South African Man Committed Suicide in Pattaya Hospital, Thais Say

South African Man Committed Suicide in Pattaya Hospital, Thais Say

On June 20, 2013, 77 year old South African by the name of Klaus Erich Leskf apparently committed suicide while on a trip in Pattaya, Thailand. Thai authorities revealed that Mr. Leskf had been robbed by a bag snatcher and lost his money, passport and other legal documents. The robbery stressed him out so much, the old chap committed suicide – makes sense, right? In Thailand it does.

Apparently, the victim committed suicide in the bathroom of Pattaya hospital where he was admitted for treatment. There was a fatal wound on the back of his head, but no info on how he could have fatally hit himself over the back of his head. There were also bruises and markings on the victim’s neck consistent with strangulation which Thai authorities concluded was a result of the victim trying to self strangle himself. The victim also had a suicidal slit on his wrist.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “South African Man Committed Suicide in Pattaya Hospital, Thais Say”

  1. Thailand truly is one big dignitas clinic. Naturally it is cheaper than Switzerland and therefore one can expect less frills and the staff are a little bit rough at times but never the less you get what you paid for, an assisted suicide.

      1. Coochie I’ve been reaching a lot about the European pedo ring and its connection to satanism and the wealthy. It’s very interesting though sickening. I’ve watched alot of docos about the cover up of pedos such as poli’s judges royal family members etc.

        1. @Empty Soul sorry for misusing your comment line.


          Yeah ordering babies like pizza, sacrifice them in black masses because of the alleged energy that is released to give them power. Its negative selection in the high ranks, so this “behaviour” is concentrated and the “people” are well shielded from almost all prosecution. I think there are two thoughts behind that :
          1. Make the people in power suspectible for blackmailing whilst forcing them into such deeds.
          2. The inner circle has a real inherited braindamage which makes them callous and their search for power beyond money more easy and perverted.

          1. It’s so interesting how there is a connection between all of them especially the British politicians and aristocrats . I’ve always wondered why Dutroux was the only scape goat!

          2. @Newb
            Oh no, he was just the most prominent one. There were so many pedophile rings uncovered from Spain, Germany, Britain, Canada, Romania etc. Again its a well organized industry.

            Thanks, I´ll check it out.

    1. Lonely Planet should include a section on this in their Thailand guide book.

      Is it true that all foreigners arriving in Thailand are provided with a leaflet on ‘how to commit suicide’ along with their immigration and customs forms?

      @Juicy; ‘Were you ready? Hard cheese!’

    1. Yeah I saw that movie yesterday…I thought they were going to pull a Thai classic when they had the dead body wrapped in the sheet…when I saw they were going to the 15th floor I just knew they would throw him over the balcony…but instead they put him in the ice machine…fucking pussies

    1. I bet he was given a blowjob 24 hours before his death. Not bad going for a 77 year old and at least he avoided the indignity of being tricked into marrying a Thai whore and watching his life savings siphoning off to her extended family.

          1. Would be interesting to find out. Some how I don’t think there would be many.but you do bring up a good point in your last comment I wonder if he is a pedo!

          2. Well, maybe its the special flavour of the thai kiddos that teases the sick minds of the western tourists, but we have a huge pedo industry here in Europe, with the epicenter around Bruxelles. Dutroux was just a dealer for the EU politicians, you know, a disposable scapegoat. My point is, that the european pedoring supplies mostly the wealthy, and the thais and other vendors are the discounters for the rest. I think the amount of sex tourists is much greater than the of the normal visitors, thus the lethality is pretty high in this cycles. Thailand is the second most likely country for tourists to die, with 50/100k death cases per anno, after Honduras with 60/100k. Thats the official number. Organ trafficers get their slice of the cake too, so it should be much higher. etc etc.

  2. I dont know further dethais, but I dont think he thai´d up himself. Although suicide seems to be the only cause of death down there, I think we should consider the unlikely possibility that someone else made him thai.
    I have two conclusions :
    1. He was a pedobear, and was killed because he didnt fulfill his quota of 10 kids a day, which is mandatory in thailand.
    2. His new asian wife gone bonkers, because he made him a juicy steak, and Klaus Erich refused to perform a thankful blowjob. The straw that broke the camel´s back was then the nasty habit of Klaus to let constantly the toilet seat down. His wife warned him several times, and as a man of word she finally rammed him a chopstick in his head.

    The moral of the story : Always take two condoms with you, when you´re picking up a thai hooker.

  3. When these Thai “suicide” stories post on BG I enjoy googling the victims name and reading the fictional rambling of the incident in The Pattaya One Enquirer. It seems after slitting his wrists on the beach, police speculate that Klaus attempted to kill himself again at the hospital, but was restrained, then later he promised not to kill himself ever again, so Dr.s unrestrained him, but apparently he had his fingers crossed, because he went in the toilet and tied a bag on his head tightly using his patient armband, and as he lost consciousness he piroutted to the floor and busted the back of his head.

    I shit you not.

  4. At least when you die in Thailand your ghost can rise to be greeted by fellow ghosts of your country of origin. So, you’ll have someone to talk to who speaks your language for eternity. Always looking on the bright side. 😛

  5. Want to commit suicide in a more-or-less painless fashion? Here’s an idea:

    1) Take the time to establish the practice of skydiving as a hobby; don’t just “take it up” at the last-second;

    2) On your “last jump”, take a big rag soaked in ether/lacquer-solvent/anything-that-will-induce-unconsciousness when stuffed into your mouth and deeply inhaled-through; store it in a suitable bag/container to keep the aromatic solvents from evaporating prematurely; store it in one of your chest-accessible pouches;

    3) After the jump has progressed, use your saw-back fixed-blade knife (that you should never jump/deep-fish without, derp) to cut the line of your main-parachute release-line; DO NOT pop your main-‘chute and cut the lines… the forces involved in doing-so are surprisingly-strong, plus that leaves evidence that you tampered with your ‘chute mid-flight;

    4) Use the saw-back to abrade-through the backup-parachute pull; if you kept it sharp, that should only take less than a minute;

    5) Re-sheath your knife (because if it was missing from your remains, questions would arise);

    6) Pull out solvent-rag, stuff it in your mouth and breathe-deeply; repeat until you don’t know you’re doing it any more; This, while tasting like shit, should be a pretty-good high. I’ve never done lacquer-thinner, but I know/heard-about enough dumbasses who’ve died doing so, so it can’t be that bad… ether is just a party-just-before-blackness, but it can be hard-to-get.

    7) Make an epic impact-crater, testament to a life-lost in a process that should be insurable as a non-suicide.

    The volatile inhalants used to calm you during your final-descent would very-likely evaporate-off the rag left in your meat-splash. And I also suspect that any post-mortem GC/MS tests on your body-fluids would be looking for alcohol/weed/opiates/etc… if you’re clean of all that and everything else looks clean, insurance has to pay-up… when they get around to it, of course.

    You’re welcome. I don’t want you to kill yourself, but if you’re going to do it anyway, this is a way to “do it well”, IMO.


    If this helps you, you’re welcome. If you want to flame me for this, you’re ignorant, but still welcome. 😉

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