6 Months Old Fetus Found in the Shopping Mall Bathroom


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Caruaru – my favorite Brazilian state. The goriest state in the goriest country in the world. Approximately 6 months old female human fetus was discovered inside the bathroom of a shopping center in the Park of the 18th May (Parque … Continue reading

New Born Baby Thrown Out with Placenta Still Attached


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File this under “People Are Disgusting” (yeah I know, I just discovered wheel). Fully developed limbs on this baby would suggest that it was a full term birth, rather than an abortion. The mother must have just ripped it out … Continue reading

Close Up Video of Abortion Procedure with Details of Aborted Fetus

Close Up Video of Abortion Procedure with Details of Aborted Foetus

This video of an abortion procedure is from a religious website. It shows abortion in progress and shows it in great detail. Video is crisp, not blurred and shaky and always zoomed entirely in to show clearly what is happening. The first part of the video contains footage of the actual abortion procedure with details of woman’s cervix as pieces of fetus are being scraped out using medical tools. The rest of the video contains details of aborted fetus.

Many body parts are already well developed and fully recognizable, however they are very small so this wasn’t a very late term abortion. Though as a non expert, I can’t guess as to the age of the fetus. Obviously, a video like this may be seen as upsetting to some viewers so please exercise caution before deciding to watch. Thanks Tonail for the video.

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Dead Aborted Baby

Dead Aborted Baby

This looks like a pretty well developed foetus. Must have been a very late term abortion. Nobody wanted to keep this wee creature and there even appears to be a puncture wound in its belly (perhaps a result of backyard abortion?).

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Aborted Foetuses Eaten by Flies in Cebu, Philippines

Aborted Foetuses Eaten by Flies in Cebu, Philippines

If you’re suicidal enough to venture into the Philippines, you best watch your step or else you could find your shoes covered in blood and flesh of aborted foetuses. Spewed out of the vagina to rot in the dirt, the aborted foetuses were left there for flies to feed upon them.

This fine scene of responsible motherhood is from Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines. Did you know that according to the global homicide rates statistics provided by the UN, the Philippines is the highest ranking country in Asia – meaning that it’s the country with more murders per capita than anywhere else in Asia. It’s also the only Asian country with murder rate exceeding 20 per 100,000 people (21 to be exact).

For comparison purposes, according to the same statistics (released in 2009 but covering the 2004/2005 period), the United States of America recorded on average 5.9 homicides per 100,000 people, while Canada kept it at 1.5 homicides per 100,000.

Bonus Video

This video was recorded by an undercover doctor in Spain. Yes, an undercover doc – it’s the type of deal similar to undercover cops, only in this case a person pretended to be a doctor to gain access to a clinic suspected of performing illegal abortions. Equipped with hidden camera, the undercover doc recorded the conversation with an employer, other doctors involved in abortions and then the procedure itself.

The video is not very graphic as the undercover camera didn’t allow for zooming in, plus the abortions were not performed by scraping or suction, but rather by killing the foetus while still inside the womb and then injecting mother with substances that induce labor to expel the dead foetus. Killing of foetus was done by injecting the amniotic fluid with salt which burns the tender flesh of the unborn baby resulting in large scale shock and thorough bodily failure.

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Warning: Bloody Child Gore – Baby with Insides Removed

Warning: Bloody Child Gore - Baby with Insides Removed

If photos of dead, bloodied children offend you, you shouldn’t have clicked on the link in the first place. This appears to be an autopsy photo of a baby after it had all of the insides removed, even though the mortician’s table seems a bit sketchy with that block of wood, but maybe that’s what they use for babies?

The baby also looks a bit tiny to me – perhaps not a full term child? It’s unlikely that this was an abortion, right? Though to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t know as I’ve never had a kid.

As a side note – you know you have seen too much gore when you look at a picture of a baby with its chest wide open and insides removed while blood still looks juicy and fresh and the first thing you can think of is that it would look really bad ass if you made a copy of it and used as jewellery cabinet. FML!

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Doctor Plays with Torn-Up Legs of Aborted Baby

Doctor Plays with Torn-Up Legs of Aborted Baby

Doc is either posing those legs for a photo – perhaps to show what happens to an unborn baby during abortion, or is playing happy feet to mimic Charlie Chaplin, in which case he’s pretty damn sick. Albeit funny. Those suction tubes that rip unborn babies apart and suck torn up body parts into an abortion crib are merciless savages. When an unborn baby starts having defined features and is ripped out of mother’s womb limb by limb with something that could be used as vacuum cleaner, you better have strong stomach to watch those wee body parts fill up the container. Damn…

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Dead Aborted Baby Abandoned by the Tank (extremely offensive photos)

War Museum Tank Where Mother Abandone her Aborted Child

Some women clearly don’t appreciate the gift of being able to bear a child and abuse that gift beyond limits. These photos are of extremely offensive nature and contain close up images of a dead, just aborted baby which a mother abandoned by the war museum tank. Utmost caution must be exercised prior to clicking on any of the images as they are of an extremely offensive nature. Don’t take this warning lightly.

I don’t know much about where or when this took place. I don’t even know why mother chose the war museum for where to abandon her aborted baby. However if you look at one of the closu up photos of the dead baby, you will see its skull is cracked wide open. As far as I know, skull of newly born babies is purposefully soft, so as to allow the mother to pass it on through her vulva and it hardens at the time passes. Perhaps this mother used some hand tools to abort the baby and damaged the child’s skull doing it, or perhaps the skull got damaged after it was aborted as mother did not handle the baby with care.

There is still blood on baby’s feet which suggest that it was a fresh abortion so the baby was deposited on the concrete as soon as it was removed from the pregnant woman. And since I’ve never been present at the birth giving, I have not a damn clue what that piece of dead tissue wrapped around baby’s legs is. What actually happened there I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it wasn’t even baby’s mother that killed it. Maybe mother died right after birth, baby was premature, no one to look after it, so delivery baba killed it and dropped it off on the concrete pedestal for the war tank. Crazy world we live in…

Photos of a dead, recently aborted baby are in a picture gallery below. WARNING!!! Photos are of extremely offensive nature. This is way different than watching a man get beheaded. We are talking about a completely defenseless baby. Think twice and then some before you decide to preview these photos. Not to mention that the least offensive picture has a young girl staring at the dead aborted baby…

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