Young Girl Livestreams Suicide by Hanging on Liveme App

Young Girl Livestreams Suicide by Hanging on Liveme App

A video just leaked of a young American girl committing suicide by hanging, which she apparently livestreamed using the Liveme App. Best Gore member @Hugsthemuffin has more info:

Well, this is a video that has just come out. I was looking around at suicide methods myself since I am close to ending it all myself, and someone posted the full link to this girl who committed suicide, livestreamed on Liveme App.

Not much information about this, but her name was apparently “Kaitlyn”, and she was a 12 year old living in Georgia. Her App ID was ITZDolly, but the video has been removed.

The original video is over 40 minutes long. Most of it is spent on setting up the rope to hang herself, and the last 15 minutes or so is here lifeless body just swinging.

So here’s a truncated version of the video, reduced to just over a minute, showing the hanging.

@Hugsthemuffin – come hang out with me here in Dominica, bud. It’s a wonderful little island on which every piece of farm land has been poisoned with pesticides to the point that you won’t buy an egg that doesn’t look gross on the inside, there are petty thieves on every corner, and it rains here all the time so much so, that a month doesn’t go by without a road being washed away with all the soil under it.

I guess that explains why nobody’s rushing to hire me as a suicide prevention counselor.


Her name was Katelyn Nichole Davis and she was indeed 12 year old. She lived with her mother in Silver Creek, Polk County, Georgia, USA. She was a student at Cedartown Middle School. She hanged herself on December 30, 2016. Here’s the full length video of her suicide. The hanging takes place at 21:30.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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530 thoughts on “Young Girl Livestreams Suicide by Hanging on Liveme App”

          1. I know right. My heart was braking the whole time, and apparently someone was laughing to.. makes me wonder if I should just off myself from this evil fucking earth. 90% of this website has sicko’s in it.. and it just grosses me out on the kind of people i see in the comments. I hate this world and everyone that’s in it… honestly.

        1. She was raped and abused by her stepfather, she told her mom but her mother didn’t care because she “loved him” he also touched her brother and sister, he told her to hang herself shortly before this as well. So sad how people treat there kids these days. I hope she found peace.

      1. So many cars went by how come no one stopped????? Hmmm look is a little girl hanging a noose in a tree nah I’m to busy to see what that’s about, and to hear her mom literally just minutes too late her phone was ringing she was right there omg!!!! In ten years my baby will be that age, oh baby girl none of that stuff will matter if you just stay around and let things change

      2. Im fucking shocked at all the horribly mean and hurtful things some of these scumbags are posting on this site!…WTF!…12 years old?,,I wanked one out?..she got a nice ass??..WTF??…she’s a child, a little kid!.Cold hearted bastards, I hope you all rot in hell!…Some freekin’ day, karma is going to come back and ya’ll in the ass!!

        1. Baily63..remember one thing,,, this is a hard core gross to the ” nine’s ” web site ,and with that comes hard core, gross comments ,, there are no boundaries ,, no restrictions ,, only the toughest of the tough can handle this place,,, anything goes here ,, no rules or limits to what commenters will say,,, no matter how sick and cruel they are….This is….HARD CORE..!!!!

      3. Supposedly people watching the live stream weren’t telling her not to do it they were just watching she kept saying nobody cares if I did u guys watching don’t care if a few people even lied and told her they did care. But in their defense they might have thought she wadnt really gonna do it but she was making it known she wanted attention and sum 1 to love her

      1. She had an online diary where she talked about a bad home life. Mother’s a dope head so she had to do everything for her younger siblings. She also talked about being raped at 4yr old & molested by her stepfather(POS mother didn’t believe her). She has pics of her room on IG,poor baby didn’t even have her own bed. Just fricken sad.

        1. Hey, I heard about that but couldn’t find her username for her storys any where, could you link me it? and I know, people always assume that its just for a “stupid reason” I hate people. No one understands depression or people having a mental illness, everyone is so quick to judge, SPECIALLY on this site, it makes me sick.

