Drone Footage of Child Soldier Carrying Out Suicide Bombing Mission

Drone Footage of Child Soldier Carrying Out Suicide Bombing Mission

In Mosul, Iraq, ISIS sent a little boy on a suicide bombing mission in an armored car. The mission, including the successful detonation and explosion, were filmed by a drone.

It’s amazing how this child didn’t freak out when he encountered a car road block, but instead calmly plowed his way through it.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Who created the conditions for the Isis there was the Jewish-Israeli loby.

      The destabilization in Iraq and surroundings is something planned from the beginning of the 80s

      The very Israeli media boasted that were bush jews accessor those responsible for the lie of chemical weapons and resulting aggression and destabilized the iraq


      It is well known that such ISIS received American arms and Israeli medical help.

      “Israel provides medical and military help for Syrians rebels denounced commissioner of the UN! UN Commissioners reported that during the last 18 months the Israel government through its military has been providing medical and military aid to the rebels Syrians .According to the inspectors, meetings between Israelis and Syrians military rebels are common and occur in golinas Golan! ”

    2. You guys may be interested in reading the following linked articles:

      It’s written by Nick Griffin, formerly of the BNP so one needs to keep an open mind but it is interesting that so many of these false counter jihad groups, especially the American ones, are seemingly acting as fronts for policy makers, NGOs and lobbyists whose principal goal is fomenting further warfare in the Middle East which impacts, as it is intended to do, so destructively upon European nations and their peoples. I recognise many of the organisations and blogsites and personages, as I’m sure you will also.

    1. They can have as many as 4 wives, and an unlimited number of slave girls, and each one will produce 12 offspring. I’m not sure any of this makes a difference. Overall, their death rate still comes out to less than our birthrate, which is saying a lot.

  1. these fucks are getting great w technology. They put a lot of time and money into killing them selves. Drones ?? What’s next? I hate them. But you gotta appreciate the effort. Even though you do not know who’s in the car. Prob 100% that it was who they say it was. Also google better rethink about releasing self driving cars. Cause Isis will have the company on backorder for years to come. Fuck wads gotta go

    1. The effects of 9/11 are still being felt today, as much the national security polices in place today are either a direct result of 9/11 or are allegedly designed to prevent another catastrophic tragedy of a similar magnitude. Likewise, Jewish zionists have been trying to shift the American people’s condemnation of the 9/11 attacks away from the real terrorists who did 9/11 and the Jewish terrorist state of Israel which was the root cause of 9/11, because of its almost endless list of Zionist crimes, towards irrational hatred of people of the Islamic faith in general. Unfortunately, this zionist instigation of Islamohysteria has created a segment of people in America who are supportive of the military occupation of nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Syria (with Iran as a likely future target). These military occupations only benefit the criminal state Israel

  2. sooo…. ISIS and others didnt have drone right ? so thats mean this drone is probably an US drone or something … and apparently they new about this vehicules and his intention but didnt do anything (like an strike on the vehicule)..

    sound totally normal to me -_-

    1. Hahahahaha. That would be cool though. And as he’s playing the video game and he has a problem beating a mission a 1000 dead child molestor souls cum help him beat the game. That would be awesome. Kid would love that hahahaha. Call it jihadi probing for dummies

    2. Too young????

      How the hell old were you when you started noticing tits and ass and that girls were nice and soft? Sad part is this kid ain’t getting any of it!! There is no afterlife and there is no Paradise for these dune coons! Even if there was the 72 virgins are prepubescent boys just like these perverted lunatics prefer!

      1. No they don guys go on YouTube and type the real call of duty. Watch them blow these sand rats away w night vision apache FUCKING helicopters. These sand rats don’t stand a chance. I love it. Watch. There’s tons of footage. And you hear the pilot going there’s another FUCKING one. And please pick up your weapon you piece of shit. Awesome stuff

    1. They can make better footage because these sand fleas aren’t in the middle of battle with war raging all around them. Nope, these fucking cowards are sneaking up on soft targets who don’t see it coming so it’s easy for another dune coon coward to video it from afar, with a drone or even up close of the sand nigger has the balls to get close enough.

    2. ISIS/Daesh specialize in war propaganda, they make sure to film as much war footage as possible in order to both sow terror in the hearts of their enemies (which would be every rational, empathetic person on the planet) and to reinforce the courage of their own murderous troops.

    1. He would love it. Lol. Imagine he edited it and is an Isis fuck wad who funds their sick militia. I would love to know who really funds these shit stains. I know of what they say but who is really behind funding. Don’t think we will ever know. Hopefully zarcocky. Is w him when the radiation from a wishful thinking nooooook makes his skin leak off his piece of shit aka genius cause he is goat fucking no balls soul die die die u fucking cocker Roach. Dieeeee HAHA. I keep stepping on this cocker roach and it just won’t die. You can’t spray them w bug spray. They eventually become immune. Just like you can’t use chemo on cancer. You gotta scrape that shit out. There’s no hope over there !!!zero. !!!

  3. Check the vehicles who tried to flee the scene.. They made it 50ft.. Before the vehicle stopped. I bet they put a lot of different stuff that makes up the shrapnel.. It got them quick, even though the fire blast went right to the side of them.

  4. After seeing a such thing, wonder what makes some who write news articles sometimes choose to portray these as potential citizens to take into the country their traitor parents came from? These are obviously raised up for terrorist attacks and are irreversible, hence a recommendation would be to simply put the pipe and blast the fucker´s brains out.

  5. Loved how the explosion funneled down both side of the street.

    I dread to think how many of these brainwashed little monsters are on the way over here.
    Come on trump get your arse in gear, its high time we went over there and wiped these shit stains off the face of the planet.

    Side note: i was hoping a vid of those chicago scrubs would have been up by now. 🙁

  6. Brave kid. Makes me sick seeing what Islam has done to so many millions of people, knowing the potential that their lives could have had, what they could have accomplished.

    That sick religion has killed so many people.

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