Taiwanese Man Tries to Smuggle Gold Plated Babies from Thailand

A Hong Kong born Taiwanese man with British citizenship has been arrested in Bangkok after an attempt to smuggle six gold plated human fetuses out of Thailand. 28 year old Hok Kuen Chow was intending to smuggle the babies to Taiwan, where he could sell them for 6 times as much as he had paid … Continue reading “Taiwanese Man Tries to Smuggle Gold Plated Babies from Thailand”

Autopsy of Fetus That Was Aborted and Stabbed

Based on the info I got, pregnant mother who aborted this late term fetus stabbed him with a knife because it was still alive when it came out of her. Or maybe the info I got was a tad distorted and what really happened is that the baby was born prematurely and had little chance … Continue reading “Autopsy of Fetus That Was Aborted and Stabbed”

Remains of Aborted Fetus Washed Up on Beach in Dominican Republic

Sosua is a Jew town on the north shores of the Dominican Republic. Jews took over that place after WWII so everywhere you look you see signs of their bullshitry. Sosua Beach is quite nice, though. Except from occasionally washed up fetuses. I don’t know if mother had an abortion on a fishing boat or … Continue reading “Remains of Aborted Fetus Washed Up on Beach in Dominican Republic”

Unborn Child Fished Out of a River in Brazil

An unborn child was found floating in the Rio Água Preta (Black Water River), near a bridge that connects the Uruçuca city center with the suburbs of Anfrísio Goes. Throwing fetuses away like garbage seem rather popular in Brazil. There was this one fished out of a sewage treatment plant, another one also found in … Continue reading “Unborn Child Fished Out of a River in Brazil”

The Caption This Photo Contest #65

Caption this photo if you can… Best Caption I knew I shouldn’t have been the midwife! – STINKY FINGERS Runners-up Don’t worry honey, baby Chewbacca and me will carry on. – Senor Piggy Bear Grylls wondering: “How do I eat this?” – Graugeist Buried with children – Delphos

Baby Gagged and Dumped with Garbage

Although I don’t have sufficient info about these photos, Brazil is my first guess. Wee da Silva never got a chance to become a drug dealer or an assassin on a motorcycle. Shame. Worse yet, he’s never got to taste the joys of wearing flip flops. The boy was probably an unwanted child. He was … Continue reading “Baby Gagged and Dumped with Garbage”

Aborted Fetus Found in a Plastic Pepsi Bottle

Not so long ago there was a lot of buzz around Pepsi research labs using aborted fetus cells in their development of new soda flavors. Little did they know they go all in stuffing aborted fetuses in plastic Pepsi bottles without any research in Thailand. As a side note – aborted fetus cells can be … Continue reading “Aborted Fetus Found in a Plastic Pepsi Bottle”

Chinese Woman Forced to Abort Baby for Breaching One Child Policy

Because 27 year old Feng Jianmei already gave birth to a child 5 years ago, authorities from Shaanxi province in north China considered her recent pregnancy a breach of the infamous one child law and requested her to pay a 40,000 yuan ($6,270) fine as proof that she’s able to support another child. That was … Continue reading “Chinese Woman Forced to Abort Baby for Breaching One Child Policy”

Pregnant Woman Cut in Half by a Train, Baby Aborted

Old gore classic – photos show a woman in late term pregnancy after she was hit and cut in half by a train. The original report had it that her foot got caught in the track just as the train was approaching, but that sounds all sorts of strange. It’s even stranger that the original … Continue reading “Pregnant Woman Cut in Half by a Train, Baby Aborted”

Photos of Cruel Infanticide from Brazil

These photos show an aftermath of a cruel and twisted infanticide from Brazil. The baby was allegedly aborted, though it looks fully developed. If that’s how much hair you can grow inside a Brazilian womb, then I want to go inside a Brazilian womb cause this allegedly aborted baby has more hair than I do. … Continue reading “Photos of Cruel Infanticide from Brazil”