Man Falls to His Death from Radio Tower in Phoenix, Arizona

Man Falls to His Death from Radio Tower in Phoenix, Arizona

This is an old gore classic which is probably closer to an accident than it is to suicide. A Phoenix, Arizona man climbed on top of a 400 feet tall radio tower. Nobody knows what possessed him to have climbed all the way up there and nobody probably will – he simply did it and while he was up there, slipped and fell to his death.

Something troubled him, but I don’t think he wanted to die. He lost his footing, but tried to regain balance by grabbing at the antenna, but the antenna was not built to support a full grown man’s weight. It was a long fall…

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102 thoughts on “Man Falls to His Death from Radio Tower in Phoenix, Arizona

  1. yesss first comment…. awsome video and keep up the good work. im going to eventually have a few videos for you once i get them from a buddy.. they are of his buddy empting a 250 round ammo box into this terrorist head and body. the other is of him clearing a hut and him shooting a guy who was inside helmit cam of course

    • Tell your ‘buddy’ not to bother. Not unless he wants to be thrown in prison anyway.

      Defiling bodies in times on a battlefield is illegal under the Geneva Convention. And could cost your ‘buddy’ his job and his freedom.

      A 250 round box of ammo huh?

      That must be his own equipment as they aren’t provided to the QMs of any NATO or Allied armed force.

          • Is not illegal to engage in terrorist and murderous activites. You play with the bull you get the horns. Besides why should be the only ons who play by the rules? Fuck em’ theres too many fucking rules. Thr ROE are a joke. This is not a conventional war and should not be fought IAW the Rules of Engagement! Fuckin ragheads should all be put to death! They love death anyways so its a win win situation.

  2. Hmm, I can’t help but think about all the effort he would have had to put into climbing all the way up there. Really, if your suicidal, why would you put all the effort into going all the way to the top, 300 feet will kill you as well as 400 feet. I mean, your fed up with life and you want to die. Hmm, I am going to scale a radio tower, wiggle around on the top while giving the antenna a lap-dance, and then fall to my death.

    I suppose he could have been contemplating the intelligence of his decision, and thus prolonged his suffering. Still, I can only imagine the rush of chemicals to the brain as you fall that long ass drop… fear, excitement, euphoria for release, regret… hmm

    • That’s what I was thinking..

      I wonder how long it took him to reach the top and yes, It definitely seems like way too much effort to climb all that way and not go through with the suicide.

      Also, I think he was too distracted by his jacket or whatever, messing with that antenna.

      I haven’t seen this vid in awhile, great classic!

    • It is useless to try apply logic to a man who wants to commit suicide.

      Did you know that most people that commit suicide from tall structures, drowning or hanging also take their shoes off before they do it?

      The reason?

      Their is no reason.

  3. Looked like a crazy Indian. At first I thought he was re-enacting the video of Pink Floyd’s “Learning to Fly”. Would of been cool if half way down, he turned into an eagle and flew away cackling.

    • @Senor Piggy -don’t forget the video of Yes “Owner of a Lonely Heart”. Guy gets pushed around by a bunch of Sheep Dogs, then runs to a courthouse roof & basically says “Enough!” as he leaps over the side. Classic…

      • I had to look that up, just cause I love sheep dogs. Boy was I disappointed, but the animal imagery was cool. When the guy washes his face with meal worms, why don’t they use real maggots? Oh well, my favorite movie fall was from the Burt Reynolds movie, “Stick” Where the great (late) Stunt Man Dar Robinson takes a 200 foot back fall and is able to empty all six shots from his revolver.

        • I remember that! He stunted for actor Henry Sylva. I saw that stunt on tv before the film was out. *Did’nt literally mean the animal dogs, but suits pulling him around… it’s been awhile, I sometimes remember things better than what they were.

  4. My brother climbed one at night with his Best friend just to do it…they’re crazy like that. Anyways maybe this guy did it just to do it or maybe he was dared to either way from what my brother told me the hardest part isn’t climbing up but climbing back down, being tired as fuck from getting all the way up there doesn’t help any either

  5. The mere thought of standing atop that radio tower already makes my legs shivering. Can’t imaging this guy’s adrenaline level during the several seconds of the long fall.

  6. I call this Dumbass (climb on top of Radio Tower) and Dumb Asser-er…
    (yout think you take some caution of your footing when you’re on top of a 200 foot radio Tower)

  7. It’s crazy seeing the instinct of fallers putting their arms out to brace for impact, see how his arms went back, unlucky he hasn’t got 400ft arms I guess.

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