        2. Hey where can I find that online diary? The whole story is so sad but the worst part for me is when you hear her mom and lil bro callino her name as she hangs motionless, just swaying. And then that song perfect smile!

      1. …i watch it all with my utmost respect since shes dying to make this video. 16:55-I”m sorry i wasnt pretty enough(to her bf,got some anger in her voice), im sorry to came in your life just to get out of it this quickly(to mom, sad tone). 18:05 im sorry luke(her ex bf), i wasnt the best for you. 18:45 i’m sorry i let this depression get to me(means this is not long term depression, just her bf dump her). So luke is her Ex bf, ben is properly a boy who has a feeling for her and comfort her when shes down. 19:45 im sorry i say it like a whore that im nothing but worthless. (Now im guessing her bf caught her with ben together and dump her for real) 21:45, she hang herself, she cant breathe, it feels like shit, she try to fight it. 22:00, suffocated, black out, death awaits. 23:20 bird singing her a requiem. 26:30 someone got off work back home. 26:50, someone calling her Raylen? Ray? 27:40, someone walking on branch trying to find her. 28:25 i think someone see the shadow of her and calling kayty. 29:25, her mom calling. Not knowing she is forever lost. I cant imagine how her mom feels following the ringtone and find her body. God rest your soul ray.

          1. Some people are snowflakes Lord Humongous. They’re fragile and weak, they fall apart easily under adversity. Something was wrong in that family for a 12 year old kid to take her own life. God will judge her, hope it goes well for her.

        1. @ghostd Ben was her never seen ex, whom catfished her for 7 months. Ben…. was a girl named Alexa. Luke was her ex boyfriend who recently broke up with her. He is 19, and works at Sears. She also didn’t say ” I’m sorry that I say it like a whore” She said ” I’m sorry I sound like a whore” She’s referring to, In the majority of her good byes, to the people on the live chat she went on. She was on it daily, and much like any chat media, guys that come here, that made those ridiculous ass, pedophilia laced comments in hopes to get in a childs pants cause they can’t get a girl in real life, so they stalk children on the internet to get their rocks off, went to her chat room and would demoralize her, ask her to strip, wear short dresses and such. But among those filthy bastards that should be killed upon site, were also good people. Boys and girls actually her age, that she was builing somewhat of bonds with. Her live steams are all over youtube and will give you better incite of reality than trying to be an online death psychologist, who views her death and trys to make up reasons why things were said and who people are. Whatch her videos, she says who people are. You see her address 20 + year olds trying to get her to strip. She would put more clothes on to fully cover up just to get them to stop.

      1. WTF?? What does a 12 yr old child know about love troubles so great that Suicide is the only alternative? Where the hell were her freaking parents?? This is a child for god sakes! She’s not even old enough to grasp the gravity of what she just did and how and who it will leave behind in pieces!

    1. Once again, you can thank the zionist jew media, for propagating their narrative of making sure that the only thing that kids these days care about is the outside.. not the personality

      Peer pressure gets to these kids, they see hot white whores on instagram, yt, tublr,etc… then suddenly all the kids at school start looking at all the girls and judging them according to the porno stadards

      or the black girl standards

      if you have a flat ass, youre ugly, no matter how nice of a person you are on the inside.

      At no point do they teach them monogamy, and caring about a persons soul

      All thanks to Sumner Redstone, cunt, and the rest of the hollywood jews

      1. The internet and TV made her do it?

        Maybe just maybe humans need to get real and own themselves (and their kids until they’re standing on their own feet given what’s needed to do so instead of abdicating) instead of embracing mental and physical enslavement? Take responsibility for their own minds, bodies and lives? Choices?

        Seems many have been convinced they are not responsible for themselves.

        That’s the popular BLM narrative that so many are embracing including Dumbass whites. But there’s a version for people who aren’t black. Blame everyone but yourself is the mantra.

        This poor kid is like a million others- baby slaves.

        we are to blame when we accept the terms.

        I reject the terms.
        Fuck the terms.
        I own myself.

