Man Checks In to Motel to Commit Suicide by Hanging

Man Checks In to Motel to Commit Suicide by Hanging

A yet unidentified man was found dead inside one of the rooms of the Motel Solarium, located on Cumaru Avenue, New Town neighborhood, Zona Norte of Manaus in Amazonas, Brazil, at around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, December 11, 2016.

The official story is that the man had checked in to the motel and once he was in the room, committed suicide by hanging with a rope that was tied to the television stand.

However the police are not ruling out the possibility of foul play, because a receptionist noted that a second man accompanied the victim to the room, though nobody saw this person leaving the scene.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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48 thoughts on “Man Checks In to Motel to Commit Suicide by Hanging”

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen….another person without a purpose.

    Out of all the people who are born each year, I figure only a teaspoon of them are going to go on to big and better things. Humanity could easily have done without the rest, but they are there, so they exist. They eat, they breathe, they take a shit in a river, but they don’t contribute anything to society.

    Its kinda like sperm. There are millions of them, but only one or two actually manage to fertilize an egg. The rest are just wingmen.

      1. Fuckin A, and not just that. I know people who have as many as six or seven kids, and they are all dumbasses. I think the idea behind having so many kids is that at least one of them is going to make it and provide for the rest of the family.

        But like George Carlin said, there’s no reason to have more than one kid in this day and age, unless you own a farm or a similar enterprise. Its hard enough to raise just one kid properly. Once your first kid shows that he can take care of himself, THEN you should be able to have another kid, but not before.

    1. Yea the irony…yet Priests can molest boys and preach?…imagine ya want to leave this life and no longer exist….then your thrown into hell to live in pain for an eternity. Tho I believe when your gone,your so gone.
      Hopefully anyone viewing these suicide posts doesn’t give them fuel for the same ideas…stay strong,fight the urge.

    2. the only good comment i’ve read on here, aside from the “checking out early” joke. i agree with you.
      i am one of Christian faith, but i struggle with suicidal thoughts. i’ve yet to read in the bible about suicide being an unforgivable sin. if you think about it, if mental illness is real, then clearly, suicide is often a result of such. but i’m starting to think that “mental illness” is just a cover up for spiritual well being.

  2. Se você que esta lendo esse comentário, quer suicidar-se . Eu desafio você, a invadir uma casa e se enforcar no quarto da pessoa (dona da casa ). “Filmando tudo” . Posicione sua camera para filmar o grande final ( INESQUECÍVEL !!! )

    [ If you are reading this comment, you want to commit suicide. I challenge you, to break into a house and hang yourself in the person’s room. “Filming everything.” Position your camera to shoot the big end (UNFORGETTABLE !!!) ]

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