Suicide by Jumping Under Truck Wheels (video)

Suicide by Jumping Under Truck Wheels

Suicide by Jumping Under Truck Wheels

I could imagine a better death than getting squashed by six tonnes of metal on wheels. But then again, climbing a bridge, setting myself on fire and waiting till the flames eat out my back so I can jump off to hit the concrete doesn’t seem all that great either. Those suicidal people sure look for innovative ways to die.

He really wanted to die cause the truck driver tried to swerve away but the man threw himself under the rear wheels. In Russia, the dump truck owns you!

Suicide by Jumping Under Truck Wheels

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45 thoughts on “Suicide by Jumping Under Truck Wheels (video)”

  1. He totally says “yeah boy” and his buddies r fuckin laughin in the background. Its too bad the car comin the other way didnt wipe out the cameraman and his chums. Fuckin assholes. Dont get me wrong, i love seein vids of people all fucked up but if i was actually in a situation where i had a chance to stop something that would end up on this site from happening, i wouldnt hesitate for a second. Guess that makes me a hippocrite.

  2. I work with a guy who drives a dump truck and about 15 years ago some guy decided to committ suicide by swerving across the line and hitting my buddy in the dumptruck head on and succeeded. To this day my friend has nightmares a couple nights a week of that accident replaying over and over. Hes never been the same, poor bastard.

  3. Yeah, it’s kind of obvious the pedestrian wanted to commit suicide by someone else’s hand. This is not good at all. I feel bad for the driver and the pedestrian’s mental anguish that led him up to killing himself.

  4. close up of the body would be nice.

    Yea Big John my friend from school has an uncle with the exact same situation. Some guy jumped off a highway bridge and landed in front of his truck. Damn why would you want to commit suicide like this. Might as well get some thrill out of it and jump off a cliff.

  5. Hi, i’m from Russia. and i can translate it for you. I can make many mistakes, my eglish is not so good. These guys wanted to fun, they could not imagine that he will kill himself. So, translation:
    -I want to see it. (ya hochu na ato posmotret’)
    -This truck had bad brakes, i know. (oo nego tormoza huyovye, ya znayu)
    -STOP!!! (Stoy!!)
    -Fuck!!! Fuck! (YeahBat’)

  6. it’s an accident, not a suicide. they were laughing and filming cos the guy was actually meant to test the brakes in his friends truck or something like that. nobody was going to commit suicide in the first place.
    yeah and the words sounding like “yea boy” are in fact a Russian curse verb “yebat'” which means “fuck” which is hard to call cheering in this situation lol

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