Motorcyclist Dies After Hitting Donkey on Road

Poor donkey, he was just trying to share the road. At least he got to rest on a human cushion for a while. The motorcyclist reportedly died after colliding with the donkey on the road. The fate of the donkey is unknown. The animal seems to be alive, although immobilized.

Idiot Taunting Bull with Flaming Horns Gets Flipped

An idiot taunted a bull with horns on fire in the middle of the arena at a bullfight in Spain, and was brutally punished when he wasn’t quick enough to get away. The bull flung him up, and flipping backwards, the guy landed twisting his neck on the stairs. The landing looked pretty bad, but … Continue reading “Idiot Taunting Bull with Flaming Horns Gets Flipped”

Two French Faggots Flame Small Furry Friend for Fun

The Quokka is a small marsupial found in small pockets of bushland in Western Australia, the most significant population occurring on Rottnest Island a short distance off the Western Australia coast near(ish) Perth. It is listed as endangered. Rottnest Island was named by Dutch explorers who mistook the quokka for rats. Ironically, rats are one … Continue reading “Two French Faggots Flame Small Furry Friend for Fun”