        This world isn’t a ‘safe space’ if you have kids and you don’t prepare them, guide them, teach them, help them develop some spine- they’ll crumble.

        This is on her family. I’m sure they’re devastated. Too late. Price exacted.

      1. i wish i killed myself at the age of 13 when i first thought of suicide
        i’m 25 now and life still doesn’t make any sense and i’m too much of a puss to end all this

        it can’t be retardation, you moron. only an intelligent person can be that self-aware and make a decision to die. all that bullshit about “there are others who care of you” is bullshit. no one matters. we all die alone. have fun on that hormone roller coaster, pig

    2. I didn’t listen to or watch the video, but I scrolled through quickly just to see her facial expressions and mannerisms. Conclusion: 12 years old and already batshit nuts. I think she saved some people a lot of future misery. I wonder what prescriptions she was on. Zoloft nearly turned me into a homicidal maniac when I was 15.

      1. True shit. The fuck is wrong with these kids? Of course, if she chose to stick it out in life, her mentality might lead her down the path to prostitution. In that case, shit…I would pay.

        …when she’s old enough, of course. It is hardly of respectable villainous repute to be locked up for statutory rape.

        1. She took the same pill but didn’t take it like she was sopost too and very rarely her mom used to say just take your pill when she was having emotional withdraws also the day before this she live streamed her by the tree and stated “this is where I hang” but it skipped so that’s all you herd.

      2. @beneaththeplanetoftheapes I was on Zoloft too a few years ago when I suffered from depression. That shit SUCKS! Supposedly very hard to get off of…and after taking it a while, it started giving me what my doctor called “brain zaps”. I couldn’t stand the shit so I stopped taking it immediately cold turkey. Haven’t had a problem…yet. Sorry u went thru that. It shouldn’t be allowed. πŸ™
        R.I.P KAITLYN

    3. Oh. I don’t know. My guess an over medicated Adderall basket case. Clearly this little bitch was more than a few bricks shy. Probably saved alot of misery, false rape claims, etc. For her fellow man. A fine example of what a prescription kid looks like.

    4. Theyre investigating her step dad.
      Would seem hes been beating her and sexual assaulting her from 4 they believe.
      Alot of her Families come forth saying they were kept away from her because of him.
      Theres also reports of neglect within the home.
      Her instagram is gone to my knowledge but she was documenting her things being distroyed and what not.

      I guess at 12 you also dont know how to deal with these things, who to tell, what support you can get.

    5. There are videos she posted before the livestream revealing sexual abuse. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse; I can attest to the lifelong damage it causes. I’m in my 40’s now and grapple daily with the scars it left, and the guilt and shame that I and most sexually abused or rape victims carry: that we must have done something wrong or we wouldn’t have been assaulted. It’s so vile a crime, it’s pain so deep, that suicide viewed as not death but relief and freedom: such a sad end for this child.

    6. What makes this most sad is when the mom calls for her daughter and calls her phone …how did she not hear it ring?…. i was imaging the mom finding her and screaming in tears” Kayteln?!!!”

    7. She was 14, my friend went to school with her and according to her she was a sweet girl and she was very smart, she was in a gifted class. My friend gets picked on a lot and that girl has been one of her best friends, maybe one of the only friends she had, of course besides me.

  1. I felt myself wanting to rush to the tv and stop her. So sad that the only solution she saw to her problems is to kill herself. And to think, it may have been over a stupid boy. Puppy love gone bad can be devastating. Could also have been as bad as a father molesting her. We will probably never know. Either way, we parents need to be involved directly in our kids lives so we can catch any warning signs that may pop up. Can’t even imagine if it were my little girl.

  2. I felt so very sad watching this video thinking that maybe she was bullied or maybe her boyfriend dumped her. Twelve is far to young to have such problems that you would kill yourself over. I thought of my daughters watching it. How very sad.

