl rush toward the train. He applied brakes, but it took the train a while to stop. Police said the motive for Rina’s apparent suicide were relationship problems with her boyfriend.

In the selfie, she appears to wear a green jacket and a backpack. But in the headless photos she’s stripped down to her sleeveless flannel shirt. She must have taken them off before throwing herself on the tracks. Won’t be needing those things where she was going, I guess.

Props to Best Gore member Lester4444 for the tip. Here’s a video about her death (in Russian):

And the gallery of pics:

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          1. That’s the problem though this generation is taught that life goes by so fast and it puts teens under alot of pressure of who they love and what they feel their selfworth as. Take it from me i remember being told after my first break uo that because i wasn’t dating anyone i was gonna be alone forever then you got people trying to rush you into working multiple jobs teens are put under a lot of strees and these ideas of perfect marriage and 2 kids by the time they are 24

          1. @Obli, that is exactly what I believe, once you’re dead you’re dead. There is nothing, your brain is dead, there is no more ‘thinking’. People are very scared of death, that’s why they’ve made up all the heaven and other after-life stuff, it comforts people. It scares me too, especially cos I believe there is nothing.

      1. ….mellow is a better word though.
        Kids or YUA(young urban adults), please remember time can and will heal all/most wounds,so give it a thought..the decision to EXIT might be the stupidest yet..! …a year or so down the road.

      2. Same here TW. Since becoming a Mom, the heart beats a little softer.
        Watching the video, it struck me that life’s problems seemed so much bigger (insurmountable ) during those teen/early 20’s years. Someone telling you “things will get better” only made me want to spit in their face.
        Wow I was an ass even back then πŸ™‚

        1. We all were at one point WW. Kids and yuoung adults have a lot of maturing and growing. But instead of them understanding this they feel they are correct on all accounts. All over the place. It’s a tough time for them even if they’re growing up in a wonderful loving home. Let alone an awful unloving home. Then it’s tragic

    1. Yes bye bye your poor little thing.
      She looked kind of suicidal.
      Hope she was just tired of living.
      Hope this wasn’t because of her dude.
      That is a retarded reason to die.
      That was a real clean decapitation.
      Anyways all of you guys take it easy.
      All of you in this best gore community.

    2. I wonder if she was Muslim by chance.., I saw a young mother yesterday with 2 enfants up close and personal, for the 1st time.., all I can say is she had nice eyes., cuz like a ninja thats all eye saw.

    3. Clearly had some mental problems going on in her head and decided she just didn’t want the life anymore shame hope it wasn’t over a guy tho loosing love is tough but not worth putting your head on a fuking train track prob suffered depression for something so petty to make her kill her self still she seemed calm and in control and clearly made her mind up by the selfies silver lining it will of been quick

  1. Killing yourself over a relationship at any age is pathetic but it really irratates me when they do so at such a young age male or female….. I wish these people would learn there is always another dick/pussy out there most likely a better one…….

    1. It’s so stupid and so sad at the same time. A few weeks ago we had a guy brought into the ER, 17 years old. He had hung himself but still had a weak pulse. His mother told us that his pregnant girlfriend broke up with him and told him he’d never see the baby. He was too young to even realize that she couldn’t keep his child from him. He ended up dying two days later. Kids think a relationship ending is the end of the world at that age.

      1. Damn that sucks for the kid and the parents. I hope that set in the little bitch real good, that her stupid mouth was a direct cause her child will never know its father, I also wish these kids would research a situation like that before acting on impulse a little knowledge could have very well saved his life. What ultimately killed him, prolonged lack of circulation to the brain or the damage to his neck, throat, etc? I always hated getting called to suicides when I was still working EMS, the worst I saw was a man had an old steel tub and below it he had took the insides of a propane grill and set it up below the tub , it was one of those that stand a foot off ground I hate those things, he essentially turned his tub into a giant pot of boiling water and decided he was on the menu. It was probably three days or so before he was discovered and we got called out, the bad part was when we tried to lift him out of the tub he was so cooked and tenderized his flesh kept separating from the bones and the smell was one of the worst I’ve ever had to endure. That one actually bothered me quite a bit and for a long while afterwards.

        1. His brain was too far gone by the time he got to us, he didn’t have a chance. That young girl has a lot to live with. Kids think it’s nothing to do and say the shit they do. And that’s horrible. Boiling water? What a horrible way to die. I know that smell. I found one of my best friend’s father dead a few years ago. He was dead for 2 weeks. I’ll never forget that death smell. It definitely stays with you for awhile.

