The Golden Gate Bridge Suicides Documentary

The Golden Gate Bridge Suicides Documentary

The Bridge is a documentary about the most popular place for suicides in the world – the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. Written by Tad Friend and directed by Eric Steel, the documentary tries to explain the struggles of people who choose to end their lives by jumping off the Bridge. It is a one and a half hour long film filled not only with footage of people jumping to their deaths, but also interviews with their friends, families and eye witnesses all pieced together to understand what draws so many people to the Golden Gate Bridge and end their lives there.

The Golden Gate Bridge tops the list of world’s most popular suicide sites with huge margin before the first runner up – Aokigahara Forest in Japan. It’s location some 75 meters (245 feet) above the water of San Francisco Bay means that jumpers are hitting the surface while travelling at the speeds of around 120 km/h (75 mph). Vast majority – as many as 98% – die upon impact. The few who survive the impact usually drown or die of hypothermia. A few are known to have survived the fall.

What’s really interesting is that many suicide jumpers travel long distances to get to the Golden Gate Bridge to commit suicide specifically at that site. Some rent cars, drive to the bridge and jump. Others take a bus and then catch a cab ride from the bus station to the site.

Check out the full feature Golden Gate Bridge documentary below:

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42 thoughts on “The Golden Gate Bridge Suicides Documentary”

  1. I know this is irrelevant to the post, but you guy remember the 16 year old girl who was brutally knocked out by the Moon Cricket…
    We’ll he was caught and the reason he hit her was because “He didn’t like the way she looked at him when she passed him”
    So my theory was pretty darn close.

  2. Holy shit! I remember watching this on TV one night way back when I didn’t even have internet. This was one of the first things I ever saw that got me into watching gore and other videos of the sort! Thanks for the upload.

  3. I’ve been over this span hundreds of times. Beautiful view of the Pacific on one side and SF Bay on the other.

    Factoids: most people jump off the Bay (east) side, not the ocean (west) one. Want to the face the US mainland, their previous life, for the last time I guess. I noticed the shots were from the SF side, not Marin.

    People have thrown children off the bridge several times, following up by jumping themselves after the kids.

    In 2011, a 17 yo boy jumped off the bridge for kicks, not intending to commit suicide at all. It was just a lark, a thrill. He survived, swam to shore in good condition. He was charged with trespassing I think. I didn’t watch this film all the way, maybe they mentioned this stuff.

    1. They did have a young male survivor but he intended to die, that is until he was falling and changed his mind, I think he suffered some brain damage though because he claims god, inthe form of a circcling dolohin, was the only thing that kept him afloat. Silly boy god isnt real.

      1. There have been several attempted suicide survivors, but, as you said, they’ve suffered severe injuries. The young man I mentioned, however, was not trying to commit suicide at all, and he didn’t. He was not severely injured. It was the best example of cheating death I’m aware of: extremely daring (far, far more gutsy than volunteering for Obama’s latest war, for example); quick (no hanging around Kabul screwing the local prostitutes); fearless (choosing to sacrifice your life for some piece of shit politician counts for NOTHING in my book). A wholly admirable boy. I hope I meet this young man. I should be so lucky.

  4. I have to say that was a very well done vid. Been there, as in the Bay, many times. Its almost like the bridge itself calls to them, some weirdo vibe, extremely sad. Gene, he looked like he could have been some form of rock star like air about him, which made it the saddest. What would they have done with their lives if they had been able to rise above the sadness in their lives. The music was good and creepy, like a sad soul. Well done. No real gore beyond them hitting the water, which allows for the imagination to turn an event like that in to a dream for gore fans, just imagine what happened once they hit the water. They choose water death because if they change their minds there isn’t really any way to get out of it.

  5. Beachy Head in England is also a very famous suicide spot.

    I’ve read that hitting the water is like hitting concrete. I’m not sure if that’s true; if it is, then the victims would look nice and broken when they fall deep enough.

  6. I’ve seen this before, couldn’t believe the young guy who changed his mind on the way down survived trying to enter the water as straight as possible. A very lucky man but what a lesson to learn in appreciating life in a few seconds

  7. My all-time favourite documentary and one of the very few things in the world that can make me tear up. You can’t really understand until you’ve been there but this vid is as cose to understanding as the non-suicidal will ever likely get.

  8. They say that suicide jumpers (be it from a bridge or a building), once they’ve taken that final jump, it’s the most free feeling in the world, a moment of complete peace. It wouldn’t happen, but if I were to commit, I’d jump just to feel the peace.

    1. I’d like to go out by scarring as many people as possible, steel cable around my neck attached to the top of a building, get a buddy to duct tape my hands to my head, so when I jump off said building, the cable cuts my head clean off and I drop to the pavement holding my decapitated head ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Read the book The Final Leap it will show you what the results of jumping from the bridge look like and a full and complete autopsy report with a long list of injuries that your body suffers once it hits the water most people die from drowning because their body is so broken they can’t function to swim or the get caught in the 40 mph current in the bay
    . I don’t know why but this documentary has haunted me so and inspired and terrified me but If I wanted to go this would be the way Id do it with the 99.99 % chance I wouldn’t survive this would be a sure bet.

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