Fistula-In-Ano Corrective Surgery

Anal Fistula also known as Fistula-In-Ano is an extra anal opening that gets formed in the skin near the anus. The fistula will remain in place for as long as localized collection of pus (abscess) that drains through it continued to form. Some 30-50% of perianal abscesses result in the development of Fistula-In-Ano. Patients with … Continue reading “Fistula-In-Ano Corrective Surgery”

Anorectal Abscess Drainage Video

An anorectal abscess is an abscess near an anus. It’s typically caused by accumulation of bacteria (including E. coli which is found in human feces) and if left untreated, can result in anal fistula in which the cavity connects with rectal canal. Video below shows the process of surgical drainage of an anorectal abscess. Not … Continue reading “Anorectal Abscess Drainage Video”

Anal Fistula Colorectal Surgery Video

Does the name of the surgery sound gross enough to you? The video is even more unappealing. Proctology aka Colorectal Surgery is a medical field that deals with ass related disorders (colon, rectum and anus). An anal fistula is an abnormal channel from the rectal cavity to the surface of the skin. In other words, … Continue reading “Anal Fistula Colorectal Surgery Video”