Pregnant Woman Cut in Half by a Train, Baby Aborted

Old gore classic – photos show a woman in late term pregnancy after she was hit and cut in half by a train. The original report had it that her foot got caught in the track just as the train was approaching, but that sounds all sorts of strange. It’s even stranger that the original … Continue reading “Pregnant Woman Cut in Half by a Train, Baby Aborted”

Photos of Cruel Infanticide from Brazil

These photos show an aftermath of a cruel and twisted infanticide from Brazil. The baby was allegedly aborted, though it looks fully developed. If that’s how much hair you can grow inside a Brazilian womb, then I want to go inside a Brazilian womb cause this allegedly aborted baby has more hair than I do. … Continue reading “Photos of Cruel Infanticide from Brazil”

Unborn Babies Roasted on Metal Siding Panel

Looks like one hell of a BBQ party. Those unborn babies look nice and fresh, meat will be tender and bones chewy. Cardboard flame doesn’t sound particularly appetizing and neither does the use of metal siding panel as grill grate, but I suppose if one were to chalk it up as more authentic, nothing would … Continue reading “Unborn Babies Roasted on Metal Siding Panel”

Dead Fetus Found in Sewage Treatment Plant in Sanepar

Won’t a day go by without a fetus discovered thrown out like garbage somewhere in Brazil? This one is not the same one we had on Best Gore yesterday. On Saturday February 18, 2012 at around 8:30 am, workers of the sewage treatment plant in Senapar, at Rua Guido Welter, near Cataratas Iate Clube (Falls … Continue reading “Dead Fetus Found in Sewage Treatment Plant in Sanepar”

Newborn Found Dead Floating in Sewage

Well, apparently this was a newborn, though it looks more like an aborted fetus. It’s Brazil – maybe that’s what da Silvas look like when they are born. But then again, the baby already started to decompose so maybe that’s why it looks all strange and shit. The baby – or what’s left of him … Continue reading “Newborn Found Dead Floating in Sewage”

Baby in a Box

Background crying sound is pretty irritating in this video. I’m not sure whether the editor of the video added the cries in digitally of whether it’s somebody’s kid off camera making a scene. The baby in the box looks like it’s new born. It misses chunks of skin and flesh because it attracted rats that … Continue reading “Baby in a Box”

6 Months Old Fetus Found in the Shopping Mall Bathroom

Caruaru – my favorite Brazilian state. The goriest state in the goriest country in the world. Approximately 6 months old female human fetus was discovered inside the bathroom of a shopping center in the Park of the 18th May (Parque 18 de Maio) in Caruaru, Brazil. According to the coroner, Dr. Charles Henry, the fetus … Continue reading “6 Months Old Fetus Found in the Shopping Mall Bathroom”

New Born Baby Thrown Out with Placenta Still Attached

File this under “People Are Disgusting” (yeah I know, I just discovered wheel). Fully developed limbs on this baby would suggest that it was a full term birth, rather than an abortion. The mother must have just ripped it out of her womb and thrown it out on the road like spleen of a gutted … Continue reading “New Born Baby Thrown Out with Placenta Still Attached”

Abandoned Baby Discovered in the Jungle

So many women would love to have babies but can’t, and then there are some who take their babies and dump them like trash. By the time this little thing was discovered, it was already dead, but I guess at least it was discovered before wildlife could feast on its flesh. No backstory came with … Continue reading “Abandoned Baby Discovered in the Jungle”

Close Up Video of Abortion Procedure with Details of Aborted Fetus

This video of an abortion procedure is from a religious website. It shows abortion in progress and shows it in great detail. Video is crisp, not blurred and shaky and always zoomed entirely in to show clearly what is happening. The first part of the video contains footage of the actual abortion procedure with details … Continue reading “Close Up Video of Abortion Procedure with Details of Aborted Fetus”