Thai Man Blows His Head Off Committing Suicide

Thai Man Blows His Head Off Committing Suicide

I got no info as to the backstory to go with these images so I’m just sharing speculations. I’m pretty sure this is from Thailand, though. Pointers plus medical examiners posing with the corpse for their family albums gave the location easily away.

I was hinted that the victim committed suicide with the handgun shown in one of the photos. I’m no expert on arms, but that rusty pistol doesn’t look like the type of gun capable of blowing someone’s head off like we see here.

This man’s brain was blasted to shit along with the top of his skull, which is alone a tough bone. Though being a Thai, it’s disputable whether the victim had any brain in that skull to begin with.

I’m gonna have to ask for input from our friends who know a thing or two about guns – could he have blown his head off like that with a pistol as seen in the photo? How about that 12 gauge shotgun projectile? That’s not what you load into the pistol, is it? That’s probably a slug for a shotgun that blew his brains out, correct?

I’m also entirely unsure about two different places with puddles of blood. Only one victim shown, but two different places where blood was spilled. Kind of weird for a suicide, isn’t it? Must be more to the story, sadly I don’t know any of it? What are your theories?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Girl with guns here. A .44 magnum would do that and then some. Aka a dirty Harry gun. Correct me if I’m wrong. I can’t see what kind of gun he used in any of the photos. And it would be pretty damn hard to gauge himself in the head. Unless he had super long arms. Lol. But the. 44 magnum packs a punch. And is more than capable of blowing someone’s head clean off to the nub.

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