Well Executed Shotgun Suicide – Head Blown Off

Well Executed Shotgun Suicide - Head Blown Off

We’ve had a fair share of pictures and videos of failed suicide victim who managed to blow their face off, but vital organs remained intact leaving them – like before, still alive, but now brutally disfigured. Dude from this photo carried it through well – his head is completely blown off, turning the remaining mass on his neck into a cherry colored blossom. Well executed shotgun suicide – complete, even includes barrel jerking. Didn’t even bother to make his bed up.

UPDATE by The Neo, an EMT from California (who previously explined the term “flincher to Best Gore”:

Now that is someone who definitely wanted to die! No flinching on this one. Most of the time, the ones that really do finish the job right put the barrel of the gun right into the squishy “v” in the bottom jaw and tilt their head forward. Giving the “blossom” look that these end up in. And by the way, 10-55 means “coroner’s case” 10-56 means suicide [intentional] and 10-56A is attempted suicide [this means they are still alive and probably in lots of pain! flinchers]

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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40 thoughts on “Well Executed Shotgun Suicide – Head Blown Off”

  1. If you look closely it appears that the shotgun is a double barrel, and it appears he may have used both barrels … Also I do find it a little odd after such a jolt that he is still holding the barrels with his left hand, while muscles can tighten during trauma, just the kick from one or both barrel being fired, is hard enough to hold when you’re heads still connected. One other thing to consider is (Depending on what kind of shot was used) if he held the barrels 6-12 inches from his face instead of directly pressed agiants it, this also would cause more trauma /damage.

  2. Deuche’ Face . That’s what happens when he choked the barrel 2″ into his pie hole (mouth) . The gunpowder alone would pop his head like a water baloon w/out any shot at all. Must have done it in a sit-up possition & fell back but , yeah it’s amazing he’s still clutching the barrel(s) ? What a POO FACE .

  3. I don’t know what exactly to think of this picture, it looks familiar but trying to find other pics of suicides on the internet is hard. it’s like trying to find a specific porn site by typing in “porn” in Google or something.
    Although I do imagine there must be a huge splatter on the ceiling and wall, why isn’t there as much blood on the floor? I haven’t taken a blood splatter analysis class so if anyone could explain that it would help me believe that this might be a real photo.

  4. If you look at the blood on the body, it trails down indicating the position of the body, he’s on his back. Think he shot himself on the floor, explains the over body pic. Most likely he braced the shotgun against a non-moving surface, leaned over the gun, and fired.

  5. you can see the floor???

    uh okay

    the blood at this angle would have been pumping up and out, so running behind him. a blow like that… well i’ve seen a bit of the survivors and they don’t actually bleed as much as you would think. still, there must be a shit ton of blood on the ceiling/upper wall. wish we had a picture of that as well. all in all, nice shot XD

  6. My impression is that the body may have been moved so that it could be photographed better…at least that would explain the absence of pooled blood or spatter. Or maybe the guy had rainbows for blood and they escaped when he blew his head off…it’s a strange world, who knows??

    1. I agree, the body has been moved and posed. he shot his head completely off which means all bodily functions would have ended immediately. the gun is posed because it would’ve laid on his chest or at least very close to it and not neatly laid against his leg with his hand on it. he wouldn’t be able to move at all.
      as far as pooling blood, it wouldn’t be the case if he was on an incline which we can’t see, BUT, the entire area behind he head would be totally fucked up. even though the photo is kinda chopped at the top of his head, a bloody mess would still show.
      it sure sucks being him!

  7. @ akatsuki. I see what you mean but this would qualify as a crime scene they wouldn’t move the body until the pics were done being taken. I’m just saying I doubt this photo’s authenticity of being an actual suicide. further up in the comments someone brought up a really good point of that he’s still hanging on to the gun. and that’s with his left which means he would have had to shoot the trigger with is right. but if the left hung on, why didn’t the right hand hang on also?

  8. It looks like his gun is a 20 G, but I can’t tell. A shell that small probably couldn’t do that much damage, so I would guess it is something like a 12 G. If a family member found him, I feel sorry for them – talk about years of therapy.

  9. Not to be morbid but, this is by far my favorite picture on this site. Three years ago when i stumbled upon it, it gave my stomach burning butterflies. I’m now more accustomed to the gore and not so easily excited however, this photo is just so upsetting and romantic i visit it sometimes…not to be weird or anything.

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