Half Naked Man Hit by Train Trying To Escape From Police In Pennsylvania

Half Naked Man Hit by Train Trying To Escape From Police In Pennsylvania

Half Naked Man Hit by Train Trying To Escape From Police In Pennsylvania

Filmed by an Iphone retard in Pennsylvania and posted on World Star Hip Hop. Too bad the train did not hit the Iphone owner cause that would be one less retard in the world.

It’s a video of a deranged man prancing around in the middle of the night half naked – with just his trunks on. The police show up and attempt to – I don’t know… arrest him or something, but the man runs away like a rabid skunk until his escape is interrupted by a passing train. There ain’t no armwrestling trains. You’re going to lose whether you like it or not.

Was the dude high on meth or something? I’m guessing so although I’ve never done drugs so I know nothing about their effects. Weed doesn’t count because it’s just an herbal medicine.

In my opinion, public lewdness is the same type of bullshit as hate speech – it’s just a tool for the government and their enforcers to oppress the public when no laws are broken. In this case however police intervention was in the public interest as it wasn’t public lewdness that was the problem and in my opinion, no abuse of authority which lead to the half naked man getting hit by the train took place.

Props to Best Gore member Unknown_User422 for the video:

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109 thoughts on “Half Naked Man Hit by Train Trying To Escape From Police In Pennsylvania”

  1. He just kinda turned round and looked at it as it came. Guess it was on purpose but he looks so damn high he might not have actually realised what would happen if it hit him.

    Proll quite a nice way to go, actually.

    1. It looks to me as though he tried to slightly jump up and grab hold of the bars on the front of the train. I strongly believe that it wasn’t a suicide, rather than an accident.

    2. Most of the time when people are acting crazy/high AND are naked, they are using PCP. Apparently it causes a huge spike in body temp so that’s why they shuck out of their clothes. Many cases are reported where the drug user attempts to ram ice cubes up their poopers to try and cool off.

      1. He actually lived, believe it or not. Suffered multiple broken bones and had to be airlifted to University of Penn. Not only that but I thought he tried to “beat” the train, he didn’t. He stopped, turned, and jumped toward it. Also they said it wasn’t drugs, he is mentally ill.

    1. Lazy copper, did you notice the first copper on the scene,he just sort of waddling across the car park, (like a seal, trying to return to the water)
      then as soon as the blues and two’s popped up, he then started to jogg after the bloke. All to make him look good,as if to show the other cops,i been working hard over hear, running after him for ages, because i’m a fucking hero! waddle- waddle

    1. From 20+ yrs of trying to feed a massive drug dependency I can say without doubt just by watching him that he never knew what hit him. It takes longer than the few seconds he had to gather thoughts if at all. I was at end stage and had to be watched at all times in the same way a babysitter would a child. I didn’t have a clue at times what I was doing. This happened (still does every so often) even after putting it to rest. I am so thankful that nobody got hurt or killed because of something I didn’t know I was doing. His behavior was more consistent of speed where mine was total opposite. Sux nonetheless

    1. The hate is focused not on the general iphone user, but on the way device is used. So true, we are grateful for the films, but horizontal filming would much enhance the comfort. And because most iphone users are filming vertically, alas iphone retard is continued.Although we owe them the pleasure, it doesn’t hurt anybody to bitch about details ;P.

      btw Idiots filmed by idiots is okay with me. Feel like watching avatar all over again.

    1. oh the wigger commentary.. Whats with worldstar hip hop getting involved in gore videos? Doesnt make sense. Im with the I phone hate why cant they film there shit side ways ?! any phone can take that fucked up cropped smashed view if you refuse to turn it side ways and film or shoot properly. panoramic or landscape whatever you want to call it is better suited damnit

    1. I like how the nigger I-phone retard is saying “WorldStarHipHop” as he films. Like he doesn’t know that whole website is devoted to making fun of niggers who act like total fucking chimps like he’s doing as he films with his big nigger mouth.

  2. It looked like he was high to me. Speed-like drugs make your body get hot and you take off your clothes. He mentioned he had goosebumps. The metabolism is speeds up, as if you are running or exercising hard, so you feel hot. I think the guy was high and out of it. But what’s with the problem with the police? Why are they so often fucking Gestapo like and thug like? No kind of sympathy or compassion for a fellow human being, scumbag or not, who is high. It is a fact that a lot of cops were former bullies in their youth; the types who would probably beat kids in wheelchairs or hurt animals. The guy was almost naked. Obviously had no weapons so couldn’t hurt anyone. I’m sure tazing him would have been next. Police are just another giant gang of thugs in this country.

  3. If that had have been me,? The train would have derailed the second it came into contact with my throbbing meatpole .As usual the cops recognized a situation that may have garnered them a chance to suck off another member of the same sex. You can almost see their disappointment. No worry boys. Keep working hard. There’ll be other penis’s to suck in the future.

  4. FFS why can’t people who own iPhones hold them HORIZONTAL to take videos? I used to own an iPhone and I held it landscape like it should be so that the video isn’t shite like this. Oh well. I wanted to go out by train last year, then I got hospitalised since I caught a bug from abroad.

  5. lately iv been obsessed with gory movies and this is an example of abael taking over ones body! Being aware of whats happening to them but not able to stop it. Wish his name was shown so i could channel him 😉

  6. Apparently this happened near me and I wanted to add a few things. One, he lived. He had serious injuries and needed to be airlifted to University of Penn but didn’t die. Two, it was not drugs, he is mentally ill. Three, I assumed he tried to beat the train and got hit but he actually stopped and turned then jumped toward the train.

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