Front Row View of Suicide Jumper Falling 13 Storeys and Landing in Front of Camera

Front Raw View of Suicide Jumper Falling 13 Storeys and Landing in Front of Camera

Front Row View of Suicide Jumper Falling 13 Storeys and Landing in Front of Camera

This has got to be one of the best filmed suicides by jumping from a highrise. The cameraman took the front row seat and filmed it all on camera, including the landing which happened right in front of him.

I don’t have much in terms of backstory, but it happened in Russia and when the video starts, there is already what appears to be a woman dead on the ground. It’s as if the woman had jumped first, and then the man could not bear the grief and followed. The people on the ground, including the cameraman try to argue him out of jumping.

At 1:10, the cameraman starts counting storeys up to where the suicidal man was, and concludes that he’s on the 13th floor. Shortly after, the man jumps and bounces violently upon landing next to the woman. He missed the railing by mere inches. Had he hit it, he would have been sliced in half or decapitated.

There is a simpler solution for people who want to die but don’t know if they can do it – just go to Thailand and before you know it, you’ll be a splatter next to a hotel. You won’t even need to worry about all your life savings and belongings. Thais’ll take care of it for you too.

Props to Best Gore member lysergic for the video:

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          1. There’s a video or photos of a jumper who landed on his feet right here on B.G. under “suicides”. His spine broke off and came out of his ass.

      1. Its not up to putin… its up to us! The only thing we need is a leader to believe in like Herr Adolf Hitler and the rest wil dipence on the result of one masive civil war against our corrupted governments

  1. Wow! Lol. I must say that this one brings back memories of what got me curious about gore and ultimately how I found this site! One of my guest pre-gore videos was a suicide jump, but NOTHING like this where I got to see the landing!! Brings back memories!

    Can’t believe how close to the rail that dude actually landed! I’d say he was lucky, but… Lol

    1. The camera man kept focusing on that manhole cover as if that was a target for the guy to land on. If it was then he missed it by a few feet. Shame because it would have made for a nice splatter and possibly left a real manhole.

  2. I think the people in the video were egging him on to jump. For the little russian I know the man recording kept repeating something like ” Hurry/Go Bitch “. When he fell it was even worse.

    This is the first time I’ve seen people encouraging someone to jump.

  3. I wonder what the story was with these two ( don’t mean the 13th story) ? I’ve never seen or heard of double jumpers before. If they didn’t live in a high rise would this still have happened ? They say having a gun in your house increases your chances of suicide, so I reckon this is similar.

  4. The guy stayed pretty intact for such a fall. I hope someone can strive for capturing a perfect, HD, slow motion, splatter on a sidewalk shot. I wonder who the guy with the camera was that tried to block the guy who filmed it.

      1. I love the guy doing the filming…. just filming….. waiting. Probably thinking to himself “i missed the first one but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna miss the second one….hurry up and jump, you’re gonna use up all of my phones memory! What is there to think about? Just jump already!” Love it.

  5. When I was in college a dude jumped or fell off of the 9th floor at my dorm and landed on a gravel covered roof. It sounded like a bag of concrete had fallen from the roof. He was totally fucked up with compound fractures to all of his limbs and both of his feet were pointing the wrong way. His death was not instantaneous. We were literally half a mile from the U hospital and they were able to prolong his suffering for another week before he succumbed. Those people in the vid might not be dead yet.

    1. he feld head first, I can assure you that he’s dead. and the girl… wel IF she din’t die from the fall and she was paralysed due a broken spine,she would still have some spasms but she din’t had them so I gues she was dead as well

      1. He’s alive…his face swells with blood and you can see him breathing. I’d imagine that impact bounced the guys brain around in his skull severely. I’d give him about 15 minutes to live. The girl looks accidental, those leg fractures are brutal.

  6. Translation:
    Suicide guy – “My wife went shoping but didnt return! The elevator is broken and we’re too lazy to use the stairs. I must go find her!”

    Camera guy – “OK, use the window then. Aim for the tree that will bolster your fall!”

  7. It sims that guy close to camerman yell at him to stop recording in respect for dead ones. Same mentality here in Serbia. If someone recording dead scene it looks like he don’t care at all and just recording it for “souvenir”.

    1. A couple of years back I stumbled upon BestGore while I was searching for ways to commit suicide. Then I realized how much fun it was to watch others do it. So in effect BestGore saved my life…thanks BestGore.

          1. in my teens/early twenties i would have said yes.

            now at 43 i think differently.

            when young it seemed life was forever, but when i hit 40 i realised that the time i have left was probably less than the time ive already lived….the idea of “time” became all too real – it was a big shock to me, i can tell you.

            now i try to savour every moment

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