        1. from the moment she “jumps” up until the end of the vid is super fucking creepy. the body swings as the light fades, first you hear the little brother shouting “kaytlin”.. then hear the mom on the phone to someone about her…then the girls phone rings (obviously mom trying to get an answer)..body swings back and forth..silence…the light carries on fading to darkness, as the sillohette of the swinging body become less visible, on the phone to someone “…shes not been eating…” …silence..sounds of distant traffic..a dog barking miles away….moms periodic cries become more desperate… girls phone rings a couple more times..fades to complete dark, all that can be seen is the outlight on the building as the mom cries “katy”….video finishes

          1. That was the worst part of the video for me. Very rarely do you get to witness the immediate aftermath. I did hope we were gonna see the mother finding her though. It seems even more real because she was American

  3. Probably another bullying situation. I know how cruel kids can be but it seems as if kids today take it so much further. I always was nice to the kids that others weren’t and ya know now a days at 33, they are some of the best friends a person could ask for. There needs to be more brave kids out there that will step up like I did and take a stance. I never put up with that shit and a lot of it was coming from some in my “circle” of friends. That kind of stuff, a child shouldn’t have to be subjected to.

      1. @hindustan I’d show u how hard I am, I’ll fuck you in your asshole like a real Naw, but how can u generalize like that?? U watch too much Young and Restless or whatever NEW “programs ” your SHIT HOLE country has on the antenna nowadays

  4. what the hell, this sight is for White supperiority to enjoy nignogs and ching chongs and other kinds of sub human trash kick, punsch, stab, shoot and generally fuck up for one Another, just for our Entertainment, like it’s all been scripted for us.
    This wasn’t. I didn’t join best gore to see this. To see an actual human, an innocent Child like this none the less, take her Life — it made me sad.

          1. I didn’t say anything about you not being white… but you just did…

            Please gentlemen… tell me how White you really are…

      1. It’s overpopulated alright, with attention seeking dumb-asses. If you’re gonna kill yourself do it in private, leave a note, print it in comic sans, throw some glitter on if you want credits for style, and hang your dumb ass in the attic.

  5. At least she had the decency to not make a mess for someone else to clean. No blood and brains everywhere. Cut the rope bag her and move along.

    That is how it should be done. No messy gunshot wounds to the head, throught slitting or wrist cutting.

    The person who was looking on how to end it all should take notes. This is how you do it and don’t be selfish make a video and share it with us.

  6. She says she’s sorry about 100 times. I guess it was over a boy named Luke. She apologizes for not being pretty enough and people thinking she’s a whore. Says bye to few people and does it As she swings, the sun actually goes down. Someone (mom?) is calling for her and her phone is ringing and such. So yeah, it was over a guy or a rumor – something that wouldn’t matter 2 years from now.

    1. She was really sorry, as she killed herself. If she was cock teasing around and killed herself after the boyfriend found out it may explain her weakness in committing suicide, I guess many cock teasers are just trying to cover up their insecurities about their worthiness, both about their appearance and character, by being ”loved by men”. If this wasn’t the case and she just got depressed she was weak, as she seems puts the blame of everything on herself, why the hell is she saying sorry to everybody when she is the one who got off worse, internalization of guilt. Anyway, we can claim that natural selection played its part here, if I can remember Darwin said by the end of the On the Origins of Species by Means of Natural Selection that the most happy and vigorous are the ones who stand more chance of surviving.

      1. Internalization of guilt is the hallmark of the molested or raped. There are videos online she posted before death revealing she had been moldested. She keeps saying sorry because she, and other victims, can’t rid themselves of the belief that we bear some blame for being molested. Been there. It’s difficult and precarious journey we victims must walk after being molested:

  7. that kid was determined. knew exactly what she was doing and didnt fuck around, i thought she was gonna have last second regret and struggle a bit or claw at the noose but nothing. she really wanted to die. didnt enjoy watching this at all.

  8. Apparently no one watched the video past the hanging. You can hear her mother up until the end calling for her. It sounds as if she is so close but never sees her daughter. You can also hear the girl’s obnoxious ringtone go off as her mother repeatedly calls her. You can hear her mother speaking to someone on her phone saying she’s trying to call her but she won’t pick up. You can even hear a young child calling for her. Really makes me sad.

