Young Russian Nazis Mutilate Murdered Girl

Young Russian Nazis Mutilate Murdered Girl

Two young Russian men believed to be Neo-Nazis filmed themselves mutilating the corpse of a girl they just murdered. Both boys are teenagers (18 year old) and this was not their first crime. They were apprehended by Russian authorities 4 days after this heinous act and confessed to committing other 3 crimes. One of the boys was a student of medicine.

This video reminds me a lot of the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs who filmed now notorious 3 Guys 1 Hammer video. I’m not sure whether this is yet another leaked video of the Maniacs or whether this is a whole new set of people. From what I understand, this mutilation took place in April 2011 and Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs have been in jail since late 2008. Either way, whether there is any connection with the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs (such as whether these killer drew their inspiration from the Ukrainians) is uncertain at this time.

When the video starts, the victim – who appears to be a young girl – is already dead. Laying in a pool of blood, one of the boys holds a camera while another cuts her ear off and attempts to saw off her hand at the wrist but that proves to be more difficult than his knife could handle so instead he stabs the girl in the eye and in her mouth before slashing her cheek. The video ends with both teenagers seemingly walking away from the crime scene, abandoning the dead girl where her corpse was mutilated.

This act of cold-blooded mutilation took place in April 2011. There is still a patch of snow here and there seen in the video as the boys walk towards the corpse laid next to a pile of garbage in the middle of a city park. Camera’s microphone picks up traffic noise from a road nearby as the boy with the knife nervously looks over his shoulder every now and again to make sure nobody’s approaching or watches them. They were clearly not far from a public’s eye, but public was too involved with their own life to pay attention to what might be going on behind those bare trees.

Thanks Sam for the video.

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Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs Murder Guy with Hammer and Screwdriver (Real Snuff Video)


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