Old Man Puts Shotgun Barrel Under Chin, Blasts His Face Off

Old Man Puts Shotgun Barrel Under Chin, Blasts His Face Off

I’m puzzled by the fact that an aged man who seems to be in a grave with one foot would commit suicide. What would drive an old man who put so many years in to such an act?

There are hand tools around the corpse, including a hacksaw but I don’t think he used it to saw off the barrel cause these are only suitable for wood cutting. The blast caused mad damage to his face. Not even the nigh indestructible eyes seem to have made it, but maybe they’re hiding under the skin somewhere.

I think the old man put the barrel under his chin, not in his mouth. It’s crazy that his hands are grasping onto the barrel, as if he had time to do that after pulling the trigger. Unless he triggered the shot with a toe or… some other body part in that region.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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85 thoughts on “Old Man Puts Shotgun Barrel Under Chin, Blasts His Face Off”

  1. Yea maybe it was cancer or some other chronic painful time way to live for him. Either way his troubles are over now.
    Its was a blast to the mouth at an upward angle i think.
    and even tho im sure it was lights out on trigger pull. The body will still move with reflexes and nerves.
    The absolute best way to commit suicide is to put a gun in your mouth at an upward angle, to destroy the madubla obligate (check spelling) ,, anyway its at the base of the skull where the neck and meets the skull. You destroy that, and the heart stops immediately, brain function stops, and people who have been hit there, don’t even bleed out sometimes. due to absolute death.
    If i was to kill myself, due to cancer or pain, i would put a .45 in my mouth and tilt her slightly up. Ins-ta pewn.

      1. Yea i heard of a us spec forces guy that called it a day by putting a .22 cal behind his left ear. Thats a good way to, and a little less messy.
        But fuck it, im not cleaning it up.
        I heard of a guy who shot himself in the right temple with a .25 cal. He did it in his car, and just one little trickle of blood came down, that’s very unusual for a head wound. He covered his seats with plastic, because he wanted his wife to still use the car.

    1. I’m going to play Slayer at full blast and sacrifice a live chicken before I check out. After I have ordered pizza’s with extra anchovies to be delivered to all those who have wronged me.

      1. amnyc

        I don’t think I’ve ever wronged you but, please, when you’re ordering the pizzas, can I have one as well as I love anchovies on a pizza; tomato base, Mozarella, sliced tomatoes, basil, anchovies and olive oil.

        Thanking you, in anticipation; although I’m happy to wait for a goodly number of years for lots of people to piss you off.

  2. I think shotgun is overkill, no open casket for his family, however maybe all he had.
    You play the cards your dealt i guess.
    Poor old timer, at least they won’t have to look for his teeth.

    William Muny- Ned you remember that drover i shot threw the mouth and his teeth came out the back of his head?

  3. Been trolling this site for some time now, and figured I’d finally comment… No where else have I seen members of a site treat each other with such respect, after reading close to or more than a thousand comments, it seems almost like a family, when I settle in to BG, it’s like putting on my favorite, cozy sweater,comfortable, and familiar. I feel as though I’ve almost gotten to know some of the regular posters here, and enjoy their views. Thanks for making such a welcome site! Love it! And wouldn’t miss a day of viewing! As reference to the above, yes, probably some type of terminal illness, and no adequate medical care or familial/medical support to ease the pain and burden. Or maybe he was just pissed. Wife left him. Couldn’t get it up. Bank foreclosure. Eh who knows?

    1. Welcome to BestGore…are you a Seinfeld fan? Because the soup Natzi episode was my all time favorite. Love your avatar, the colors are very nice. Since you said that you’ve gotten to know a lot of the members here by lurking here (not trolling), let me just ask you who might some of your favorites be? Anyone in particular that say makes you laugh every morning or turns you on every night? You’re gonna love it here.

      1. You’re one, juicy, Ali, se?or, it was me, coochi, god, so many more… I’ve been on for a few months… So I kinda got a feel for those who post regularly. And even tho everyone has diff views, no one gets nasty, just shares opinions. It’s fkn refreshing. No fake ppl. My avatar is just me in my pink hoodie, and no, not a Seinfeld fan, although I do know that originated from there, just something a family member always walks around yelling at me, oddly enough, so I figured I’d use it here. Oh, and the soup? It’s wonton. Never get to have any damn wonton soup. 🙁 lol

          1. @brokeback- my tastes run towards the macabre, I call em as I see em… Plenty to see here, and an open highway of humor just begging to be let out of my semi twisted mind. Honored to have approval from the veterans 🙂

    2. Welcome! I am semi new as a poster, and like you, lurked for the longest time before posting anything.

      I agree with you about the members: It’s interesting reading all the various opinions and views on many topics relating to this site. Though there are some heated debates at times and people getting upset occasionally, it’s amazing to see the amount of respect from the folks here, even those with completely opposite views and opinions on things.

