Indian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Building After Skype Call with Girlfriend

Indian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Building After Skype Call with Girlfriend

Indian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Building After Skype Call with Girlfriend

Video from India shows a young man on the roof of a building jumping to his apparent death when his space gets invaded by other people.

According to the information I got, the man was devastated by the breakup with a girl he loved, and while he was on the roof top, he tried to polish the things up with her via Skype. It’s hard to polish things up with someone who’s already sucking a Chad’s dick.

It looks like down on the ground, people were setting up a life net to catch the man should he indeed take the leap. The video is not very conclusive on whether they caught him or not. I think he may have hit the side of it, which wouldn’t have been enough to soften the landing.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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97 thoughts on “Indian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Building After Skype Call with Girlfriend”

    1. I was with my husband for thirty years before he succumbed to cancer on September 30, 2014. That first year without him, I thought often of just going to sleep and never waking up. My daughter, son-in-law and grandson were the only things to keep me going that first terrible year. I see no purpose in killing yourself over some cock or some pussy. Just not worth it, man.

      1. @tina thank the lord you didn’t chose that way out. I understand when you are in a fragile state of mind. In the end it’s a cowards way out. You would’ve left a mess behind for the people that really need you and most importantly LOVE YOU!! I was there once too when I was in active addiction. Holy shit that’s scary but today I’m so grateful for the one life I have. I understand what you felt FIRST HAND. Getting off that why was this guy taking his clothes off? I didn’t see any water below. Hmmm wonder if he did. do they have acid in India ?

          1. Correct. Suicide is not necessarily a cowards way out.
            You can live a miserable almost unbearable life…..and no one is going to ‘give you a medal’ on your deathbed for not having killed yourself

        1. @dethbyplaster I may have misunderstood what Tina Roosa was saying, but I took it as she was so low from the loss of her husband, therefore suicide would be more appropriate and understood in a situation like that. Yet, it would be ridiculous to take ones own life for only a breakup.

          I get what she’s saying, but disagree. In the mind of the person suffering, whatever the reason, is a big enough issue to them if they feel suicide is their only choice.

      2. Cock are pussy is not the most common people kill themselves it’s the fact they love them and can’t imagine finding that kind of love again and don’t want to live without the person they loved so much. Love is an extremely powerful emotion and there are allot of people that are not strong enough to move forward and eventually find it again.

  1. I don’t know why people let a relationship just completely rule them. Well, I mean young relationships. If you’ve been married 20 years, it’s going to hurt really bad if you break up but even then you will get over it. Some things that are cliché are the truest words ever, ever said: time does heal all wounds. And time does go slow when you’re hurt but in the future, that relationship would just end up forgotten. Care about your family, friends, yourself – not a fucking gf or bf.

    1. Times doesn’t heal all wounds!!! Losing a child pain and suffering never heals! I know and it’s been 11 years and it still feels like yesterday. I do agree time heals for relationships and it may feel like it’ll never change but this too shall pass.

  2. @zlan Hah Seems to be. Is it just me seeing things or was this guy taking his shirt on and off? Well, either way he went out with quite the show… just took a little too long to get to the spectacular ending…

  3. Seems like almost True Love for him… he wanted to take The Plunge and marry her… but took a plunge from a Skypescraper.

    Either way, he didn’t get cold feet! That’s a real man. The bitch didn’t know what a perfect man he was for her. If she was too busy being Friends with Chad on fb. Have a nice life, with your insignificant other, bitch!

    Any pics of the hussy available, MM??


    1. Your basic language, kapeech…. I’m glad you understand what I meant using technical logic… guffaw! (Opposite side of f##k off! heh heh.)

      Gee, but think of how many guys kill themself everyday all over some jilting chick… love is as powerful as death…

      To fall for a chick is one thing… it’s easy to fall for a chick…. but to FALL for a chick… that’s another thing.

      BG should have a category: Love-Sick Fools.


    1. That was awesome! Hell, I’m a female and even I wholeheartedly approved of that punch. Whoever throws the first punch (or slap) deserves whatever beat-down their victim (and/or the victim’s friends) can lay on them. Can’t take it, don’t start it, dumbass.

  4. That’s a really weird place for a security camera. Considering the height/distance, the angle, and the low resolution what could it possibly catch other than exactly this scenario? It’s certainly not up there to keep that lovely flag safe.

  5. Yeah, if they really- I mean really- wanted to save him, they would’ve had their awfully large tarpoline or blanket at least somewhere close to the building corner where he was to break his fall. Did they think he was gonna leap over to them, like a flying swan dive into their loving well-intentioned arms… Hey, dude! Jump over this way! Look at the big safety blanket we have!

    I think the guy on the roof making the mad dash towards the gentleman in distress on the edge of the building thought the net was in place, they told him on the cell phone they were ready to catch him if he leaps, so the dope figured a win/win situation, eh… like if he grabs him off the ledge he is saved, and if he does actually jump he will be saved…

  6. O I see. He is fine. I am of purer eyes than to behold evil, but this vid I did check out, and just saw it again from the start this time… they did in fact have 2 tarps over each other, a green/gray one over half the orange one, so both cushioned his fool ass to safety. Maybe he’ll go kill the ex’s new boyfriend now. The first time I saw his leap was at the moment, it looked like he hit pavement, nowhere near the orange tarp… but seeing it from the start, it is not pavement he hits but the musky-coloured blamket being held above the other half of the huge orange one under it.

    Hell, he should have grabbed the guy rushing towards him and threw him off the building, let him use the blanket net to break his fall…. AND THEN jumped to his death… or as one gore poster commented he should have gone over the other side of the building…

    Either way, a feel-good video… glad dude is fine… he sure took his time for them to get the blanket and tarp in place. Just a movie stunt, is all it was.

  7. That’s disgusting!
    People with nothing to do end up loving someone and getting married, which in return takes your life away in a split moment.
    fuck it, he deserved it and that girl visits his funeral with her new boyfriend..

  8. If you have depression and are deprived of social support or socialization in general, relationships can shake you pretty bad. I get like that and personally know my suicide wouldn’t mean a thing to the world but I have a handful of people who would probably really be affected by my death so I don’t do it -_-

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