  9. @Hyde perhaps so, but if people Think I’m a pussy for being sad over a 12 year old commiting suecide … I just couldn’t give two fucks.
    Just had to Point that out Before anyone else wasted their valuable time on typing out shit.
    And for anyone who wonders, I’m a bloodthirsty asshole, I enjoy human suffering and misery. But I’d be lying if I said it isn’t sad.

    1. Bloodthirsty asshole? No, your just an asshole. You wouldn’t give two shits if an innocent guy was getting his head sawed off, or a woman burning alive in a car accident, you’ll just wonder about their pain or how it felt or other shocking thoughts. but you’ll get sad over a little bitch just hanging around. Pretty funny

      1. @dethbyplaster I know right??? That stare was so uncomfortable and her saying and being sorry to almost everyone was so painful. And I agree with you that she was particularly staring at someone. I will never forget this video and this girl. πŸ™ It is so very sad…!!! RIP…!!!

  10. So sad, u can here here mom yelling her name, and blowing up her phone (39:00) or something, how terrible would it be to here ur daughters phone ringing from the woods by ur House and u rush over there just to see that she hanged herself.. Such a sad story

  11. I don’t understand why kids are in such a hurry to grow up these days. Never wore makeup like this at twelve (nor would’ve been allowed to).
    Her reference to being a “whore” and apologies to Ben for “not being good enough” …sexual promiscuity IS damaging – to both sexes. We need to value ourselves beyond offering ourselves as surrogates and I damned sure hope it wasn’t due to molestation. Permanent solution to temporary problems.

    1. I like the phrase “Permanent solution to temporary problems”, because People that say that are total fucking Idiots. Who wouldn’t want a permanent solution to a problem? Even if it’s temporary. I don’t mean suicide, but still.

  12. This was sad. Also, that rocking back and fourth was what my friend did when he hung himself.
    I can’t imagine that life could be that tough at age 12. I remember being depressed at that age, but suicide just wasn’t something I had the balls to do, nor was it something that I thought about to often. She may have had a tough life at home. R.I.P. kiddo

    1. When we get older and look back, we may think life couldn’t be that tough for kids like this girl. But I totally understand how some kids choose to kill themselves. When I was younger, I had a big argument with my dad. We were at Grand Canyon and I kept thinking of throwing myself off the cliff just to make him live in regret for the rest of his life. It was some kind of revenge. Thinking back it was nothing. But for kids, they don’t have to worry about money, bills, work, etc.. so they don’t know what is important and what not…

      1. I have two daughters bro. That age. This is just sad shit for a dad to watch. If i said it didn’t bother me I’d be lying. I don’t condone death or violence. I like watching it. I got a tough stomach. Just hate when kids. Old people. Moms. Animals in other words i have a heart.

  13. I believe TV plays a big part of these young kids suiciding.
    Watching Shit About People Killing Themselves just because someone doesn’t wanna be with them anymore.

    I would like to know more about why but we will never know.

    1. Music too, it can fuel you into suicide, I like some songs which are depressing at times but also feel the lack of more songs which are like ”Eye of the Tiger”, there’s a lack of this type of songs in mainstream media as to present another perspective, a more positive one, in life.


          1. @hyde Fine, man. But men are facing false rape allegations all the time and the numbers of rapes are overblown. Then you fuck over fellow men with your stupid pro-rape comment. It makes the feminist’s claims that men are a bunch of rapists seem true. No respect for yourself. No respect for other men.

  14. I’ve lost my compassion ages ago so I really don’t give two shits about some angsty tween who kills themself over boy problems. What really sickens me though is the hypocrisy of this comment section. You can watch people get decapitated, squished, and mutilated and yet a vid of some brat peacefully hanging herself is where you draw the line? Is it because she was ‘cute’? Fucking disgusting.

