Man in Diving Suit Impaled Through Neck and Shoulder

The video from inside a hospital shows a man in a diving suite impaled with what could be a shaft of a harpoon. I’m assuming the guy was underwater fishing and the harpoon gun went off, shooting the arrow through him. Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Woman on Bus Shot in Arm with Arrow Through Open Window

The bizarre just never quits in Brazil. In Ananindeua – a city in the state of ParĂ¡, northern Brazil, a woman was shot in the arm with an arrow while on a bus. The arrow, if I understood it right, flew in through an open window. The young kid standing near her is apparently who … Continue reading “Woman on Bus Shot in Arm with Arrow Through Open Window”

Hand Impaled with an Arrow

It was some kind of bow accident. For a kid with broken arrow embedded in his hand, this boy is pretty calm and cool. We might speculate that the anaesthetics keep him this mellow, but I think there is another side to it. I think we’ve all seen countless videos of people freaking out after … Continue reading “Hand Impaled with an Arrow”

Hunting Accident Leaves Bow Hunter with Arrow in His Head

Nothing like going bow hunting with your buddies and mistaking one of your fattie friends for a wild boar and releasing that high sprung arrow. The next thing you see, is your piggy faced friend has your arrow embedded in his head. Oddly enough, this fellow has survived the accident and was perfectly conscious when … Continue reading “Hunting Accident Leaves Bow Hunter with Arrow in His Head”