Venezuelan Inmate Forced to Eat His Own Severed Fingers

This is the same Venezuelan inmate we saw being tortured with molten plastic earlier. Upon closer review, even when the previous video was filmed, his left hand was already severed. In this video, he is being forcefed his own fingers from the hand that was cut off by other inmates. He’s so broken physically and … Continue reading “Venezuelan Inmate Forced to Eat His Own Severed Fingers”

Young Couple Mangled on Road After Motorcycle Crash

Video from Cesar Department in Colombia shows the aftermath of a double fatality motorcycle accident. A young couple crashed and both ended up ripped apart. ampu Looks like the girl had her whole left leg amputated, and bled out through the wound. She wore long jeans, and the amputated leg is still inside its sleeve. … Continue reading “Young Couple Mangled on Road After Motorcycle Crash”

Thumb Crushed During Refrigerator Transportation

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @diesel513, whose co-worker had his thumb crushed during transportation of a refrigerator. In his own words: Two of my co-workers were dollying a refrigerator up steps and the guy at top let go of the dolly. The guy (who’s thumb … Continue reading “Thumb Crushed During Refrigerator Transportation”

Young Person Shredded in Half by Truck in Indonesia

In the village of Bringkang, located in the Gresik district, East Java, Indonesia, a young person was shredded in half by a truck. I used the word “shredded” because that’s about all I could think of when I looked at the crushed, separated, but still trapped under the either side of the wheel halves of … Continue reading “Young Person Shredded in Half by Truck in Indonesia”

Motorcyclist Loses Leg in Accident in Costa Rica

In the Heredia province of Costa Rica, a motorcyclist crashed and lost his leg. The video shows passers-by comforting the victim, and even applying a tourniquet on the stump to prevent fatal blood loss. I wonder if thanks to the prompt administration of first aid and arrival of medics, the leg could be re-attached despite … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Loses Leg in Accident in Costa Rica”

Crashed Motorcyclist Lands on Side of Road with Leg Destroyed

The video shows an aftermath of a motorcycle accident. The motorcyclist is on the side of the road with his left leg pretty much destroyed. As he rolls around and moans with pain, he lifts his mangled leg to expose the degloved femur (thighbone), with everything below the knee joint shredded beyond repair.

Corpse of Man Hacked in Face, Arms and Legs Found on Dirt Road

Corpse of a man hacked in multiple parts of his body, including arms and legs, but mostly the face, was found on a dirt road in an unspecified country. Most of the attacker’s rage went into the victim’s face, which was turned into a mushy mess by the slashing tool (machete?). While we don’t have … Continue reading “Corpse of Man Hacked in Face, Arms and Legs Found on Dirt Road”

Woman Commits Suicide by Train in West Bengal, India

In West Bengal, India, a woman apparently committed suicide by train. She was decapitated, but also had both her feet cut off, although she looks to have been shorter than the space between the tracks. The woman had with her assorted photos, including photos of her lover. Unfortunately I did not receive sufficient information about … Continue reading “Woman Commits Suicide by Train in West Bengal, India”

Pedestrian Dismembered by Speeding Car

In Nakhon Nayok, Thailand, a pedestrian was hit by a speeding vehicle. The impact was so strong, the pedestrian’s legs were amputated, and his legless body flew into the vehicle after smashing the windscreen. The ever awesome translation from Thai explains it all: Ben Pass Bridge accident. Nakhon Nayok, Prachin labels closely to float plying … Continue reading “Pedestrian Dismembered by Speeding Car”

Decapitated and Dismembered Body Found in Porto Alegre, Brazil

In Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul (no, it’s not Amazonas this time), Brazil, a decapitated and partially dismembered body of a manly looking woman was found on a road. Not much is known about the victims or the suspected perpetrator(s). Also not sure what the significance of cutting the victim’s lower leg … Continue reading “Decapitated and Dismembered Body Found in Porto Alegre, Brazil”