Discarded Fetus Found in River

Don’t you just hate it when you go down to the river to chill out and then you look down from the bridge to see a fetus floating around underneath you. Now you’re officially involved in something you have nothing to do with. So do you report it and forfeit your relaxing afternoon or do … Continue reading “Discarded Fetus Found in River”

Aborted Fetus Recovered from Sewer

I have absolutely no idea where this video is from. It looks to be a flip flop prevalent country, but there are many so taking a guess would be pointless. The video shows a group of people gathered round as a rescuer puts on latex gloves and reaches into a sewage system under a concrete … Continue reading “Aborted Fetus Recovered from Sewer”

Pill Induced Abortion by Three Months Pregnant Woman in Thailand

23 year old woman from the town of Krabi in southern Thailand took pills to induce abortion after she found out that she was 3 months pregnant. Her pregnancy was unplanned and the woman didn’t want the baby so to solve her little “problem”, she ingested pills. The abortion left her physically drained and in … Continue reading “Pill Induced Abortion by Three Months Pregnant Woman in Thailand”

Fetuses and Babies Thrown Out With the Trash

I was reading a report a couple of days ago about fetuses and babies that are either killed at birth or are already born dead, and women who provoke an early labor and throw the fetuses away with the trash in order to hide an unwanted pregnancy. It obviously also mentioned the practice many Chinese … Continue reading “Fetuses and Babies Thrown Out With the Trash”

Aborted Fetuses Marinating in Formaldehyde

This photo appears to show four full term, potentially aborted, but also possibly normally born, but unwanted fetuses being marinated in a tub of formaldehyde. Unfortunately I don’t have any background info to tell you what this is all about, but the photo could be from China where one child policy is still vigorously enforced, … Continue reading “Aborted Fetuses Marinating in Formaldehyde”

Aborted Human Foetuses Discarded in Omsk Landfill

Hospital waste including aborted human foetuses, and possible still-births and miscarriages were discovered, at a land-fill site, by a local Omsk resident, Malugin Michael. The material was dumped in the standard yellow heavy duty plastic sacks marked ‘Package for the collection and disposal of human waste’. The site was, apparently, littered with used syringes, needles, … Continue reading “Aborted Human Foetuses Discarded in Omsk Landfill”

Newborn Baby with Strong Will to Live Survives Being Buried Alive

We’ve seen this type of unshakeable will to live manifested by a newborn baby before. You may remember this Chinese girl who had her throat slashed before being dumped with garbage and survived. Boy in these photos was born to 40 year old Lucinda Ferreira Guimarães in Curitiba, capital city of the state of Parana, … Continue reading “Newborn Baby with Strong Will to Live Survives Being Buried Alive”

Taiwanese Man Tries to Smuggle Gold Plated Babies from Thailand

A Hong Kong born Taiwanese man with British citizenship has been arrested in Bangkok after an attempt to smuggle six gold plated human fetuses out of Thailand. 28 year old Hok Kuen Chow was intending to smuggle the babies to Taiwan, where he could sell them for 6 times as much as he had paid … Continue reading “Taiwanese Man Tries to Smuggle Gold Plated Babies from Thailand”

Autopsy of Fetus That Was Aborted and Stabbed

Based on the info I got, pregnant mother who aborted this late term fetus stabbed him with a knife because it was still alive when it came out of her. Or maybe the info I got was a tad distorted and what really happened is that the baby was born prematurely and had little chance … Continue reading “Autopsy of Fetus That Was Aborted and Stabbed”

Remains of Aborted Fetus Washed Up on Beach in Dominican Republic

Sosua is a Jew town on the north shores of the Dominican Republic. Jews took over that place after WWII so everywhere you look you see signs of their bullshitry. Sosua Beach is quite nice, though. Except from occasionally washed up fetuses. I don’t know if mother had an abortion on a fishing boat or … Continue reading “Remains of Aborted Fetus Washed Up on Beach in Dominican Republic”