Man Commits Suicide by Cutting Himself in Half With a Bandsaw

Man Commits Suicide by Cutting Himself in Half With a Bandsaw

These infamous photos purport to show the aftermath of a bizarre suicide in which the guy climbed onto a bandsaw and sliced himself in two with it.

I’m a little dubious to say the least. It’s got to be the least likely way to commit suicide ever, not to mention highly impractical and painful beyond measure. The text additions also have a fake feel to them, like somebody was trying to mimic a medical textbook and couldn’t quite pull it off.

To me this looks like a murder where the corpse was cut in two for disposal and the police raided the workshop before it could be dumped. I like to imagine the killer was literally sawing through the body when the police bust down the door.

I can’t rule out suicide entirely, though. We all know that certain drugs can make you do things that should be prohibitively painful. And Best Gore has proved countless times that you can be sliced clean in half and still alive, so nobody can say he would have passed out.

What do you think? Suicide theory credible, or a load of shit?

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60 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide by Cutting Himself in Half With a Bandsaw

  1. I don’t think so.
    A band saw doesn’t pull what is being cut into the saw blade. How could someone feed them-self into it while being cut in two. Bullshit.

      • If I were gong to cut myself in half I would first test the water. Start off using my forearm and feed it into the saw and see how that feels. I might change my mind about halving myself after that.

    • Actually, most bandsaws are capable of moving the item to be cut on an X and Y axis, I know this because im a machinist and have been for over 20 years. And from the looks of the shop this photo was taken, it clearly isnt a simple wood cutting saw set up in some jews garage. That saw the dead smuvk is on is the type that is used to saw cold rolled steel.

  2. Just incredible. But if it was a murder, coroner/forensic/doctors would be able to prove it… There will be a difference about the blood on the floor etc. But, how can you put it on this machine and switch it on ?

    Decidedly, humans have a lot of imagination (boundless) concerning the way of giving death.

  3. Definitely has to be the strangest way to commit suicide. There is a chair next to the saw in the one pic that looks like what he used to climb up onto the cutting area… If someone were disposing of a body, why would they bother to make it look like the guy pulled a chair over to climb up with. Occams Razer… I believe it was suicide.

  4. dam,, i can think of less pain full ways of ending my life!! A major awwwch!! It proper makes self harming folks, look like happy health freaks.

  5. If a person can choose to jump from high buildings or bridges, jump in front fast moving train or heavy vehicles, self hanging, shotgun to head, or even drown well then i guess a person can choose to cut himself to half by chainsaw. Maybe he want a way of offing himself that nobody ever done before. I know what can top this one, suicide by getting in into wood chipper, hehehe.

  6. I’ve come accross an old picture before of someone who committed suicide this same way. The legs were lying in a different postion, it makes me think it might be a suicide. Men are known to off themselves in very violent ways.

  7. seems pretty dodgey to me….just look at the mechanics of it all…how is his body getting fed into the machine? at some point you would think he would black out if he was a contortionist and doing it himself…hmmm…i expect he had some help…as far as the chair goes – positive proof that a dwarf was involved somehow :D

  8. This is not your standard band saw. This one has a moving table. It has two runners under the table with a hand crank to manually move it. These machines are well lubricated and highly machined. He could have literally spun the crank and the table would have glided with one smooth move, carrying him along with it. Also, many people have a high tolerance to pain. Even if he did die quick, the blade was still turning and would have slowly chewed its way further thru the body before his upper bodyweight would have torn itself from the lower half. If he didn’t die early, his thrashing in agony would have caused massive damage as the blade twisted from his contortions, contributing to a final dismemberment.

  9. Definately suicide; there are several more pictures of this other than just these. I believe this happened someplace in the United States. I remember reading about it about 20 years ago and seen it on the internet about 12-15 years ago.

    • Yes diac you are absolutely correct. It was in a book of old police photos that had become free to publish after so many years had gone by. It was also one of the first gore pics I saw online in the late 90s. You can tell by the dots that make up the picture they were scanned from a book. It was in the US & it was a suicide, the man had just killed his family & went down to his basement & that was how he committed suicide…he was extremely drunk as well.

  10. for some reasion this reminded me of the episode of south park where the teacher tryed to comit suicide by being cut in half by a saw and he started going down crouch first changed it so he would go down head first but in the end kenny gets killed by the saw. clasic south park

  11. I saw these pics in a big glossy book of 1930-50s police photos long before the internet. There was a story that went along with it, which I don’t remember in exact detail, but I do recall it said the man was depressed & extremely drunk. First he killed his wife & child, afterwards went downstairs & committed suicide by laying on the bandsaw. I don’t recall how he killed his family, I think he stabbed them to death. It really stuck with me because I can’t imagine the frame of mind to do that, or what having the willpower to kill one’s self in that manner must be like, extremely drunk or not. Although there’s no doubt that being wasted helped somewhat.

  12. We live in a digital age now, but there are tons of these cases from the past that are only now seeing the light of day. I like the obscure cases from the past.

  13. At my industrial workplace a few years back, a man did run himself through a band saw with a conveyor belt which I believe cuts large sheets of aluminum. Still the talk of the shop, and the same machine is still there today. No one is really sure where he was cut, in half or just his head, they do know it was suicide though. Point is, I know for a fact at least one man has actually cut himself in two with a band saw.

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