          1. @YourNextExGirl now that is brutal as fuck and to see those types of things in the ER room i give you mad props and respect and then again im going to have to get used to seeing those types of things in the future when or if get into a fire department.

          2. Ditto total respect!!! We had to lift a women up that commit suicide running under a truck. Raw flesh and shit – I had to help lift her up and just the idea “touching” that via a body bag was fkin aweful.

          3. @YourNextExGirl yes i recognize the hazards of the profession i want and hey. Sent you a message a while back on yahoo i was starting to get worried i thought something might have happened to you should check out your spam folder

      2. I hate that. A lot of women use so many manipulating tactics to get what they want. There is ZERO emotional honesty, ethics, etc. Good men can’t be with their children because of why? They no longer want to be with the woman? That’s so fucked. That poor kid.

      3. My youngest child’s music teacher shot herself last week. Heard her kids were home too. (first and fifth graders at our school) At first, people who knew her and heard her stories, thought the husband did it. To add to the mix, they were getting divorced. I cannot imagine a Mom leaving her babies over a gd divorce!
        It opened old wounds about an uncle I lost. I crawled into a deep black tar hole and couldn’t pull myself out.
        oh and BOOM went my vagina!
        (I tend to joke about fucked up stuff) had a shrink tell me to stop laughing when I was talking about my mom beating me. I stopped going to her.

        1. That’s crazy. At least she didn’t do it in front of her class or something. It’s happened before. Don’t stay in a hole too much. You have to come out and play every now and then. I tend to laugh at the most inappropriate times too, so you’re not alone with that.

    2. the trouble is, if it is a “first love” – they think that the pain will last forever, and they will never feel any different.
      agreed, it is painful to see such young beautiful ones die, over a thing that (we older ones know) will get better.
      N.B. – is that a personal cam that is attached to her headphones?(see selfie pic)
      if so, the footage from that would surely be interesting?

    3. Well, here in Belgium they did some research about psychological and emotional problems with -18 year olds.
      1 on 5 from the few hundred thousand kids and young adults ADMITTED (anonymously) that they were dealing with these problems and went to a shrink…
      1 on 5 that dared to admit that they had faced problems and tought of suicide tx to (not so) social media, relationship problems, parents that break up, parental pressure (school,sports, etc.) and bullying

      Kinda shocking… In what kind of fuck up world do we actually live in??

      1. A lot of the problem steems from “The need to fit in, popularity, etc.” Social Media, Main Stream Media, and even schools all promote this ideology. If people young and old would stop being sheep and start thinking fort themselves I’m willing to wager that the number of needless suicides will drastically drop.

  2. Why would you kill yourself over some little boy? If he can’t get his shit straight in the relationship, he’s just a little boy. You wouldn’t get together with an eight year old, would you? If his mind works in this capacity, he is really only that old, no matter how his body developed. Same applies if the genders are switched.

    As for killing yourself over any boyfriend/girlfriend issues, what must be going through one’s head when they choose to do it? Is it based on that whole stigma of “there are no more good guys or girls”? If so, then they kill themselves senselessly because the problem is not finding Mr or Mrs right. Its understanding that who you set your eyes on does not grant you the magical ability to turn them into the perfect person. And when you fail to change them, suddenly, there is no purpose in life? That’s just stupid thinking.

    Stupid girl who couldn’t figure out how to cope with the ways of the heart really didn’t deserve this life she had. Its like quitting a really good job because you dont like being scheduled on a Monday. There are far more real things in the world that you could kill yourself over besides silly little jizz slingers that don’t give a fuck how you feel. Such a waste.

    1. It’s never OK to do this. Even at your weakest it ony takes a minute to do it but just a little longer to realize it’s not worth it. I have had many moments. I’ve had depression for years and years. I love my son with everything I have. It’s a selfish move to end your life. I had a horrible life but I’m here to make sure my son is successful and has the best life I can provide for him. She was just 17 yrs old. I bet shit went wrong with she and him. And before she went home or anywhere else she went directly to the train. Minds at her age work really fast and erratic at least it was for me. Not worth it. I don’t need a man to validate my self worth. Their approval is duly noted but not necessary. She didn’t even have the chance to realize that. Her life is over.

      1. its just foolishness to have your life’s value be rated by the actions or views of other people. if she wanted to die because she hated having a head attached to her body, then, more power to her for making the strong choice to live by her own decisions. But, because we know it was most likely over some guy, it was a futile scream for attention. what is the point in screaming for attention when you wont be around to hear the response?

