Dead Amanda Todd in Morgue, Waiting for Autopsy

Dead Amanda Todd in Morgue, Waiting for Autopsy

Dead Amanda Todd in Morgue, Waiting for Autopsy

Dead Amanda Todd in Morgue, Waiting for Autopsy

37 thoughts on “Dead Amanda Todd in Morgue, Waiting for Autopsy”

  1. As today guys and girls are douches my generation had better people than this garbage she was a cutie pie she could have been the best wifey ever once grown up and even dead she still looks super beautiful and sexy RIP <3

    1. Aren’t bullied kids suppose to shoot the fuck out of their class mates, if it like today when I was in middle school, I would’ve shot a lot of fuckers and bitches, thought about it a lot, people should never check out without a fight, revenge tastes great.

  2. Congrats, Mark! Sitting here at my desk at work, trying not to nod-off into my coffee on a slow-week where my boss is at offsite meetings, I come across this post!

    I hadn’t even heard there was a leaked nude of her, so I was surprised to see them here! I bet her family situation was utterly fucked up, leaving her without a support-network to lean on when “the end of the world” (in her eyes) happened. A tight relationship with a trustworthy, loving adult might have been able to allow her to talk about her fears and get some more-adult perspective on her situation.

    Either way, Amanda, please RIP. It sucks that you killed yourself… for any reason. But if you were worried about your tits being on the Internet, don’t. Now the whole world will be staring at your cute pussy and you can’t say anything about it now. See how fucking stupid it was to kill yourself? :S

    1. People’s heart have truly grown cold. If she was your daughter you wouldn’t be saying that would you? No matter who the person is we shouldn’t be so cold everyone is different some people are more sensitive than others. Depression is a serious illness. I personally don’t know much on Amanda But i think i would have listen if she wanted to talk.

  3. Honestly sure its sad but she deserved what she got. It’s called karma. An not using common sense. Everyone can say I’m an asshole but she chose to do what she which let to her choosing to make even more mistakes leading to her raking her life. It’s sad yes. But that’s what happens.

  4. Hey i signed up to this Website Page and think this isn’t a really Bad Website. And thought that this was pretty out there also i always wondered if The Spirit of the dead Corpse Really have Embarrassing thoughts about Witnessing other People Seeing them Naked On the Autopsy table Omg fark that alright.

  5. if i knew i’d get only this kinda bodies,i’d love to be a coroner :)) nah kidding.but anyway,the bitch really deserves no compassioon or whatnot.she made her way to Hell and when she felt the flames she wanted

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