Hungarian Man Commits Suicide by Setting Himself on Fire and Jumping Off a Bridge

Maybe He Believed He Was a Dragon with Fiery Back and Could Fly

Hungarian Man Commits Suicide by Setting Himself on Fire and Jumping Off a Bridge

According to the 2009 OECD Factbook, Hungary is the suicide capital of the world. If I lived in Hungary, I’d probably want to kill myself too knowing my country occupied neighbouring lands for a thousand years and forced Magyarization upon their people yet never had the honor to apologize, but that’s not the point. The man in this video wanted to make a spectacle out of his suicide and somewhat succeeded. Unfortunately, the person with a camera was in a good spot to record him playing dragon back on a bridge post, but subsequent fall and hard landing was obstructed so the best part is missing. Maybe there will be another video from a different angle later.

Funny how he only set fire on his back, not whole body. He wanted to show off there for a while and if his whole body caught full force flames, he wouldn’t be able to swing back and forth up there for so long. He would have been a nicer falling fireball though.

If you look at the firefighters in the photos, with a little bit of imagination it could look like a spectacular movie set. Camera crew on the crane platform, actor (or his stuntman) playing a desperate fighter for freedom, rigger has him all suspended on the ropes we can’t see in the dark and a whole set of spongy foam to soften his landing is off the view on the ground. But this is pretty much not the case and from what the reports say, the man succeeded in his ultimate plan – to kill himself.

Fact of a matter is, if you want to commit suicide successfully, you only get one shot. That means you have to do it right and because there will be no more goes for you, you might as well do it with style, right? Even though with obvious issues, this man clearly understood this.

The video of the suicide jumper from Hungary is below:

…and a few pictures from the “event”

Source for stats: OECD Factbook

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67 thoughts on “Hungarian Man Commits Suicide by Setting Himself on Fire and Jumping Off a Bridge”

  1. That was EPIC! He must have been on drugs or something! He did not scream and was calm the whole time… Loved the big thud at the end!! Like something out of a Loony tunes episode xD

    1. That dude was no pussy about commiting suicide; most pussies, I mean people just want attention . Might as well get used to the heat because he’s going to burn in hell .

  2. Wow, that had to be worse than a sunburn on the back from a day at the beach. But really, what in the world was this idiot thinking? Commit sucicide the most painful agonizing way known to man?

  3. Why did the firemen wait until he jumped. If you go to the Live Link website you can look at the media photos after he jumped. Large blood trail mixed with water.. poor guy though to be that desperate..

  4. i’d like to see him after he jumped. that fire was going for a good amount of time. it would have been ironic if he did that at burning man. ha.

  5. Uh oh, I sense a noncomformist! Best suicide eva! He really goes out in style, kudos to him. And Hungary the top suicide country? I never would have guessed

  6. hahaha that was amazing!
    By far an instant classic!


    Took the burns with pride!
    Jumped, and showed everyone how to do it!


  7. now what i wouldnt give to be that cammra guy he lucked out. that made me feel so much better about my life. other then the blue waffal you dont get better then that one that was great.

  8. Forced Magyarization,is what The United States should do..If other ethnic groups living in America dont like it…then they know there way back to there homeland….Problem solved

  9. the fire got down to his butt he jumped atleast he knew better to let his balls burn and when he started to jump it sounds like some1 was yelling yes yes thats the fucked up part

  10. He was just preparing himself for what he is going to go through after he dies. And judging by his calm reaction while burning I’m guessing Hell will have to come up with another means of torture than being burned for eternity… Oh, And nice show btw huge sign of Narcissistic personality disorder.

  11. I fell in to a burning ring of fire
    I went down,down,down
    and the flames went higher.
    And it burns,burns,burns
    the ring of fire
    the ring of fire

  12. I am from Hungary 😀 This man used lots of drugs before this and he was also mentally ill. Firefighters tried to communicate with him for 40 minutes but he wasn’t able to tell his own name. Anyway, you can’t see the funniest part in this video: this statue is on a bridge, and he wanted to jump into the river. But he missed it, and fell onto the bridge. Nearly in every week someone wants to jump from that statue. Yeah, we’re pros in suicide 😛

  13. I’m hungarian too, and despite the bad news, what you hear about Hungary, this is a beautiful country with lovely people. Okay, we have some idiots too, but which country doesn’t?

    1. rhiannon……….Forced Magyarization,Is what the hungarians did to surrounding countries….If you research it, you will learn something about the country of Hungary,and there history…’re welcome.

  14. rhiannon,…In case you dont like to do research,…

    Magyarization, policies implemented by various Hungarian authorities in the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. These policies aimed at imposing or maintaining the dominance of Hungarian language and culture in Hungarian-ruled regions by encouraging or compelling people of other ethnic groups to adopt the Hungarian language and culture, and to develop a Hungarian identity….Which is said to be the reason for Hungry to have the highest suicide rate of any other country in the world.

  15. We are all going to hell lol. Notice the reluctance to jump after he lit himself ablaze! You could almost feel his anguish as he suffered. I think he was conflicted about doing it or not and lit himself ablaze so the pain of burning would force him over the edge.

  16. Human fireball. What was that bad in life to do such a thing to yourself? He sure went out in a blaze of glory. Im sorry people who commit suicide are weak,weak people who dont love themselves and doesnt appreciate life. Love yourself to the fullest people stop taking the easy way out of life by killing yourself. Life is short live to the fullest if you have issues talk about it and there are many people that love you. Always love yourself.

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