Remains of Child Eaten by Crocodile While Swimming in Lake

I’ m not terribly sure where this took place, but something about it screams South East Asia to me. A little boy reportedly went swimming in a lake when he was attacked by a crocodile. Divers searched through the body of water and recovered some remains of the child. The rest was probably eaten.

Remains of 8 Year Old Boy Pulled Piece by Piece from Crocodile in Zimbabwe

Remains of an 8 year old boy were pulled out piece by piece from a crocodile in the village of Mushumbi Pools, Mashonaland Central Province, Zimbabwe. The area reportedly experienced heavier than normal rains, and it brought crocodiles to areas where they aren’t normally found. Villagers suspected the crocodile had killed the boy, and shot … Continue reading “Remains of 8 Year Old Boy Pulled Piece by Piece from Crocodile in Zimbabwe”

Ear Drops Help Expel Arthropod from Ear

This is one of those videos that needs to be seen, as words won’t really do it justice. In general, the video shows a person with feminine hands applying ear drops to someone’s ear canal. After the first batch of drops, nothing really happens, so she keeps adding more, until eventually some kind of arthropod … Continue reading “Ear Drops Help Expel Arthropod from Ear”

Large Snake Kills and Swallows Girl

I have the feeling that this was photographed in Indonesia. The pics show a snake who killed and ate a village girl. It would appear that the village caught the snake while the girl’s corpse was being passed through its body for digestion, and opened the snake up to recover the body.

Villagers Fight Crocodile to Rescue Child it Mauled in Oaxaca, Mexico

In Oaxaca, Mexico, a river crocodile mauled a child and dragged him under water to save the flesh for supper later on. As soon as they found out, the male villagers took whatever they could lay their hands on, and went to the river to fight the croc and rescue the child. The croc was … Continue reading “Villagers Fight Crocodile to Rescue Child it Mauled in Oaxaca, Mexico”

Motorcyclist Dies After Hitting Donkey on Road

Poor donkey, he was just trying to share the road. At least he got to rest on a human cushion for a while. The motorcyclist reportedly died after colliding with the donkey on the road. The fate of the donkey is unknown. The animal seems to be alive, although immobilized.

Corpse of Man Wearing Orthodontic Equipment Devoured by Fish

On Friday December 9, 2016, a male corpse washed up on the bank of Rio Solimões, in a rural area known as Costa da Terra Nova, municipality of Careiro da Várzea, located about 23 Km from Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. The victim’s face was devoured by fish and was thus unrecognizable, but thanks to the orthodontic … Continue reading “Corpse of Man Wearing Orthodontic Equipment Devoured by Fish”

Corpse of Fugitive Found Partially Devoured by Wildlife

In Barreirinha, a municipality in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, fishermen recovered a corpse of a tattooed man from the water. The corpse was partially devoured by wildlife, and according to the fishermen, they tore it out from the mouth of an alligator. I think they’re full of shit and are making the dramatic story … Continue reading “Corpse of Fugitive Found Partially Devoured by Wildlife”

Russian Man Survives Mauling by Bear with Splintered Jaw and Disfigured Face

In the Urals area of Russia, a local resident went to hunt hare in the taiga, but ran into a bear and got mauled. He survived the mauling, but had a hell of journey to undertake in order to make it to safety while being severely injured. His story is quite fascinating, although he’s only … Continue reading “Russian Man Survives Mauling by Bear with Splintered Jaw and Disfigured Face”

Kentucky Girl Chomped On by Pitbull

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @chompedon, who got chomped on by a pitbull: I lurk daily but have never made an account until now, now that I have something to submit. Yesterday I was texted by my neighbor to please go let out her 4 … Continue reading “Kentucky Girl Chomped On by Pitbull”