Suicide by Shotgun – This One Was Done Right

Fuck Me! I Betcha Those Eyes Survived the Shotgun Blast Unaffected

Suicide by Shotgun - This One Was Done Right

At last there are pictures of a suicide that did not fail. This guy took a shotgun blast in the head (through his mouth, I suppose) and aimed well to have “mission accomplished”. Half of his skull ended up splattered throughout the room and brain matter all over the walls.

If you ask me, I’d say he committed suicide naked. I realize they would strip people naked for autopsy, but I don’t think there’s any question as to the cause of death. I’ve never been a mortician, but I believe they would call this one a “severe head trauma as result of shotgun blast to the head”. He was probably naked when he was pulling the trigger.

The most fascinating part of all head injuries of such massive extent are the eyes. I always used to think that eyes are the most tender objects in the head and would explode before anything else but there is a growing number of photos with insane head injuries yet eyes virtually unharmed. I wouldn’t be surprised if below those eye lids there were perfectly uninjured eyes.

Gallery of a suicide by shotgun victim who did the job right is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Suicide by Shotgun – This One Was Done Right”

  1. COOL. Looks like “Canoe Head” from Terminator 2. But I bet he doen’t zip his head back up here.

    Shotgun in the mouth, pointed up at the brain WORKS EVERY TIME. Nice hollow skull.

    Mark, yeah, he died naked. When we pick up a body, regardless of cause of death, we take them exactly as they were found.

    Now if a person is till alive and they are trying to save their life, they will usually cut their clothes off. I kinda doubt that is the case here. hahahahah…

    Eye balls are protected in their own bone incased little place in the skull. the only place there is no bone is directly in front, of course. but eyeballs are VERY tough then add the protection of the orbital socket bone… and thus… they remain intact most of the time.

    Great Pics

  2. Hey Louie, we all know and cherish the images of the great Bud Dwyer doing anything for a bit of publicity. But when he shot himself in the head with a magnum no less the blood pouring out of his mouth and nose was phenomenal. Why seemingly none here? Is it because the cavernous hole in his skull served the same purpose as Bud’s mouth and nose i.e a release valve for the goo.

  3. If you actually look really carefully you can see one of his eyeballs (in the main photograph), perfectly intact as you predicted. It’s inside the skull cavity, directly to the right of the nostrils and it’s kinda looking up and to the left slightly.

  4. Hey! Someone finally succeeded at suicide!… He REALLY succeeded…

    And for the love of Christ, is there some reason he had to get naked before he killed himself? Maybe it’s just me. But I don’t think I’d like people finding me naked with my brains splattered against the wall

  5. Shite. Now that I reflect on it, I remember that Bjork stalker whatsisname who shot himself in the mouth with a crappy pistol stripped down for his grisly end too. I will try not to assume that it is a final fashion statement.

  6. Hey Ozbocfan…, I’ll betcha he was lying down on his back when he pulled the trigger. There would be little blood around his mouth that way, although I’d expect some spatter, especially as far down the forehead as the blow-out occurred.

    You do see lots of blood out his ear, and maybe a little beside his right nostril. It could be they wiped his face before the pic, doubt it, but could be.

    Yeah, the Bud Dwyer video is priceless. His being somewhat verticle, let us see the bleed-out after the massive damage inside.

    What I like about this photo is how ‘Twisted” everything about his face looks… mouth, eyes, Twisted Sister.

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