      1. I’m not hurt at all. I just find it incredibly annoying that these sensitive pussies can watch humans die in all sorts of grisly ways and not care, and yet find it sad when some kid they don’t even know personally kills themself in a much more peaceful manner. Grow up you thin-skinned nob lickers.

        1. Maybe it’s got to do with the fact that she’s a young female, it would be natural for people to feel more sympathy for her. She’s also of Northern European descent, and American, I’d guess this is closer to the phenotype presented by most readers.

          1. I wonder if the people who are talking shit about the people showing sympathy are actually the ones who cried like a baby and now feel the need to type like they are all bad.

    1. Of course we feel bad for this girl, because she was hot.

      This isn’t limited to BestGore, by the way. Have you ever seen those commercials asking you to send money to starving children in third world countries? You notice they only focus on the cute little sad-eyed children? You don’t see any commercials for starving adults; parents who work themselves to the bone, who sacrifice their own nourishment in order to keep their kids above the waterline, while they are only one or two days away from death themselves, do you?

      Or the commercials asking you to adopt rescue animals. You only see the cute one-eyed kitten, or the sad puppy with the huge eyes. We don’t see the old cat who bites any hand that tries to pet it, and how do we know that kitten didn’t lose his eyes while he was fighting another cat in order to score some pussy for himself? We just imagine it was some psychopath human being who did it.

      The REAL problem here is this idea that EVERYBODY has to feel the same way about EVERYTHING. We are all entitled to our own opinions. A few months back a video was posted about a girl who killed herself because she was stupid enough to allow her pussy to be photographed and pasted all over the internet. Fuck her, at that age she should have already known that was a stupid idea, and fuck her parents, who did a shitty job of raising their children.

      I’ll stop here in order to keep this comment short.

    1. Maybe you should actually reasearch the story, ya dumb cunt.
      She wasn’t killing herself over a boy. Her stepfather sexually abused her and her mom didn’t believe her. Her family kinda seemed like trailer trash.

      I’m guessing Luke / Ben were either close friends or one of them was her boyfriend.
      Anywho, do your fucking research.

  15. I guess it’s a luxury to be able to say “good bye” as one’s last word, rather than cursing “fuck this world and fuck you all.” I hope it was the sooner the better thing for her.

  16. @Givzhay329 got no problem with dumb adults doing stupid shit but when innocent Children, especially willingly, choose to do something like this … that hits me.

    And for the other bg fans I promise that if I ever kill yourself my suecide vid will be better!

    Edit: I’m going to keep the typo in there because it’s amusing, if you find it you get a cookie … maybe, sometime, but not from me most likely …

  17. You should only have the right to commit suicide if you do it without hesitation and without tears!! It tells the viewer that you’re serious and you’re ready to transcend without looking like a weak fool who feels sorry only for themselves 24/7. The right way is to grab a gun, look the camera head on and play a Tool song in the background so the neighbors don’t hear you choking on your own blood. That’s my kinda suicide. If you cry and apologize for your meaningless existence, then you’re basically gonna be saying “I’m weak, no one loves me, sorry, sorry, sorry” like a pussy. I hate that shit.

  18. Man, her mom calling her name and her phone ringing/buzzing was so disturbing. I kept thinking she would hear the noise and find the body. I feel really sorry for her mom. And the occasional choking sound? Was that from gasses building up in her lungs and escaping?

  19. I wonder if she was streaming this on one of those expensive Christmas presents kids now a days receive? How inconsiderate of her if so: now she’ll not even make use of itβ€”sure hope mom and dad kept the receipts-never too late for some post-Obituary boxing day. I guess the underwhelming presents coupled with the hard-to-get young lad was just too much for her to bear.

  20. Damn.

    My bestfriend is from Georgia and the person yelling “Katie!” in the last 30 seconds of the full video sounds exactly like my friend’s sister (my friend’s name is Kaleigh so it sounded really weird to me, as “Katie” with the accent sounds close to her name)

    Anyways, if anyone has any other info on what happened to her could they link me a news article?

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