Suicide Jumper Body Splatter Photos

Suicide Jumper Body Splatter Photos

These are photos of an alleged suicide jumper, but I’m a bit confused by the presence of the blood trail that has a bit odd shape for a splat. I would also think that most suicide jumpers would land on their fronts, rather than backs, but perhaps this person did some acrobatic twists mid air before the splat, but what’s the deal with the blood trail? Was he dragged into the street by the security on purpose so pedestrians can continue to walk down the sidewalk? What do you think?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Suicide Jumper Body Splatter Photos”

  1. well there are loads of wires hangig around, he could have hit one. doing 100km/h going face down, hit wire, wire snap, put’s him into a spin, blood splatter on the sidewalk, hits the ground.

  2. It seems odd that if it were a jumper, they’d cut themselves on the chest?
    Something could have cut them on the way down, but that just seems weird to me.
    I have a feeling he didn’t give himself that cut on the chest.

  3. Jumper? Nah… Too clean for a jumper. A jumper leaves a very distinct mess and splatter regardless of height involved. I am going to go with “thatsbrutal” and say a car hit him. The shoe and trail of blood plus the distance of the mess from the building. Somebody clean that shit up already!

    1. How did we come up with William Hung? This was his name? Do you have insight on this tragedy here? Do you know if he jumped or got ran over? Either way, my condolences to him and his family.

  4. the blood patterns are pretty strange for a jumper, notice that blood blotches cover nearly all of his clothes, appears to me like someone moved him, this looks more consistent with armed assault. the laceration on the chest leaves some questions, falling on wires usually causes tears rather than clean cuts, also the blood on the mouth could suggest pulmonary extension of the injury. my verdict: assault victim with a penetrating injury to the right lung resulting to pulmonary hemorrhage, he didn’t die right away as noted by the amount of blood he coughed out, probably died of asphyxia due to a collapsed lung rather than blood loss

    1. Yes I noticed too; what came to mind was, that someone else put his hand there for the wound to show, but I’m not quite sure if that makes any sense. Not for a jumper anyway. Perhaps for an execution?

  5. probably not a jumper but if he is the blood trail is from the grade of the road or he just hit allot of the lines on his way down. but i can tell you that is not a hit and run. it is far to neat and tidy to be.

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