Young Man Found Hanging from Bridge After Apparent Suicide

Young Man Found Hanging from Bridge After Apparent Suicide

It is my understanding that this is from Brazil, but how reliable that bit of info is, I do not know.

A young man was found dead, hanging by the neck from a bridge. It is presumed that he committed suicide, because he was able to reached the rocks if he had the desire to avoid suffocating to death. Whether he left any suicide note, I once again don’t know. Who the hell wears a baseball hat to his own suicide?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “Young Man Found Hanging from Bridge After Apparent Suicide”

    1. …. redeem in hell, later

      Though who’s to say he didn’t piss off the wrong people, you know this is from Brazil or Mexico… But he did wear his best clothing so I am perturbed as to which it is

    2. damm.
      thats my friend clint Abobo.
      A real down-to-earth kinda guy.Lots of fun to hang out with..however he was roped into a bad marrage and money was tight and his finances were stretched to the limit!
      I guess work stress got to him and he reached the end of his rope.

        1. I respectfully disagree.
          Suicide is the coward’s way out.
          Life 1, Human 0.

          Instead, try to make it:
          Life 1, Human 1 (a reasonable life)
          or even:
          Life 0, Human 1 (a relatively happy life)
          Every life has its challenges. Life ain’t remotely fair at times, it’s just a gift.

          If there is no God:
          Then this life is the only one you have. Throw it away, you don’t get another.

          If there is a God:
          Killing yourself is a mortal sin, you will have to answer to Him. You will have another life, but it will probably be in Hell if your answer wasn’t that great.

          You’re fucked either way. So don’t take your own life.

    1. I would prefer to hang out under a pier at the beach so can look at the lovely ladies in thongs while I hang out and chill!! Then again every time I go to the beach I always see the old hairy chested bald headed men in speedos and thought of hanging myself because I would never be able to get that horrible sight out of my head. Maybe he did Brazilian Waxes and got so burnt out he had to end it.

  1. Ha! Your observation of this gentleman’s fashion choice while using the self-checkout lane made me chuckle! 😀

    Possession of appropriate back story information or not, I truly judge no fleshly virus for choosing his own exit from this mortal existence. This is especially true of those unlucky fucks, whose lottery drawing damns them to an existence polluted within the confines of a geographic shit-hole. Whether fate births one’s existence to the hellishness of humanity–from the land of the flip-flop-dwellers and an atmospheric stench of curry, to the dusty grounds of vacant land, where men fuck sheep, for they’re more plentiful than the poon–I judge no man’s willingness to board the train on a one-way ticket down the line. No judgment here, indeed.

    Hello, darkness, his old friend.

  2. Well there not speaking Spanish so must be Brazil. I’ve always believed committing suicide was a weak persons way out! But it is Brazil and no one really knows how much shit this guy had to take before he found his breaking point I just hope it wasn’t over a woman.

        1. Of course Hitler did something wrong. Lots wrong.
          He invaded Russia in 1943, Failing exactly where Napoleon (another short man, even though he had at least two balls) failed.
          Conducting a war on both East and West will weaken your army, hoping the East crumbles first. It is extremely hard.

          Failure to POWERcrush Britain back in ’40.
          Turning on the Italians, causing them to swap sides in ’43.

      1. No joke, mate. Guess which gender has the highest suicide rate?

        Men. Especially after they have been buttraped in court, because of antics of women.

        You lose half of your shit, you won’t see you child and pay vaginamony for life.


        LucyThePoosy is filth. She PMs me all the time with death threats. Sad.

      2. Like Eva Braun? Oh wait – she was Hitlers mistress and allegedly brief wife prior to their suicide pact. Guess one could say that it was Hitler who ran that show. Wonder if the old boy was a jaded woman hater? And why did he always stick that hand in his jacket or behind him in public? Creepy dude. Creepy creepy. Maybe he had “stanky” hand. Couldn’t master doing the “stanky leg”. Maybe it was that corn cob up his butt.

  3. This has a lot of opportunities.

    You could string some lights and have a themed riverside party.

    Attach a few well placed wires and have a marionette show.

    When the amusement begins to fade, bring out the pistols and film a Halloween video with Uncle Dilf violating his ass.

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