Pedestrian Tries to Save Suicidal Girl from Jumping off Bridge But Is Too Late

Pedestrian Tries to Save Suicidal Girl from Jumping off Bridge But Is Too Late

An unexplainable tragedy happened on the October Bridge in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. 26 year old female driver crashed her vehicle on the bridge, ran out of the car, climbed up on the railing and took a leap. A pedestrian who saw her climb over the railing ran toward her to help, but was too late. The girl jumped without giving anyone a chance to help her. The tragedy happened on May 23, 2013. Girl’s body has still not been recovered. Everything seems to suggest that the sole reason why she committed suicide was that banal car accident she had caused.

A man who identified himself as Dmitry, author of the dashcam video told reporters that:

At eight o’clock in the evening I was driving on the October Bridge and saw dust – blue Volkswagen crashes into a concrete barrier. The car was not badly damaged. I slowed down, as did other drivers. Girl from the Volkswagen ran out of the car and climbed up on the railing. Other drivers jumped out of their vehicles and ran toward the girl to catch her, but were too late. The girl had just jumped off. There was nobody else in her car. All passers-by wanted to help, but they just didn’t have time.

She was a pretty young girl. I don’t understand what happened. I immediately called emergency. When she jumped, some ran to the opposite side of the bridge, but could not see anything. It was all very scary, actually. Everyone was terrified. One guy even cried because he did not have time to save her.

According to the Russian Investigation Committee, the deceased woman was suspected of possessing illegal drugs. It is possible that at the time of the accident she was intoxicated. Her body has not been found so nobody really knows for sure:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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67 thoughts on “Pedestrian Tries to Save Suicidal Girl from Jumping off Bridge But Is Too Late”

    1. Woah woah woah, you don’t know what said woman is going through! I live with Bipolar Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, AND body dismorphia. Symptoms. I have almost committed suicide multiple times. I am probably the youngest user on here!

        1. I can’t say, alright? I don’t want to get in trouble. Living with mental illness has made me MUCH more mature than anyone else my age! Not trying to offend, but people with bipolar disorder tend to be a tad sensitive 🙁

          1. So, basically, you’re saying that you’re underage but you don’t want to outright admit it because you know you’d be banned. Gotcha. 😉

      1. It’s only a crisis if you make it one WickedMama, it’s kinda humbling to see the bad shit on BG when my biggest problem is a damaged car. Makes it a bit better too imagining you in a nurses uniform

      1. brokeback nice name its exactly why i wanna off myself everyday.3 herniated discs crushed sciatic nerve ive been prescribed oxys opanas and percocets by the handful and they cant touch the do you deal with your back pain i just cant take this shit anymore.dont worry tho,ill get creative and make sure i die on camera somehow when i decide ive had enough suffering

  1. She got away .. She didn’t die. She’s out partying with all that dope she had on her person.she probably just got through coping a few oz’s and was cheeking some dope, got scared because of that little wreck and faked her death. Silly Hoe.

  2. That sucks, no matter what happened to that car. I think she was running from some RUSSIAN MOB for drug money & smashed the car driving fast to get away. Those scumbags will not get their money now !

  3. Man.. when people wanna die that bad.. they die. Surely a car accident wouldn’t have made her want to die. I’ve wrecked so many cars. I just blame it on someone else. I sure don’t wanna jump off a bridge.

    1. I would kill you then impregnate your corpse. The watch our undead monster babies come out of your bloated rotting flesh only to wreak the same havoc on the rest of the world. That’s my way of saying your hot.

  4. One of my best friends killed himself in almost this same way…ran into a guard-rail in his ’89 Mustang GT, got out, and proceeded to jump off a massive overpass of the 105 freeway, like 100 feet.

    Nobody really knows why he did it, only that he got into an argument with his dad and had been smoking meth

    1. Sorry for your loss @Admiral Akbar, loosing a best friend is not easy. I also lost a couple of my best friends, one hung himself and the other shot himself in the mouth. It was a very difficult time in my life ,and not one day goes by without thinking of them. It has also changed me, i do not get too close to anyone now out of fear of loosing them or getting hurt again. So, i feel your pain my friend !

      1. Yeah I think about him pretty much every day, it has been 8 years since he did this…sorry about your friends too.

        The last time I ever hung out with this guy, about a week before he killed himself, he told me he loved me!!!!!! (As a friend I mean) this has always kind of haunted me since he died, because I almost feel like he was trying to tell me something else.

        Anyways RIP Russ I love you man!!!!!!!!!!

  5. There was a guy who recently jumped from an 11th story balcony and landed on a 5 yr old girl. Both died. Think that was in S. Korea. I saw a would be jumper years ago walking the wrong direction on a brigde and said to my Mom,”That doesn’t look good.” He did jump and died.

  6. that was fast, she wanted to die. period. btw, i have a question, a few days ago, i have seen a man beating his pregnant girlfriend on the street, i ran to her to help her, but all she was talking about was that she has lost her love and that he would never come back to her, that she is nothing without him and so on. i was so confused i didnt know what to do. is this normal? i thought she would think about her unborn Baby, and that she could start a new life without any abuse. what is wrong with the People?

    1. Sounds like this woman has a very low self esteem where she believes she is less than worthy of life without him. He’s probably been belittling her, beating her for a long time and has succeeded in his efforts.

    2. Its a fairly typical pattern to expect from abused women. Im sure Wicked and some of the other Nurses on here have seen it play out far too many times.

      Sadly, many of these women are attracted to the tough guy, or dangerous guy, and when they finally do get realize he’s a piece of shit who abuses her, she ends up hooking up with another one and the cycle is repeated.

  7. She might of already been on the edge “no pun intended” and this crash just pushed her over the edge, literally.. She was probably hanging by a thread and this crash just made her say fuck it all.. Damn this one is tragic

  8. Im not sure she wanted to commit suicide.I never been to Russia but jails are never preety anywhere. The accident was probably her fault and she had drugs on her and in that moment of despair she probably tought she can get away by jumping off the bridge

    Of course she could also have throw the drugs off the bridge,but perhaps she was drunk also.
    Either way its what it seems like to me,

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