        1. I can honestly say I have no idea what was going through her head. I don’t know if she posted those pictures saying goodbye then waiting around hoping he would chase after her? We all don’t know how long she was there for in-between everything. I think there was MUCH more than meets the eye. All anyone figured was it was just relationship issues. We have no idea what her home life was like. If she was the victim of abuse. There was a death in the family or any reason as to why she did this other than her “relationship troubles” Usually they are cries for help. Normally the act is never accomplished. This was pure determination.

          BTW if you’re trying to quit you need to change your picture baby

          1. Yeah, I understand that the story could be much deeper, but I still think 17 is far too young to have experienced enough of life to wanna kill yourself. I grew up with a few friends who came from fucked up homes plagued with drug abuse, physical abuse and poverty. Twisted tales life can weave for a human, I assure you. Thing is, they had never mentioned the idea of killing themselves. Im sure they may have considered it, but they were always the type, to me, that were stronger than life itself, so even if they did off themselves, it wasnt going to be a small cry for help. It doesnt help the case that this girl certainly doesnt look like she came from a poor environment, considering her nice looking clothes and access to good phones and whatnot.

            And I dont mind keeping the pic up. I had a little lapse yesterday and found a half cigarette in my room mates ashtray. I contemplated whether or not I wanted to smoke it for about an hour then I finally lit it and took two drags, then threw it away because I was just over it. I think thats a good sign…

          2. That’s a great sign and yes I love your picture so good to go.

            I had a horrifying childhood. Just so much you could think of. It happens. I’m still here. However II did almost go completely bonkers and had to go live in a home for awhile. It was so touch and go for so long. But I’m hardheaded and stubborn and still manage to keep a light on in the dark. People were still OK tyo me because they weren’t “them” I’m going to stop right there. But hey I’m alive, scarred but alive. My son won’t suffer because of my past

          1. @bobcat Go check out some other train dismemberments or beheadings on always hardly any blood. Plus some were still alive after cut in half or thirds.

  3. 17 young years, still had so much years left ahead of her. She has yet to experience a lot more heartbreak and life scenarios a hundred times worse than that. Very saddening. Such a waste. But hey, she must have thought its too much.

  4. Is it fucked up I feel like doing something like this? Been divorced three times and lost my 3 kids to 2 different ex’s. Guesse posting this instead of doing it for real makes me a fake poser but between the ex’s, my kids and the police state, seems better very often to be nothing than to keep going. If I ever get the balls to go thru with it, I’ll send bg a cool video.

    1. @mouthfornuts, when you feel this way think of your children even if they can’t be with you now do you really think they won’t come to you later? Try to keep in mind what mental and emotional pain killing yourself could cause your children at the least.

    2. @mouth..I know that feeling of deep depression and wanting to kill yourself, I’ve been there lots of times, but think of the people you leave behind. You’re hurting other people as well. If you need someone to talk to, I can be a friend who will understand.

    3. I don’t think by writing this that it makes you a fake poser @mouth. I think it’s a good thing you posted it. I wonder sometimes how many people have committed suicide that might not have if only they had mentioned it and someone reached out to them.
      I don’t know you at all, but I do know it gets better. Sometimes it takes a veeeery long time, and sometimes it gets worse first. But one day you wake up & realize that your life maybe isn’t as bad as it was earlier, and it’s strange because you can’t pinpoint the moment it changed or anything ya know. But you sit there & think back and you remember the good moments that have happened since then that you wouldn’t have gotten to experience.
      I just hope you hang in there and a year from now you tell us all about your awesome life ?

    4. Mouth don’t. I’m not trying to add fuel to your fire but no woman has the right to hold a child hostage from their father. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what kind of man you are but those babies love you unconditionally. Killing yourself is selfish. Those children need you alive. If you ended it those kids will feel the impact of that for the rest of their lives. I am morbidly depressed have been for as long as I can remember. I have a ten year old son who needs me WELL. Fake it I do what I have to do for my child. Suicide is never an option

      1. @trainwreck, are you sure @mouthfornuts is a man? In any case he/she is suicidal, would you want your kids to be with a suicidal parent? He/she needs to get better for themselves, then they will be fine to go for access.

