New Video of People Jumping from the World Trade Center on 9/11

New Video of People Jumping from the World Trade Center on 9/11

This video is a compilation of the best jumps from the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. I’d give most of them 6.5 to 9.7 for style and landing, though as it goes with 9/11 jumper videos, there’s a good deal of WEEEEE, but no SPLAT.

Although some of the jumps have been around for a while, there were a few I haven’t seen before which makes the whole video worthwhile. My favorite is the jumper falling between the 1:43 and 1:51 marks – very long fall – that’s the 9.7 one. Firefighter at 2:20 must have seen it too. His “YESSS” reaction spoke for itself.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Hold on while I go choke myself. While I got fire behind me, smoke suffocating my lungs and no other way out. But seriously guys, what would (could )ya do??? I’ll tell ya one thingI’d have sex with the woman who I most wanted to have sex with 🙂 🙂 🙂 And Ohhhh it would be so good ! I’d jump out the window havin’ sex!…….Sounds good but unless I’m in that actual situation, I don’t know what I’d do. …. 🙁

          1. that’s not true gore beauty, many die with hardon’s, many of us are conditioned to except our death, shame to find your soul mate fucking and falling to your deaths.

    1. A lot of them blindly walked out the window and fell to their deaths and some were even pushed and slipped. So does that mean THEY are in hell too? They didn’t choose that fate.

      I don’t think I could bring myself to jump. It’s easy to say you would inhale the smoke and suffocate, but some probably thought they had a chance and tried to wait it out as long as they could and by that time the floors were practically on fire and they couldn’t stand on them anymore either.

      1. @Kels baby, like I said, unless were in that situation we’ll never know what we’ll do. And in my beliefs there’s no heaven or hell. Honey,.. when you die.. just go where ya wanna go! And HEY, maybe I’ll see ya there! 🙂 That would be nice!

      2. Absolute bullshit that any of them are burning in hell for jumping-the biblical nonsense that backs up the religious vomit asserting that all suicides burn eternally in hell is Absolute Bullshit..Never listen to to the religious zombies .They should all be destroyed instantly-theyre the very same hatemongering assholes that perpetrated the 9/11 atrocities.

        1. Here, here…

          Our friend @TalkSick is only telling half truths on this one.

          Although some Roman Catholics believe that those who commit suicide go to ‘Hell’. He seems to neglect to tell us that the vast majority of Christians reject that any Human goes to ‘Hell’.

          It is Doctrine AND Dogma of EVERY Christian that God is All-Loving and that Forgiveness is the most important part of the Jesus’ teachings.

          And seeing the middle-age definition of Hell is a physical place where the sinful spend all ETERNITY… Why would an all loving God send one of his children to a place of eternal damnation and torture?

          The idea of Hell being a physical place is just that. An idea. To scare the Hoi Polloi of the Antiquated ages into believing their masters.

    2. 2:25 – I don’t believe in heaven, or hell, God, or the devil. I’ll tell you one thing though, If all these things existed, and you went through what they did, all your sins would have been paid for.

    3. Their admittance to heaven is based on their acceptance as Christ as their savior. As for suicide, I wouldn’t rule any of these as suicide because they were under duress. Either way, by suffocation or leaping they were forced into a situation they had no choice in, so it really wasn’t a choice at all.

      1. Idiots!!!! Yup folks as long as they croaked out “I accept christ as me savior!”before death theyre all in a congo line thru the pearly gates high-fiving St.Peter and doing the Macarena with Gabriel-he/she IS a warring angel but likes to break it down on occasion too. Get a grip humans!Get a fucking clue ignorant assholes!..GOD HATES RELIGION!!

    4. Man, the Pope himself could tell you that, as per any palliative care (I don’t know if you have this in your religion), for any worst form of cancer: you care to give relief the patient, even if this gets to death. that poor people was condamned anyway, tha Allmighty allowed them to came to Him faster, while any profet around was too busy enjoying the scene.

    5. i have NOTHING but respect for the people who decided to take their destiny into their own hands and jump that day…instead of going down with the buildings…i don’t care what your religious beliefs are…those jumpers are fucking epic.

