New Tibetan Self Immolation Video – January 2013

New Tibetan Self Immolation Video - January 2013

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a self immolation video from Tibet. Here’s one of a nun self immolating or another nun doing the same. The first Buddhist monk to self immolate in protest is believed to be Thich Quang Duc of Vietnam.

This new Tibetan self immolation occurred on January 12, 2013 in Amchok town, Sangchu region in Kanlho, eastern Tibet and as all previous self immolations, it was reportedly done to draw international attention to China’s occupation of Tibet.

The victim was a young man – 22 year old Tsering Tashi nicknamed Tsebhe. He’s become the 96th known protester to self immolate in Tibet since 2009. The self-immolators demand freedom in Tibet and the return of exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The Chinese responded to the ever increasing wave of self immolations by offering cash rewards to those who “expose crimes” and increasing surveillance of the area with growing number of cameras and around the clock wire-tapping and monitoring of all forms of communication. China also announced stricter measures, including pressing of murder charges against anyone caught aiding or inciting self immolations. This tactics never fails – starve local population and then offer bribes to force desperate families into turning on their own and ratting them out cause they have no other means make ends meet.

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39 thoughts on “New Tibetan Self Immolation Video – January 2013”

    1. Though it’s quite painful on the initial burn spot, as many of us have found out, death by burning isn’t as bad as it looks. The nerve receptors are burned rather quickly in open flame and once they are gone, they transmit no more pain signals to the brain. Throw in shock (meditation I suppose in these guys’ cases), and it’s probably not that bad at all. This is why usually, most of the time anyway, they try to set their whole bodies on fire instead of just a small part like this crispy legged guy has done. Though no one can say for certain, many brain doctors think death by burning would actaully be less tramatic than drowning. Eh, I still wouldn’t want to experience that first minute of really horrible pain though of burning. Squishing a cigerette cherry by accident between the fingers is horrible enough!

    1. my thoughts exactly. Ive always seen fellow americans jeer at happenings like this but ive never seen anyone self immolate, (although some puss out and try to run) like a monk. Iadmire whatever mental fortitude they have.

  1. the gay lama is a fraud, as is the sick religion that encourages this shit to happen. it does not help their cause. i want to see more dumb fucks like this self immolate. keep up the good work china. fuck tibet.

  2. What the fuck does killing yourself achieve? It’s like killing yourself to stop obama’s imminent gun control laws: the government doesn’t give a shit about it’s people anymore. All they want is profit.

  3. I understand their frustrations and the need to make a serious statement to back it up , but HOLY-OL-FUCK MAN, why choose to burn yourself. This is got to be the most painfull way to go. They should Overdose on opiotes instead.

  4. Naaah, nothing is reported here in our harmonious society. Fuck “international attention”, does US or EU give a real shit about monks burning themselves to death? Dalai Lama’s followers should make a better statement by turning into suicide bombs and kill some commie’s before they meet their Buddha. And even that won’t make a splash in the Chinese news channels; might be reported at best as some ‘gas explosion accidents’.

  5. The Pen and Teller show “Bullshit” did a segment about the Dali Lamas and how they treated the local peasants when they were in control in Tibet. It was a class system just like any other – The Dali and their crew lived in the big beautiful Tibetan ‘castles’ or whatever they’re called while keeping the peasants poor hungry farmers

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