        1. Well yes? No? Not sure what you meant. I was under the assumption that he was he because the courts usually go along with the moms and that his depression happened after they refused to let him see them. Just my opinion woman lol. I have a lot of those πŸ˜‰

    5. I’m very sorry! I can’t imagine losing your kids and I don’t blame you for feeling how you do. But remember all of those you’d leave behind and how devastated they’d be. I don’t know how old your kids are but they may one day realize the truth as they get older and things may change for the better for you. Stay strong!

    6. @mouth
      Remember you may not have physical custody but you have not “Lost” your children…they are still there waiting on and for you. “BELIEVE that”.
      Remember bro when life seems real shitty and you wanna end it all saying “I didn’t ask to be here”…neither did your kids bro you OWE them until their at least 18 to be there for them.
      You say you have been married twice had and lost both families…3rd time may or may not be a charm….it happens. Point is this isn’t your first dance bro nor your last.

    7. hey @mouthfornuts, I dont know you but my advice is, just like the other members already mentioned, to talk to any of us whenever you feel like. We`re gonna be here for you. Important thing is to hold on to what`s good and be happy your kids are healthy and doing well, even if you don`t see them that much. I`m in a relationship with a man who has had two failed relationships and two wonderful kids resulting from these relationships. One he sees on a regular basis. The other one not so much, and when he was taken away he went trough some pretty bad times. At some point after that, I met him and he has told me I made a big difference in his life, and it made me very happy. You never know what life brings along the way. Just hang in there and always hope for the best!

    8. Oh lord please don’t. There is alot of help out there. Once you’re gone, you’re gone. I don’t know your childrens ages but they will be old enough to come to you one day. What if they need your help and you’re not there? I know you probably don’t care what happens to you right now. That’s the evil of depression. Think of your kids. Children have a knack for taking blame for their parents issues. Even if you tell them its not their fault. If you leave, you will leave them broken forever. I personally can’t remember a time that I wasn’t depressed. Half of us here know how you feel. You’re not alone. Lots of nice people here. Speak up if you need to. I could go on and on but I’m just trying to say…don’t do it. Life really really can get better.

    9. mouthfornuts, I’ve been through something very similar and I know the kind of feelings you get. The way fathers are treated in divorce situations is horrible, and you are NOT alone. Read Job in the Bible and really study it. The whole book is about enduring through suffering and God’s “bigger picture” for us and the world.
      You know, brother…there’s a LOT of fathers out there who are getting screwed and disrespected by the court system…We should organize and put and demand our rights and respect as parents!
      Maybe that’s your purpose…I don’t know. I can assure you, however…you HAVE a purpose and your live is meant by God to have meaning!

    10. That’s all bad bro and honestly I don’t want to see gore like this from another member. I always thought I was the only one who had suicidal thoughts. Only my life isn’t bad it’s actually good and that’s the only difference. Hang in the bro

    11. Now, I do not want to be a fucked up person that coaxes someone into suicide. That is in no way my intention with this comment. But, for everyone who responded to mouthfornuts, would the comment stay up if he turned out to be a dindunuffin? Just hypothetically speaking.

      I guess I’d be the villain for asking that, but then why would I be a villain for inspiring questioning of oneself?

  5. This really is a damn shame and a tragically senseless waste of life. No one knows the full story and I highly doubt that will ever change. For all we know this could just be another case of an overly sensitive teenager or at least an emotionally unstable one. Or it just may be exactly what was speculated and in fact is over a stupid ass guy who’s a piece of shit. Nonetheless whatever the case may be the end result is still very tragic and horrific. Unfortunately now she’s just added to an already massive list of completely avoidable and senseless deaths. One can’t help but to wonder if maybe she had previously displayed any warning signs of depression or harmful thoughts. However which way you look at it the fact remains she obviously felt like she wasn’t able to deal with whatever it was going on in her life thus opting to take the easy way out. Such a total unnecessary waste of life that ended entirely too early what a shame

  6. this is pretty sad to see this girl suicide like that for some love problem , but weird in same time i probably dont give a shit if that was an snackbar who decide to suicide by drowing himself on an toilet.

    its fucking weird, some kind of suicide i already have see hundreds of time i feel sad for this, and some kind of butchery bloody murder shit snackbar flip-flop i dont feel an single shit emotion.
    its look like for me, some peoples deserve to die and some didnt, and this is not good mentality in sens…. i mean, no impact to see an unknown civilian named da silva get killed for no reason and get hurt by this kind of thing…………wtf myself

  7. So sad! It’s always over a boy. At that age your hormones are running high and all your emotions are so extreme that you think the littlest thing is the end of the world. I wish these young people could get a glimpse of their future if they choose life and see there’s potential for something better. RIP πŸ™

  8. The worse for me is she did not do it for herself but more out of spite it seems!? By taking those pictures and posting it on a social page send a strong message. That bf is going to be haunted by this for the rest of his life. I feel sorry for them all, RIP little girl.

