Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Interstate Overpass in Colton, CA

Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Interstate Overpass in Colton, CA

Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Interstate Overpass in Colton, CA

On Tuesday November 19, 2013, a 35 year old man drove to the flyover to southbound I-215 in Colton, California and jumped to his death, landing on Interstate 10 under the flyover. He was identified as Luke Alben Johnson of Loma Linda.

Investigators are considering the death a suicide because the victim’s white truck was parked on the overpass almost directly above where the body was found and there were no signs of a crash that may have ejected the man over the side. There were no signs of foul play either.

Police also found no signs of drug or alcohol use in the truck. As of the time of publication, no suicide note has yet surfaced.

Best Gore has obtained the photo of the victim exclusively from Best Gore member ForeverLovelyy. According to ForeverLovelyy, she lives around the corner from where it happened and this is the best and only good picture of the victim.

Thank you for the exclusive pic, ForeverLovelyy.

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          1. Lolz..its okay’ll come to realize with me i play around alot and say the shit that people think but could never say…I’m the same way in person too…i have a real weird sense of humor….my true suicide plan is a gun in the mouth..just like my dad did in front of me when i was 6…pills suck..the Drs keep bringing me back from oding…ropes break or can..I’m going with gun in the mouth in the car in the Mountains…that way I’m nice and ripe for them and i may end up on here..awesomeness!!…no hard feelings Justin.. 😉

        1. That did happen. Sort of. A middle aged white woman was out shopping with her son when two 12 year olds from Harlem threw a shopping cart on her from 4 stories above. She was put in a coma and has been trying to relearn all basic functions and her name.

          Apparently she was out buying candy for disadvantaged kids and spent most of her time volunteering to help others. Whereas these two ignoramus hoodlums almost killed a lady and complained about being put on probation. Also when they were in jail they were constantly disrespectful to staff and aggressive towards both staff and other inmates.

    1. I’m sure some of you know but a little update on this post…the guy was a transgendered woman. The friends and family were upset that they used his male name instead of his new female name in the media. Sad how people are so tortured out of no fault of there own…people don’t wake up just wanting a mental disease or wanting to be transgender. The mind can be a beautiful thing but can also be a a daily nightmare of racing thoughts and uncontrollable fears. Sad

      1. If I were to take myself out.. That’s how i’d do it too. Not too long ago my dumbass neighbor tried to kill himself by shooting himself.. He actually missed(don’t know how) and the bullet lodged in our attic. I’d at least make sure to do it right.

      2. I’d do it in my garage with the car engine running, go out nice and peaceful. But I’d be wearing a cape, scuba gear, and be fappimg away to horse porn on my phone with Abba’s Greatest Hits CD on continuous play. I want there to be more questions than answers when they find my body.

        1. That’s a fucking awesome idea amnyc!!!..oh confusing would that be…could you imagine the report on that….**ummm…sir…we have a caucasian male db located in his vehical…it appears to be a case of monoxide poisoning….thing is sir…he appears to be in scuba gear and a superman cape??..masturbating to black beauty sluts 5…the one where they are double penetrating buttercup..sir i can’t seem to turn down his radio..Abbas greatest hits…he appears to have taken the volume knob off and i have no clue where its hidden..ummmm…***… love to see your crime scene investigators faces and hear their convos about your case…haha..

  1. After reading a few stories about people who have survived falling out of planes & helicopters there’s no way I’d jump! I’d be too scared just knowing I’d be the (un?)lucky fuck who survived, but completely paralyzed.

  2. Your Welcome Everyone Haha :p So I Actually Looked More Into It And It Turns Out That Guy Wanted To Make A Scene So He Hung Himself With A Wire But Since The Man Was A Bit Heavy, When He Jumped The Wire Cut His Head From His Body And Happend To Land Like That. Some Think Its Suicide Others Think Someone Killed Him Since There Was A lot Of Weird Things But Who Knows (:

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