    6. Coming across this particular topic caught my attention because I find it hard to understand the misery behind sucide. One to many times I have said goodbye to a suicide letter and a casket. I am not an uptight prick or a easily offended person, but I do feel like some things are to be respected. I am not surprised to see this on your website or the reason why it benifits you. I am surprised to read repeatedly ,,,so many dumb fucken comments!! Wtf.. Heaven or hell!!! Smoke or pavement! Christian or catholic!! And so many more,, my first thought is what I thought was obvious.. That these people where mothers.. Fathers..sons..daughters that where stripped from the right to live. Yea fuck it ,,there all dead! But the words expressed by so many on this makes me question our humanity as a country. We excel in violence and war but lack in education,, we make millioners thru ignorance and diminish our potential subconsciously. I am a hood mothafuka from the mean streets of north side Fort Worth Texas ..and I see a hundred things wrong with this picture. If you can honestly say that you can not see the down fall of this country in the path we lead.. Then You are exactly what I’m talking about.. Lets get a kick from crazy shit online!! Let us be the land of the free !! the home of the brave!!!Lets us appreciate and value our freedom of speech.. Not make it the trash we throw out because we know the garbage man is going to pick it up!! Come on people! Damn

  1. Monoxide poisoning FTW. If only they knew.
    Jumping is too much of a horrifying thing, you’re better off inhaling the smoke… yeah you will cough endlessly, but you will pass out and die peacefully.
    If I were in those towers I would be a rapin’ machine. stickin’ my dick into anything I can

    1. Only problem is if you don’t BELIEVE you can fly. We can use the movie ‘Hook’ as case file. Peter didn’t believe therefore he wasn’t able to fly. He had forgotten how.

      The majority of those deaths could have been prevented if they had just found their ‘Happy Thought’. Just like peter pan did.

  2. All the videos of the 9/11 jumpers look the same. There are dozens out there. I’ve only seen in one website ( a photo of firefighters carrying an older firefighter named Danny Suhr who was killed when a jumper fell on him. Medic Mark shows a trauma of the week. Not half as much as BG Mark, but from an EMT’s perspective.

    Here’s the link; it contains photos showing body parts and a video showing jumpers with haunting music that left me in tears.

  3. I read that some of the jumpers landed on innocent people on the ground and killed them too! Kill two birds with one stone! So it was better if they just toke some breaths of smoke and die, not kill someone on the ground too.

      1. So people wouldn’t forget what a cruel thing that was to say, perhaps? These jumpers were truly victims of a thing they had no control over. Allah Akbars, Snackbars & Narcos killing each other -well, that’s something else. Check out some of the older BG post & you’ll see what I mean.

  4. That one guy jumped to shield his girlfriend from the falling debris.

    Lol, very sad and tragic but this whole thing is being used as propaganda by the Jews to simulated emotions that ultimately will play into israelis and zionist control.

  5. Lol at the bible thumpers who think theres even a shot that hell exists…you belong to best gore one of the prime examples of how we are all just retarded animals and yet theres talk of oh he jumped hes going to hell….we aren’t divine chosen beings designed in the eyes of “god”….go look up the lyrics to Bukowski by Modest Mouse….its one of the simplest methods to teaching foolish humans….

  6. I’ve often wondered just how many people actually JUMPED. As you can see in the video, VERY clearly, a lot of people were sitting at the windows/openings, obviously in search of fresh air, which they still weren’t getting very much of, because the smoke too, looks for a way out. So, it was still billowing out behind them and I think that MOST of the ‘jumpers’ we see were actually unconscious people, tumbling out of the windows. RIP every single one of them..

  7. The jews sacrificed two buildings and 3000 people just to trick the americans into believing that there’s a threat coming from Iraq and Afghanistan and ask their political flunkey (then Bush and now Obongo) to send the US army to fight the jews enemies.
    They already did the same during WWII by making the americans believe that germany was going invade the USA or that the Russians were going to invade the USA during the cold war.

    Americans need to wake the fuck up and see who the real enemy is, the jewish parasite.

    While your boys are being killed and maimed in the middle east, the jews are exploiting your women in pornographic movies with their pet niggers, the jews opened your boarders to third world immigration and use their pet niggers to sell drugs to your children or murder them.