          1. Are you kidding me funny ideas are what I’m known for! You should know that by now. Nini just killed me with that comment lol. Well shit for all I know that’s not the same nini and I was talking to a man. People change their pictures on me and sometimes I get confused….

            Mine suits me perfectly so it stays

    1. That’s what I was getting at. There was no thought process. She probably spent time with her boyfriend, they fought, she threatened he said he didn’t care she stormed out, took a selfish, posted that and the goodbye online proceeded to put her head on the tracks and that was it. All she thought the whole time was “Fuck him I’ll show him”

      That’s what I’m thinking anyway

      1. Yerp my thoughts exactly. From what i got the bf posted on his social media page for people not to send any condolence messages or questions about the incident as it is traumatic enough dealing with all of this as it is. Acting your life in a spiteful impulse way is really sad as she definitely would not have done that if she was a bit more mature.

          1. We got analytical minds TWRECK =) want to know why, how, when, the before, was there pain awareness etc etc.

  9. pretty wierd thing..
    they are an guy on steam (appear to be in france) named exactly like her (also use her picture).

    i thinking that was an simple troll (bad joke) about her, but this guy appear to be registred on steam for 2 years and always have used her name as nickname…..

    if this isnt fucking weird….

    just to say this guy continu to use his account normally (so its definitly not her)

  10. Shit man, its so sad, affected me deeply, i am a cold blood and hard ass guy but her story is the one is very different, other videos news, just fills my hate and anger against terorism and bad guys, but look at this cute girl, she is real example or pure ignorance and innocence, what kind of deep situation she was in to lead into this, its a waste for a nothing, some people just cant resist or take it anymore, only thing she needed was more time so everything would be ok again. i really wish i didnt read & see this new of her… bye cute

  11. Why the neurotic outburst of sympathy? Why it matters if she was young? Kids and young people are blank slates, they’re effectively in their larva parasitic form, they’re useless. I say, good riddance, one less social welfare mother and more breathing ground and resources for another productive member of society.

    Now now be morally consistent, if you can care less about dying Arabs, one girl really shouldn’t be a problem.
    No wonder terrorism succeeds when we ascribe so much value to Caucasian lives, so it puzzles why can’t you applaud death in it’s beauty and spice this up with some black humor? It would at least make an interesting read.

    1. you dont understand the point since you didnt read my post carefully, its not that her, just i hate everysecond those arab people dying, but their news and videos only fills my heart with hate and anger against terorism and who ever supports them, so my sadness for them turns into hate for the responsible ones, but in her video, its only her and her own decision which made me feel terrible and there wasnt anything about hate and anger, hope you got the point now

  12. What do you think is better, to commit suicide and run like a coward or to keep hold of a miserable life? One might have or live through a lot of good things in life, but in the end we all have to disappear from this world, to me it is just a shorcut some have taken, but somehow it feels like they didnt have the courage to overcome their inner battles , I am refering to those who really have to deal with heavy burdens, and not some bullshit like “Oh my sweet love left me , now i dont want to live anymore,,,”

  13. Its a different girl guys. Someone named Olessya Zgurskaya who died a month earlier (I assume the video report was also talking about her). If you go the social network profile, there are 6 or 7 of them too which hurts its authenticity as well.

  14. That is really sad and got to me and it takes a lot to do that.

    Here is her site and the last song she ever played more then likely

    some translated stuff she has written on there in

    Doctor, people avoid contact with me and constantly bullied.
    ? Hmm , probably unreasonable thing Ponte and ugly fuck .
    ? What can be done?
    ? Try to do not to go out of the house and no one to talk , should help.
    ? Thank you , Doctor .

    Doctor, I have a problem I can not open up to people.
    ? Can you give more details?
    ? No.

    grrrr just sad πŸ™

  15. Dating tip number 1: If you want girls killing themselves over you…be an asshole. No girl ever killed themselves over a nice-guy.
    Dating tip number 2: See tip number 1.
    Dating tip number 3: See tip number 2.
    Dating tip number 4: See tip number 3.
    Dating tip number 5: See tip number 4.
    Dating tip number 6: See tip number 5.

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