Dude Wearing Wisconsin T-Shirt Commits Suicide by HP Rifle to the Head

Dislocated Teeth Look Like Something from an Alien Movie

Dude Wearing Wisconsin T-Shirt Commits Suicide by HP Rifle to the Head

According to the info I got, this man committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a high powered rifle. I don’t see him holding any rifle in any of the photos but that doesn’t necessarily mean it hadn’t been removed before the pics were taken. Still, it makes me wonder if the official story is correct. I mean – who the hell would commit suicide in a white Wisconsin polo shirt?

Otherwise – whatever it was that killed this dude, it blasted half of his face off. Brutal headshot, instant death. It also looks like he peed his pants but that’s not uncommon. The bed was neatly made and now the sheets are stained with blood.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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76 thoughts on “Dude Wearing Wisconsin T-Shirt Commits Suicide by HP Rifle to the Head”

      1. Palerider. If anyone knows the effects of bullet chewing and the direct effects. It is you.
        Do you know what calibre could do such damage at close range…
        I live in Australia and we aren’t allowed guns of such magnitude … Legally

        1. Mate…with a headshot like that it would be close to impossible to tell with out a pic of the gun or bullet casing, guessing rifles wounds isn’t as easy as guessing shotgun wounds, anything from a .223 all the way up to a .30-06 could do something like this..even some large handgun cartridges would be able to do the same and for all we know it could’ve just as well been a large handgun, but you gotta put some faith in Marks posts so I’ll go with a HP (high powered) rifle, the problem is some people consider a 223 to be a HP rifle and personally I think the .308, .30-06, .300, and .338 to all be HP high powered and not the 223, but any one of these rounds could’ve caused something like this…personally I don’t think it was any bigger than a .308 but like I said it could just as easily be one of many other hunting rounds, maybe if the guy had shot himself in the chest it we might be able to guess what type of round he used but even that would still be difficult and since he shot himself in the head and half of it is missing it makes it close to impossible to tell.

  1. This one looks unusual compared to other high powered rifle suicide. The angle from which it seems the impact was delivered to the facial area is inconsistent with a self-inflicted ‘HP rifle’ wound, I think. Also I wonder if it was a 5.56mm cartridge, a 7.62mm cartridge, or maybe something less conventional in terms of military weapons. For that matter I wonder as well if he used a military grade weapon or a self-defense model weapon. I wish there was more backstory.

    Overall, an astounding and attractive piece of art. Kudos to the guy who pulled the trigger.

  2. i believe Dr. C is secretly the most prolific serial killer in history. greater than Bundy, Dhamer, Gacy, Ramirez. all of them and that is how he obtains all these excellent pics for us. not sure if i’d want to meet him in person but on the internet he’s way cool. ALL HAIL Dr. C!

    1. @ hung like a mouse, I’ve heard that rumor before…however he manages to find the content he sends in, it IS appreciated! I’d love to meet drccoco… in a public place, so I’m not the next post…. @ drccoco, “Thank you!!” 😉

          1. Thanks guys ,you all are swell?.I?d love to meet !

            Mark actually already had these gems himself?I just kind of threw him a reminder.
            Sorry if this posts twice,have the feeling it will.

      1. @sagemoon. i believe these pics to be from Dr. C’s personal collection of trophy photos. serial killers are known to take and keep momentos of their victims. it helps them to relive the thrill of the kill. at least he is kind enough to share with us. we can live vicariously thru Dr. C and thus be serial killers ourselves. what a noble aspiration. removing fv from an overburdened world. i salute Dr. C in his noble endeavors.

          1. @ hung, haha…no problem. I thought maybe she’d posted something and for some reason…it wasn’t here. Don’t try to kid anybody General, I read all your posts, you’re razor sharp!!

          2. It’s going to be okay @Mouse, Drccoco makes me nervous too!
            Speaking of the good Dr c, anyone seen him lurking around? If you do see him, you don’t know me and we never talked!

            Peace Out.

    2. Something tells me the Dr is sitting on some even crazier shit than the crazy shit he’s already shown us here on BG…Mark too, I bet they both have some really great shit stashed away that’s for their eyes only some really crazy shit that would make your fucking eyes pop out of there sockets and your balls crawl up into your stomach…lucky bastards, but hey nobody reveals all their cards at once, either way they’ve both been supplying us with a steady dose of what we need and for that they both deserve a pat on the back and a heart felt GOOD JOB!

          1. you are awesome @uli sometimes I’ll catch you in an old post and youre posting and laughing at yourself, commenting on your own post, something you said four or five years ago. makes me laugh.

    1. Why dont you go work at a funeral home? they get paid pretty well and get to see dead bodies all the time. I had an ex-gf who’s parents owned a funeral home and I got to go look around the back one time where they receive and store the bodies, I also got a peak at the room where they prepare and embalm the bodies and also the crematorium although it kinda sucked cause I was expecting to see a body somewhere back there but the only body at the funeral home was already prepared and set up for display and another time I even got to attended a funeral session for this old lady that had passed away…usually if someone doesn’t have a lot of family or friends my ex-gf dad would pay her to go sit in there and I went with her that one time lol.

  3. I’m still pretty new to this site and I’m getting more comfortable looking at this stuff everyday, I’m basically desensitizing myself but HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I found out that no matter how many times a person watches something, they always have that one thing that wigs them out, for me its soggy waffles

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