Clumsy Idiot Knocks Himself Out Trying to Bludgeon a Pig

A farmer tried to slaughter a pig by bludgeoning it with an axe, but as he took the swing, the axe got caught on some wire, and the farmer ended up hitting his own head with it, knocking himself down. I guess moral of the story is – don’t wear a baseball had if you’re … Continue reading “Clumsy Idiot Knocks Himself Out Trying to Bludgeon a Pig”

Hood Rats Beat Pregnant Girl on New Year’s Day in Camden, New Jersey

Incident occurred in Camden, New Jersey. An American Welfare recipient, Obama supporter and future mother to a drug addict and murderer was cornered by a gang of rival chimps from the Philadelphia – Camden area on January 1st, 2016. The girl is pretty defenseless against the onslaught, only screaming, “my baby, my baby.” Don’t know … Continue reading “Hood Rats Beat Pregnant Girl on New Year’s Day in Camden, New Jersey”

15 Month Old Girl Brutalized by German Shepard

A 15-month-old girl was attacked by a German Shepard in a public park while in the company of her 10-year-old brother in Ahmedabad, India. The incident occurred in December of 2014 and luckily her brother manages to protect his sister from a worse mauling than she got. Just watching the first bit, you might think; … Continue reading “15 Month Old Girl Brutalized by German Shepard”

Fourteen Year Old Stereotype Run Over by Car While Fighting

Fourteen year old privileged stereotype DeBreanna Hunter was run over by an unidentified 20 year old woman after an intense street fight outside Cullen Middle School in Houston, state of Texas, USA on Friday, October 6, 2015. The spark of the fight was supposedly over DeBreanna jumping to her friend’s defense while while she was … Continue reading “Fourteen Year Old Stereotype Run Over by Car While Fighting”

Man Brutally Attacked by Two Pit Bulls in Bronx

On September 11, 2015, a man was attacked by a pair of dogs who tore him up until he was sitting in a pretty sizable pool of blood. All reports I came across say the dogs were Pit Bulls. It’s hard to say from the video, but they could also be American Bulldogs. 62 year … Continue reading “Man Brutally Attacked by Two Pit Bulls in Bronx”

Dolphin Attacks Girl at the Beach in Ireland

A female dolphin, known locally as Dusty, attacked a girl swimming in the sea off the coast of Galway in Ireland. Dusty is a long term resident of the waters between Clare and Galway, where she’s a local celebrity. Beach goers often seek the thrill of having a swim with her, but from time to … Continue reading “Dolphin Attacks Girl at the Beach in Ireland”

Face Stomped by Bull (Before and After)

I’m sure you’ve all seen this type of thing before; when a rodeo bull rider gets thrown and then the bulls hoof comes right down on the man’s head. Some people have been killed by the force of these kicks delivered by these huge animals. Everyone from rodeo clowns to to bull riders to handlers, … Continue reading “Face Stomped by Bull (Before and After)”

Maggots Crawl Inside Swollen, Infected Pussy

I don’t have any background information about the video, but this here pussy is right up there with Blue Waffle, or this weirdness, as one of the world’s nastiest cracks. The visibly swollen and infected pussy, when spread open, reveals a colony of maggots that are excessively busy crawling over one another. Makes you wonder … Continue reading “Maggots Crawl Inside Swollen, Infected Pussy”

Baby Attacked by Family Dog

I have a dog attack on a little baby boy, but here’s the kicker…it’s not a Pit Bull! Holy shit, right? I’m not sure where the video is from, or for that matter when it’s from but we just see the little guy having some fun playing with the dog he’s probably always known but … Continue reading “Baby Attacked by Family Dog”

Idiot Taunting Bull with Flaming Horns Gets Flipped

An idiot taunted a bull with horns on fire in the middle of the arena at a bullfight in Spain, and was brutally punished when he wasn’t quick enough to get away. The bull flung him up, and flipping backwards, the guy landed twisting his neck on the stairs. The landing looked pretty bad, but … Continue reading “Idiot Taunting Bull with Flaming Horns Gets Flipped”