      1. I couldn’t believe how considerate each poster is of one another, part of my reason to stop lurking and join the comment orgy. Or “gore-gy” so to speak. I feel like I could kick back a few shots with these ppl already, but as they were already established, I was a little intimidated to initiate contact lol, some sites are full of mean, un welcoming fuckbags, this, is not one of them! <3

        1. Welcome, I’m a newbie too. I also lurked a bit before joining. At first I was appalled at how insensitive the comments were and thought these people were sicko douches. Then I noticed that no one really took themselves so seriously. I noticed some comments that would throw others in other forums into a rage but people here seem to accept when they get called out. I was amazed. I also noticed that while i don’t agree with everyones viewpoint it seems to be backed by some followable logic, maybe not my kind of logic, but it seems views are respected a lot more here than every other comment section I’ve ever read. It is very refreshing I agree.

  4. There are many reasons why a old man would kill himself, maybe his government raided his pension pot, maybe he had his savings in the Cyprus Bank and couldn’t get it out before it was raided by the government, maybe he was told that the retirement age had been moved to 150 years old, maybe his family were all made unemployed and had to move back home with him, maybe his house was repossessed due to a debt that was forced onto him to bail out the banks in the fictional “global recession”, these are some of the things that are happening to people all over the world, it is a good chance he comes under one of them.

  5. Maybe he lost some one close to him, like his wife, and couldn’t take the loneliness anymore. Maybe it was chronic pain, or he just grew weary of life. I think elderly people kill themselves for the same reasons anyone else does. RIP old man.

    1. funny how its always he misses his wife he blew his head off ,he misses his wife he hung himself .extremely rare for a woman to do herself in over her man. true nature of woman i suppose. to bleed dry the man or use his resources through life to sustain family etc . then its bye bye man you done your job but no tears from old wifey

      1. maybe not so popular, but women commit suicide for their men. I know a case when the husband went in a foreign country to make money and never returned and his wife did the “ending”. She had no kids.

  6. I’m going to go against the grain here and say that the man did not commit suicide. Everything just looks too conveniently placed, plus if his head is blown to that extent, he isn’t going to be alive long enough to put the gun further down his body. Too convenient for my liking.

    1. Spot on comment. Check. BTW, many here have speculated on specific reasons for this suicide, but whatever the circumstances, I’ll wager the overarching theme in the last days of those older men who snuff it is a belief in the loss, or impending loss, of one’s honor and dignity. Also, not wanting to be a “burden” on family or society. Death before dishonor, and all that.

  7. Though the reason could be any of course, I think most of the suicides done by really old people are one of two things: Being a burden and chronic pain; or both.

    A close friend of mines Father was dying of lung cancer. Morphine pump and in a hospital bed at home. Though it was determined someone had given him the gun, he did the exact same this this old guy did and blow his face off, in bed, same exact position. His final words on paper where: “I can no longer handle the pain and the pain of seeing my pain hurt everyone around me”, and with that, lights out and no more pain. Though it could be determined as a very selfish act and a messy clean up, I agreed with his motives. Though an overdose on morphine would of be better for the family. Unfortunately, he only had the pump and no one would legally turn up the dose for him.

  8. If you’re gonna do something, do it right I suppose. There was 0% chance of him fucking that one up. And those of us on this site a while have seen people fuck it up, they probably thought they were at rock bottom before they pulled the trigger. They stood corrected. Maybe this dude saw what could happen and took out a 12 gauge insurance policy. Also, welcome @nosoup4me, I echo your sentiments about the cool people on this site, there’s nowhere else like bestgore.

  9. Ohh no his poor eyes didn’t stand a chance. But at t hat age what’s the point I mean you have went through life all this time minds well finish it.didn’t have that much longer. But on another note I was rooting for entact eyes. My favorite when it comes to head injuries.

  10. I wish I had a shotgun… to keep it just as an alternative. That will be a good motivation to give my best in anything and in case of a failure, plan S(shotgun) should kick in.
    *by “anything” I’m talking about life.

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