  8. god bless those who were brave enough to take their destiny into their own hands…i can only imagine the absolute, sheer terror those people went through…and to be able to say “FUCK YOU!” to whoever wrecked those buildings, and decide to end their lives…IMMENSE bravery. <3

  9. Well, technically they were pretty much knocked out half way down. So they didn’t feel much. >< But I won't lie this is pretty darn sad, I think the phone calls were a bit worse, most of the families saved the last calls and still have them. I personally don't know how I would have ended it..I tell myself I would have just jumped but I don't think I would have had the balls to do so.

  10. 9/11 happened in third grade. everyone was saying how horrible it all is, and i didn’t really think about it, i didn’t haveeffect me at all, i didn’t really think about how much death is and means. i was looking at 9/11 related things about 2 weeks ago, and when i watched them, all of those people jumping out of their windows so they wouldn’t burn to death….and i saw the towers collapse, and it really made me sad for all of them inside, this was such a horrible act of terrorism….

  11. hey all,
    Just looking at these posts here and there seems to be a lot of religious debate going on, so I thought I would say my little bit.
    First point I would like to make is this. In early Christianity the Romans would put people to death if they did not renounce Jesus ect ! Some of us here may have heard the tales of them (Christians) being thrown to lions, was that suicide knowing that they chose to die ?
    Secondly, committing suicide does not automatically send you to hell, it is classified as a sin, and since Jesus died for all the sins of mankind then the logic of that means you won’t automatically go to hell, you don’t get a red card and sent off.
    Of course all that would rely on you believing in Jesus and that he died for your sins !
    One question I would ask here is this,how many of you guys being in that position would not make a prayer before jumping ?
    I feel sure the Christian populace rose for a short while that day !

  12. @Death ripper im surprised u have internet connection in your 3rd world shithole,go back to fucking goats and dominating your wife cause u towlheads pick on women an children cause your weak!id love to use your ip address to hunt u down an smoke u out of your shithole cave an roast your ass alive an then upload it to bestgore! Fuckoff an die!

  13. ok so, about that Christian going to hell thing. I know what it says, BUT does anyone really know for sure? fact is (at least my opinion) your guardian watching over you (or god whatever you believe) may have mercy on your soul. obviously you do have choices you can make in your life, your put on this earth for a reason, its up to you to work hard to proceed with it, even if “everything doesn’t happen for a reason”. honestly I’m thinking that whatever the(or your) afterlife will be, whoever decides what happens to your soul, I’m sure that they know what the difference between suicide, and “no choice”. Burning your finger on the stove hurts pretty bad, if its a long time. I can’t imagine what burning alive would be, or awful black smoke suffocating you completely. your desperate. so there’s suicide(different case of jumping, cutting, toaster/bathtub type of thing, hanging. then there’s this-worst attack on U.S soil, so some might not understand why they died, or the terrible pain/emotion of the loved ones they left, their soul(or whatever energy of them is left) might not ever pass on, they could be there and never go on, that could be their “hell”. who knows, they could re-live falling over, and over again. each person may have their own “hell” of whats worst for them. if there would be an afterlife of “hell” I think you should really pay for what you did, making you know that was not an easy way out, or if you took an innocent person’s life away.

  14. The jumpers from the 911 towers is a hoax. I know you are all going to say that the windows were blown out. However, if there was an explosion that blew out the windows, then there would be nobody to jump out of the towers. The truth is, there is no evidence that there was an explosion that blew out the windows, and it is illegal for windows to be able to open at the higher floors. When I worked for the state hospital, I took many patients to court. One court was on the 16th. floor of the John Hancock building. While I was in the hall way, I looked out over the city of Chicago. I could not open up the windows because they were one long sheet of double glass. The wind gets pretty strong even at the 16th. floor. No telling what kind of wind is at the 75th. to the 100th floor. It is illegal to be able to open windows at that height. The pictures that were shown of jumpers were faked. I like the one picture that showed a man using a cell phone and he was suspended in the air about 15 feet from the building. Sorry folks, it doesn’t happen that way. CGI and dummies were used to give the impression that people jumped out of those towers.

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